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Backdrop - Skin (RELEASED!!!)

Discussion in 'MediaPortal 1 Skins' started by cul8er, January 4, 2011.

  1. cul8er
    • Team MediaPortal



    I have no time to Work on this skin and have decided that keeping the fanarthandler plugin, the latestmediahandler plugin, the Avallonis skin up to date is all I can manage. If someone want's to take over this skin, please let me know.

    Best regards


    The concept of this skin (as the name suggests ;) ) is to display as much as possible of available backdrops (fanart). The skin uses very smooth and nice animations (menu's, facades, images and so on) to make use of the new MP1.2 possibilities. The skin will only display a limited amount of information on each screen to keep it as simple as possible (less is more). Navigation will follow a very strict schema so all screens work in the same way thus making it easy for new users. Hope you will enjoy this as much as I currently do;)

    And I forgot to mention one thing... the skin is fast. Switching back to basichome from another page is instant (less than one second) and this with full fanart support for all menu items;)

    The menu in basichome will automatically fade if a user is idle for five seconds. And then only the backdrop, time (and if media is played the now playing overlay) is shown. Turns the basichome into a screensaver;)

    This skin will only support MP1.2 RC or later. The skin is my first full HD (1920x1080) skin.

    • MediaPortal 1.2 RC
    • FanartHandler 2.3
    • LatestMediaHandler 1.0
    • InfoService plugin for MP1.2 Beta
    • Remote or Keyboard (this skin does not work with mouse)

    • BasicHome
    • Overlays
    • Moving Pictures
    • myMusic
    • myVideo
    • Music Now Playing
    • Video OSD
    • TV OSD
    • MyWeather
    • Plugins
    • Home
    • MyPictures
    • Music Playlist
    • TVSeries
    • MyLyrics
    • Last.FM
    • Dialogs
    • MyTV
    • OnlineVideos
    • 4TR
    • ScoreCenter
    • Infoservice
    • Tetris
    • Sudoku
    • GlobalSearch (music search)
    • Settings
    • Subcentral
    • Showtimes
    • Trailers
    • RadioTime
    • MyRadio
    • 4TR Radio
    • News

    To Do
    • MyVideoRedo
    • MyAlarm
    • Wizard
    • Wikipedia
    • HTPCInfo
    • MyFilms/MesFilms
    • MediaSlayer
    • MusicTrivia
    • MusicVids
    • mVids
    • MyChess + other games
    • FileExplorer
    • Worldmap
    • Pandora
    • Shoutcast

    Demo Video

    This download is only for MP1.2 Beta. This skin cannot be run using MP1.1.x or MP1.2 Alpha. Please remember that you need MP1.2 Beta compatible plugins to make it all work. The menu editor is available as a MP Plugin and can be found in MP Configuration. Please remember that this is first version and an Alpha when you test it ;) Any feedback or bug reports is very welcome. Menu editor guide and other documentation will be available at a later stage. Link to download is available here.


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  2. rekenaar
    • Team MediaPortal


    Re: Backdrop Skin (New)

    Must subscribe to this thread.
    Looking good :)
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  3. edterbak
    • Team MediaPortal


    System Specs
    Re: Backdrop Skin (New)

    Ghehe.. Love the menu layout Cul8er :)

    Youve gotten me interessted.
    Man, can you time-warp or something. Your doing everything at the same time... LOL

    But as a feedback on the mockup. To me it looks VERY similar to x-factor. Why not push this one within x-factor?
    There are already 3 or 4 different ones in there, or is this style too different?
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  4. catavolt
    • Team MediaPortal
    • Administrator


    System Specs
    AW: Backdrop Skin (New)

    Good work - as always ;)
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  5. Spragleknas
    • Team MediaPortal
    • Administrator


    System Specs
    Re: Backdrop Skin (New)

    Looks very good!
    Btw, do you have 46 h a day in Sweden? :D
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  6. emphatic
    • Team MediaPortal


    System Specs
    Re: Backdrop Skin (New)

    I like it a lot. Also, a picture of a semi-nude woman called "teaser.jpg" made me lol.

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  7. cul8er
    • Team MediaPortal

    cul8er Thread Starter

    Re: Backdrop Skin (New)


    Thank you all for your feedback. I added a few more images to the first post.

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  8. cul8er
    • Team MediaPortal

    cul8er Thread Starter

    Re: Backdrop Skin (New)

    and a few more images to the first post ;)
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  9. ysmp
    • Team MediaPortal


    Re: Backdrop Skin (New)

    hi cul8er ! wow... Look Amazing .... now this rale full color backdrops skin.....

    hey you know me ,like full color fanart backdrops .....:)

    even have some of CLR in it, i like this one better ....:oops:

    you just must finish it.... just must.....:D
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  10. Re: Backdrop Skin (New)

    hi everybody,
    what a wonderfull work.:eek:
    i want it !!!!!!!!!
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