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HDMI problem (solved)

Discussion in 'General' started by JBecker, June 13, 2010.

  1. Hi,
    I have just built up a new htpc system with an MSI 785gm-E65 mainboard. Running under Win XP prof SP3, Mediaportal 1.1.0 RC4 and Catalyst video driver 10.5. The system also works as a file server and runs 24/7.

    I have connected the htpc to my Sony KDL32W5720 only via hdmi cable. Everything works well (audio and video) as long as I do not switch the TV off. After switching off and on again, I get no picture, the screen is black. After removing the hdmi cable and plugging in again, I sometimes get a picture again, but not always. Now I found out that it helps to make a second connection with an dvi-hdmi adapter cable from the dvi port of the motherboard to an unused hdmi connector on the TV. With this setup I have a working solution when switching the TV off and on. i could live with this as the cable is only ~€5 and I do not mind the second cable.
    But with this setup i have a new problem. Now after rebooting the PC, I have no sound on the TV! Looking into the hardware manager, I see that the previously existing 'ATI hdmi' hardware is missing now. The video on the hdmi output still seems to work (as I have a picture on the TV) but no sound.

    Does anyone have a clue how this could be solved? Is it a problem in the BIOS or the software drivers or even the TV set? Or possibly a problem connected with the Catalyst? I hav absolutely no idea.


    PS: I had a system running with an Asrock ION330 system before, also using only hdmi and this worked perfectly.

    Edit: problem solved:) If I use only the dvi-hdmi cable I get picture and sound also after rebooting and switching the TV off and on again. I am pretty sure that I have tried this before, but nevertheless, now everything is working!

  2. Paranoid Delusion
    • Team MediaPortal

    Paranoid Delusion

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    Re: HDMI problem

    If my memory serves me, installing driver only there is no problem, its if you install the catalyst control centre this happens.

    If you do not make any changes there, might be worthwhile rolling back to a restore point prior to CCC install and starting over or send a pm to owlsroost who found this out, he might know a better way.
  3. JBecker

    JBecker Thread Starter

    Thanks Ray,
    but I just solved it.

    Sorry, but i have been chasing a solution since days now and I was pretty sure I had tried all different things. But now I found the solution 10 minutes after posting:confused:

  4. quake2rambo
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    AW: HDMI problem (solved)

    this problem, and similar which has the same reason, has been already solved in the german section.
    The main problem is the ati2evxx.exe used by the "Ati External Event Utility"-Service.
    This service is checking always the connected devices and disables inactive connections.
    There are two ways to prevent this behavior.
    • Disable the "Ati External Event Utility" Service (this is the easiest way)
    • Use a HDMI switch to "simulate" action on your HDMI-port

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  5. JBecker

    JBecker Thread Starter

    thanks a lot, disabling the "Ati External Event Utility" Service really solved it and this is just a few clicks away!

  6. Paranoid Delusion
    • Team MediaPortal

    Paranoid Delusion

    System Specs

    Bookmarked for future use :D
  7. ToXIc
    • Premium Supporter


    weird?! cant find this service in win7 x64
  8. AW: Re: HDMI problem (solved)

    Look for "AMD External Event Utility" - it's the same.
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  9. ToXIc
    • Premium Supporter


    Re: AW: Re: HDMI problem (solved)

    k trying

    edit: well crap... i was hoping this would help my problem with the display cutting out while navigating trough MP but it didnt...
  10. sixgun
    • Premium Supporter


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    Re: AW: HDMI problem (solved)

    A thousand thanks!

    I turned off the "Ati External Event Utility" and I can now change my amp to another input (it's an HDMI switching amp) and then go back the the HTPC input and media portal is still there. Previously I had to use UltraVNC to remote in and change the refresh rate back to 25Hz (it's only a 1080i TV).

    But, more importantly my 9 month old son can't "break the tv" anymore by playing with the amp input selector!


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