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My small contribution I call - StreamTV

Discussion in 'TV-Server Plugins' started by Valk, December 18, 2008.

  1. Valk
    • Team MediaPortal


    System Specs
    Last Update: 16-01-11

    StreamTv 2

    Main Features:

    HTTP Based streaming of Live Tv.
    HTTP Based Transcoding of Live Tv.
    HTTP Links to tune and watch liveTv.

    Finally a simple webserver to host anything you want on it with simple plugin support.

    Hosted on Google code: mpstreamtv - Project Hosting on Google Code

    Compile Info
    --------------------------- is compiled against the 1.1.2 version of MediaPortal which was posted on the main page.

    ChangeLog Since Last Build.

    Re-compiled for latest offical MP release.

    Download and Install Information

    Since I can't remember the login details for googlecode the latest version is attached to this post. It uses the same installer as the other releases so just follow the same install instructions.

    StreamTv 2 (version 1.4.2) can be downloaded from:
    Patch: http://mpstreamtv.googlecode.com/files/setup_patch_1-4-02.exe
    Full Install: http://mpstreamtv.googlecode.com/files/setup_full_1-4-02.exe

    The only difference between the patch and full install is the encoders are included.

    Now with an installer!

    To install you need to stop the tvServer process. Also when you turn the plugin on you have to restart the TvServer before it will be active.

    * For those who want to use ffmpeg StreamTv looks for it at:
    %ProgramData%\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal TV Server\StreamTv\FFMpeg\bin\ffmpeg.exe

    (FFMpeg is included with MEncoder in the full installer, if the authors of either have an issue with this PM me).

    FFMpeg is still untested.

    If all went well your files should be located in something like:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal TV Server\
    C:\ProgramData\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal TV Server\StreamTv\

    Start Up

    If all went well you should have loaded up the TvServer Configuration tool, goto plugins and turned on StreamTv 2 then restart the TvServer.


    and see if it lists your channels.

    Good luck and enjoy.



    For those who want to tinker with transcoding if you go into the wwwroot folder you will see a ChannelList.<some extension> and Timeshift.<some extension>

    If you open those files up in notepad or your prefered xml editor you will see they are simple xml files.

    For timeshifting I have a .m2ts which has transcoding disabled and a .mpeg which transcodes with the settings I used in the transcoding preview release.

    Just as a note, {0} and {1} get replaced with the input and output locations for mencoder so it knows where to find the media to transcode it.
    Also if you set changeable to true then when a user puts that option in the query string they can overwrite the default set in the file.

    I still have more I want to do with this system for the plugins but for now its a start. Ideas welcome on improvements to it.

    Final Comments

    Enjoy :).

    This version is untested as I don't have a setup to test it with at the moment so if there are any issues please post and i'll try to fix them.

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  2. revs
    • Premium Supporter


    Brilliant idea!

    I'll test it out when I have a chance!
  3. revs
    • Premium Supporter


    Dont suppose you will be releasing the source code?

    I was thinking of writing a basic Mac OS X Client - my thinking is I could create something similar to what you have done. A WebService on the HTPC, and then the OS X (and possibly Linux) client can just connect to that webservice and get any needed info
  4. Valk
    • Team MediaPortal

    Valk Thread Starter

    System Specs
    I suspect I'll release the code when I've ironed out a few more problems and figured out what I have to do with licensing (it will be some GPL license that works well with MP).

    Have fun with the update I believe I've fixed the channel changing issues now, just a GUI to go and probably some better way of managing the channel list generated.
  5. tourettes
    • Team MediaPortal


    GPL itself works pretty well with MP :)
  6. This plugin really seems to have potential! Especially when the latest versions of VLC support streaming in flashvideo among many other formats. Where internet browser, there tv?

    However, I didn't quite manage to get this working as anytime I try to start streaming with a link similar to the examples in the first post, VLC starts, but it tells me that "Couldn't load command line arguments".

    It's quite obvous that there's something wrong with the command line parameters used to start VLC and I thought if it could be due to the new version. I'm using 0.98a, but which version were you using when you tested the plugin?
  7. Valk
    • Team MediaPortal

    Valk Thread Starter

    System Specs
    64-bit users probably won't have a problem with the older versions.

    If you try the latest version now the problem should be fixed.

    Sorry thought i'd gone through and fixed all the statically assigned code I used while trying to get the bugger to work at the start.
  8. Thank you! It works flawlessly and I can't even imagine the ways this allows users to watch tv, all in all, a great and useful plugin!
  9. Valk
    • Team MediaPortal

    Valk Thread Starter

    System Specs
    I'm glad I know at least one person is finding this useful though i'm surprised no one else beat me to this. Anyway is done now and the big changes are the control panel is setup and you can configure all the ports now (though the http port is still a pain but i'm still working on it).

    I'll probably now just clean up a fair bit of the code and release it, maybe someone can work on the ConfigBuilder class for the Vlc Options to add transcoding support :) and update the gui with a easy interface to setup transcoding, maybe even a extra query value so you can transcode if you want (isn't a big change to do).

    Anyway just random ideas on probably a never ending todo list.

    The http server is plugin based so others might find it useful but at the moment it can't read resources which aren't explicitly specified in the resources.xml . I was going to fix it but then I thought what this plugin is going to be used for and left it.

    Anyway if your using this can you get back to me with information about how long you were able to watch before the stream just stopped, if you do please state how much HDD space you have free on the drive Tversity is installed to, time it cut out and how long you setup tversity to timeshift for.
  10. Valk
    • Team MediaPortal

    Valk Thread Starter

    System Specs
    I'm surprised it worked for you, very lucky considering the RSS feed host IP was still statically assigned. I guess I know your internal network server IP now :)

    Also incase people haven't figured it out yet this can be used with a upnp client, it adds that extra step you need to enable a upnp server program to access and tune the TvServer streams.

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