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Extensions: A GUI Plugin for MediaPortal's MPEI Installer

Discussion in 'Skins and Plugins Installer (MPEI)' started by dukus, January 9, 2010.

  1. dukus
    • Team MediaPortal


    Extensions is a plugin to help manage your MediaPortal extensions. You can Install, update, uninstall extensions and even set settings for some plugins.

    You can browse the list of extensions as seen in MPEI Installer or even browse the list of extensions in the MediaPortal repository, then download and install directly any extension with-in MediaPortal.


    The extensions plugin is fully translatable, all translations are online at Transifex:


    Every Translator has to do the following:
    1. Register an account at Transifex.com
    2. Go to the project page, which you want to translate (see above)
    3. a) If your language team already exists, click on it and request to become a member of it.
      In this case either the project management and the language team coordinator of that language can accept or deny the request.
      b) If your language team does not exist, you can request to create a new one and become a language team coordinator.
      In this case the project management has to accept or deny the request.
    The language teams are organized within https://www.transifex.com/projects/p/MediaPortal/
    So currently it's Albert, morpheus, offbyone and Chefkoch who are able to accept new languages.
    In most cases we react within 24 hours on request, often even earlier.
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  2. Re: Plugin for MpeInstaller

    This is looking quite nice. Hopefully this will be implemented into MP.

    Is this plugin localized?

    With newest svn this plugin does not work.
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  3. dukus
    • Team MediaPortal

    dukus Thread Starter

    Re: Plugin for MpeInstaller

    New version (see first post for download):
    - Background update check, so no need to use the plugin itself
    - If update was found the user will be asked in next restart if he want to install this updates
  4. seco
    • Team MediaPortal


    System Specs
    Re: Plugin for MpeInstaller

    Will this plugin ship with Mediaportal 1.1 RC or Final ?
  5. dukus
    • Team MediaPortal

    dukus Thread Starter

    Re: Plugin for MpeInstaller

    By default this plugin isn't installed in RC1 (i think it is same thing for final too), but you can download and install via MPEInstaller
  6. Re: Plugin for MpeInstaller

    Req: Ability to cancel changes. Now i bothers me every time since i didn't know what i've changed. :( And i didn't want to change anything. Just go back to normal
  7. dukus
    • Team MediaPortal

    dukus Thread Starter

    Re: Plugin for MpeInstaller

    If you uncheck "Update installed extension" in mpeinstaller.exe, the plugin should stop automatic updates (if not you find a bug ;) )
  8. Re: Plugin for MpeInstaller

    Ok, i updated the plugin :) What i'm missing is what plugins it wants to update and maybe show a warning for skinchanges/ or show what have been changed..
  9. dukus
    • Team MediaPortal

    dukus Thread Starter

    Re: Plugin for MpeInstaller

    To detect the skin changes, is't a easy task, but all plugins should have a default skin. In the next version a will replace the restart dialog, with a another dialog were will be listed the updated extensions
  10. Re: Plugin for MpeInstaller

    Ok, but i was also looking for something that showed which plugin was going to be updated. You cannot see that if you update on MP start.

    Now you just see "A update in going to be installed .. ..." Instead "Plugin is going be updated to version xx.."

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