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Frames Skin for MediaPortal 1.2.x [v1.2.7 - 29-09-2012] (Original Thread)

Discussion in 'Frames' started by Lbr_Lion, December 28, 2010.

  1. Lbr_Lion
    • Premium Supporter


    System Specs

    Frames is a simple (No plugin dependency and no configuration/menu editor) list view orientated, clear and intuitive skin designed for MediaPortal 1.2.x based on Blue3Wide code and ideas of other skins like Maya and other sources.

    Frames is a grey coloured skin with accents in blue at a resolution of 1280x720 (Displays also nice at 1920x1080).
    All screens are designed in such a way that all information will be diplayed within frames with a limited use of fanart in a uniform and functional way.

    Optional you can choose between a 8 or 10 rows TVGuide/MiniGuide and there is also a possibility to show infotags (MiniWiki) with extra information about menu items and buttons to use (Core plugins only).

    The skin supports all core plugins of MediaPortal and the following external plugins are supported:

    - Arcsoft Player
    - BBC Weather
    - Browse the Web
    - Fanart Handler
    - File Explorer
    - For the Record
    - FRITZ!Box Manager
    - GeckoBrowser
    - GlobalSearch (Search Music)
    - HTPCInfo
    - IMDb+
    - InfoService
    - Intelligent Frame Correction (I.F.C.)
    - Media Slayer
    - MediaTip
    - Moving Pictures
    - MP Extension Installer
    - mpNZB
    - Music Trivia
    - mvCentral
    - MyAlarm
    - MyAnime2 and MyAnime3
    - MyEmulators and Emulators 2 (Beta)
    - MyPlexMedia
    - MyPrograms
    - MyScoreCenter
    - MyTorrents
    - My Films
    - My Lyrics
    - My TV Series
    - My WorldMap
    - Netflix
    - NotificationBar
    - Online Videos
    - Pandora MusicBox
    - RadioTime
    - Rockstar
    - Shoutcast
    - SleepControl
    - Smart Playlists
    - StreamRadio
    - Subcentral
    - Trakt
    - TvWishList
    - World Weather
    - YouTube.fm
    - yrWeather

    Other plugin support will be added on request.

    The installer can be downloaded from the repository or by clicking the link:

    Frames - MEDIAPORTAL

    SVN updates (Fixes and support for new plugins or plugin changes) can be downloaded via the following link:

    Frames - SVN

    Note: A MediaPortal 1.3.0 Beta compatible version can be downloaded from SVN.


    Myhome.jpg MyBasichome.jpg MyRadio.jpg MyPictures.jpg MyMusic_Album.jpg MyMusic_Artist.jpg NowPlaying2.jpg NowPlaying_FullscreenFanart.jpg MyTV.jpg MyTV_OSD.jpg MyTV_MiniGuide.jpg MyTV_Guide_8.jpg MyVideos.jpg MyVideos_CoverFlow.jpg OnlineVideos.jpg MyTVSeries.jpg MovingPictures.jpg BBC_Weather.jpg WorldWeather_Condition.jpg WorldWeather_Images.jpg
    Last edited: December 16, 2012
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  2. AW: A new skin: Frames for MediaPortal 1.2.0


    looks good to me, and looks like you are using the same plugins as me.

    Small thing I found after a quick review:

    Music: If you are on view "actual title", the thumb for "next song" is visible. If you change to "song text", the thumb disappears.

    Suggestion for TV (if possible):

    With your frames (program information for the actual program on the left side) there is quite a lot of space; it would be nice if there would be the information for the following program (as in music).

    Anyway, :D for this good looking skin!

  3. Spragleknas
    • Team MediaPortal
    • Administrator


    System Specs
  4. Jay_UK
    • Team MediaPortal


    System Specs
    Re: A new skin: Frames for MediaPortal 1.2.0

    Hi there,

    I don't actually/normally run skins (only use the internal/default blue3wide), but I do like the look and feel of this one.

    I might be tempted to give it a try ;)

  5. mjmapi
    • Premium Supporter


    Re: A new skin: Frames for MediaPortal 1.2.0

    Nice skin Lbr_Lion, will definitely give it a go
  6. robyf
    • Team MediaPortal


    Re: A new skin: Frames for MediaPortal 1.2.0

    If you will add support for TVSeries Plugin I will give it a try... seems to be very clear...

    Thanks for your work.
  7. DieBagger
    • Team MediaPortal


    System Specs
    Re: A new skin: Frames for MediaPortal 1.2.0

    Looks very promesing... :)

  8. catavolt
    • Team MediaPortal
    • Administrator


    System Specs
    AW: A new skin: Frames for MediaPortal 1.2.0

    Another fresh air in skin world - and well done so far! :D
  9. Lbr_Lion
    • Premium Supporter

    Lbr_Lion Thread Starter

    System Specs
    Re: AW: A new skin: Frames for MediaPortal 1.2.0

    Hi Alfred,

    Thanks for reporting this issue and it is solved in the attached MyMusicNowPlaying.xml :)

    I had also a look to your suggestion and did implement it as you can see in the screenshot. I am not completely satisfied about it yet, but I think it should be simular like this.


    Attached Files:

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  10. AW: Re: AW: A new skin: Frames for MediaPortal 1.2.0

    So fast???:cool:
    Works perfect, :D again!
    I am (completeley satisfied), looking forward to the update... :D

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