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aMPed 3.3.3 (for MP 1.2.x) Released! [Mar 20, 2012]

Discussion in 'aMPed' started by Dadeo, June 11, 2011.

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  1. Dadeo
    • Team MediaPortal
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    System Specs
    aMPed - the alternative skin - v 3.3.3 Released Mar 20, 2012 - giga-aMPed for MP 1.2.x
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    See the new aMPed Gallery for screenshots of all the layouts and features!

    Is it 4x3 or 16x9? It's both in one skin! With multiple font sizes, themes, layout options and a graphical Basic Home Editor all built in, aMPed offers a multitude of options to customize the look you prefer, and even save/load different settings for different users.

    • 18 pt font - for smaller screens like client PCs or watching on a smaller screen in your bedroom
    • 15 pt font - for normal sized screens or if you have spent too much time on your computer and can't see anymore
    • 12 pt font - for larger HD screens or for viewing on your standard PC monitor or laptop
    Please take a moment to rate and review aMPed in the downloads repository. It is very helpful to new users. Thanks!

    Download: aMped 3.3.3 (MP Downloads Repository) or via MPEI (MediaPortal Extension Installer)

    For MP 1.1.x: aMPed 3.2 (Google Code)

    aMPed 3.3.3 is mainly an update for new plugins and updated versions of plugins:
    Show Spoiler

    • New
      • Now Playing pop-up when playing videos full screen
      • Image borders adjust for screen size
      • Minor graphics and layouts improvements/tweaks
    • Plugins Added:
      • mpNZB (1.5.4)
      • Update Control (1.0.1)
      • Opera Mobile Launcher (0.3.0)
    • Plugins Updated:
      • Youtube.fm (0.8.3)
      • mvCentral (1.0.2)
      • Online Videos (1.1.0)
      • FTR (1.6.1 beta) (backwards compatible for 1.6.0)
      • IMDB+ (1.5.0)
      • Trakt (1.5.1)
      • yrWeather (1.0.2)
      • World Weather Plugin (0.4.5)
      • Extensions (1.0.5)
    • Fixed:
      • IMDB+ 1.5.0 Settings in Extensions Settings
      • TV Guide Video Overlay/Preview Channel Text
      • Current time in OSD barely readable
      • Toggle button zoom

    For all the details:
    • Migue - the genius behind aMPed Config (to select all your options), Basic Home Editor and the new MPEI Installer
    • Reg - our Test Team leader
    • Lyfesaver74, TLD, pilot_bas, 2BitSculptor, pur_berger and all those who have tested aMPed 3.3.x and provided valuable input!
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  2. Re: aMPed 3.3 beta - pre-aMPed for MP 1.2.0 beta -RELEASED

    Once again thanks for the great skin Dadeo.

    @Lyfesaver74 Copy the file from here (2nd post): http://forum.team-mediaportal.com/m...l-mynetflix-after-mediaportal-launches-95760/ to "Program Files\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\Plugins\NetFlix_Remote\" folder (Note the path is wrong in the linked post) to get the remote working in netflix. then go to MediaPortal Configuration -> My NetFlix Configuration - > Check the 'Disable AutoHot Key Scripts" checkbox.

  3. Lyfesaver74
    • Team MediaPortal


    System Specs
    Re: aMPed 3.3 beta - pre-aMPed for MP 1.2.0 beta -RELEASED

    TLD - Right on..... will check that out now
  4. Re: aMPed 3.3 beta - pre-aMPed for MP 1.2.0 beta -RELEASED

    Lyfesaver74 I'd say Netflix is working as expected now. What do you think?
    Would be nice if the text in the details screen were larger but that's the only issue i can see.
  5. Lyfesaver74
    • Team MediaPortal


    System Specs
    Re: aMPed 3.3 beta - pre-aMPed for MP 1.2.0 beta -RELEASED

    Yes, I would agree.... using the xml files from the Blue3 skin provides an adequate Netflix experience. All issues I can see are purely cosmetic and can be cleaned up with a little work from Dadeo to make it perfect. I just wish Dadeo had included the Blue3 skin files with 3.3 beta installer, and added it as a "working" addon with "aMPed" support coming soon.

    I think there are quite a few US MP users who have tried aMped and left due to lack of support for several "popular" addons. Dadeo has made vast improvements for users of all origins with this 3.3 release... 4TR, SubCentral and Rockstar. Most recently he added Pandora for US users like myself and it is GREAT! So for anyone reading this.. download the 3.3 beta release and check it out!! I would like to take a moment and explain why aMPed may be the best skin for you. Here are some of the more popular reason people chose to use the aMPed skin:

    1) 4:3 support - Although aMPed looks and runs great on your 16:9 widescreen, it's primary design was for 4:3 users. Due to popularity 16:9 users wanted in on the action too. So what you end up with is a beautiful skin that can be set to 4:3 or 16:9 mode and have a unity to your MP skins no matter what screen you use.

    2) Font selection - aMPed is the only skin I know of that allows you to choose between 12, 15 & 18 point fonts. This allows for much better viewing from greater distances like from the bed.

    3) Profiles - For those homes that have different people with different opinions of how they would like aMPed to look and act. Each user can have their personal settings saved to a switchable profile.

    4) Info locations - I like using Moving Pictures in aMPed due to actor info being displayed on the list/thumbnail screens. aMPed is the only skin that I know of that offers this handy feature.

    5) Customization - With aMPed you can chose from different color schemes, backdrops and fan art styles.

    Well, this is just a few reasons I stay with aMPed over others. Who else has some good reasons?
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  6. Re: aMPed 3.3 beta - pre-aMPed for MP 1.2.0 beta -RELEASED

    Here's the files you need to get Net Flix working with aMPed 3.3 beta.

    Paste the contents of the aMPed.zip in "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\skin" or vista/win7 equivalent.

    And the contents of the plugins.zip in "C:\Program Files\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal" or vista/win7 equivalent.

    This will give you a working MyNetFlix 1.3.1 for aMPed 3.3 beta

    You can make a menu item with the editor for revaMPed The plugin ID is: 10099. hover image is: hover_NetFlix.png

    For Net Flix configuration instructions see the "Readme.pdf" at the bottom of the first post in this: http://forum.team-mediaportal.com/m...ad-my-netflix-plugin-watch-now-support-56764/ thread. then you'll need to go to MediaPortal Configuration -> My NetFlix Configuration - > Check the 'Disable AutoHot Key Scripts" checkbox.
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  7. 2BitSculptor
    • Team MediaPortal


    System Specs
    Re: aMPed 3.3 beta - pre-aMPed for MP 1.2.0 beta -RELEASED

    I added my aMPed 3.3 mod to the mod thread....

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  8. Dadeo
    • Team MediaPortal
    • Administrator

    Dadeo Thread Starter

    System Specs
    Re: aMPed 3.3 beta - pre-aMPed for MP 1.2.0 beta -RELEASED

    Yeah, just timing Lyfesaver or I would have skinned Netflix. But don't despair, there will likely be a few more significant additions to come. That's why I called it a beta. :) I will release another 3.3 final installer or even a 3.3.1 with a few new features once I am happy that there are no issues and all the additions are done. There are still a few plugins that do not have 1.2.0 beta compatible versions. So the skin cannot be 'final' until those are supported imo.

    I also want to add support for music DB properties to the Now Playing window with a Details view. So there are still things in process.

    In fact, I just updated Music Trivia v2.0.1.0 today since Silent Exception kindly updated it for 1.2.0 beta, as well as Daily Comics which you can download and install via MPEI.

    If you wish to keep up with updates as they are done, you can still use SVN. BUT, now that 3.3 beta is released, I have moved the 3.3 Branch to Trunk. Further updates will be done only to Trunk and I will remove the 3.3. Branch in a couple days. You may wish to update from the 3.3 Branch one last time to ensure you have all the updates, but not necessary if you do a new checkout from Trunk/skin.

    Since there will not likely be any changes to aMPed Config, or Basic Home Editor, until next release, you can just update skin files, if you prefer, so you do not need to build the installer and install aMPed.

    There are two ways to do this:
    1. Copy your working copy of only the aMPed skin folder to the MediaPortal skin folder, then use Tortoise SVN Switch command.
    2. Create a new working copy such as aMPed SVN, in the MediaPortal skin folder, and do a new checkout.
    In both cases you need to use the URL for Trunk/skin:
    Code (Text):
    1. http://amped.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/skin
    It's probably safer to do a new checkout, but Switch should be fine. For further details, as always, check the Wiki: Using aMPed SVN

    Please add any feature requests/Enhancements to the aMPed Issue Tracker (as Lyfesaver has done for Netflix - thx). Then other users can star issues/requests they would like. We take that into account, and try to do the issues with the most stars first. Of course, any 'testers' count for more stars. I believe in rewarding those who contribute by including them in the development of the skin. :)

    For new plugins, I have pretty strict criteria, because I want aMPed to always be usable for new users. So you can always be sure that any plugin supported by aMPed is stable, and pretty bug free. The plugin must provide an installer and at least some docs to help users install and set up the plugin. Plugins with proper 4x3 default skin files and skinning docs, definitely get priority :)
  9. Re: aMPed 3.3 beta - pre-aMPed for MP 1.2.0 beta -RELEASED

    Made a new SVN to trunk/skin in the skin folder is there any way to use the editor for the menus and such, i suspect you have to use the defaults.
  10. Dadeo
    • Team MediaPortal
    • Administrator

    Dadeo Thread Starter

    System Specs
    Re: aMPed 3.3 beta - pre-aMPed for MP 1.2.0 beta -RELEASED

    No you don't have to use the defaults. What's the issue? Did you use a new name (i.e. not aMPed) If so see aMPed Skin Selector.

    I always advise SVN users to use the 'Restore to Defaults button' before updating from SVN, but to be honest, I don't think many do, and have rarely reported any issues. When you update it is possible that updated files will overwrite the files you selected in options in some cases and not in others, hence the recommendation. But in practice it does not happen very often. Even then you usually only have to go to aMPed Config and re-apply your options or profile and all will be well.

    BTW TLD if you ever want to 'chat' about amped (or MyFilms 5.0) i am usually on IRC #amped channel. Users are welcome to use the channel to discuss issues with aMPed, mods etc with each other as well.
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