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Resurrecting MyPrograms plugin

Discussion in 'MediaPortal 1 Plugins' started by richardgiroux, April 8, 2011.

  1. I have a need for the MyPrograms plugin and am having trouble getting it to compile with the new dlls.

    After re-linking the new dlls, I am getting errors when trying to compile.

    MediaPortal.Util.VirtualDirectory does not contain a definition for "GetDirectory"...

    Am I missing a reference?

    It goes without saying that I have no idea what I am doing. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Quarter
    • Super User


    System Specs
    Its quite possible that the references don't exist anymore. find what version was it built for then check the svn for the change logs.
    other than that I'm not sure.
  3. Migue
    • Team MediaPortal


    I wish I caught this thread sooner. I've been keeping myprograms uptodate through all MP versions for myself but soon will be uploading to SVN.
    EDIT: Why is this in MP2 section. Or is this another myprograms plugin for MP2?
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  4. rekenaar
    • Team MediaPortal


    I moved it so long since you are most likely right that it is relevant on MP1.
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  5. Any progress on this? I really would love to have this plugin alive again!
  6. Migue
    • Team MediaPortal


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  7. Spragleknas
    • Team MediaPortal
    • Administrator


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  8. AW: Reserecting MyPrograms plugin


    I have a smal problem, think it is simply but cant see it....

    I open a applikation (programm) , no problem, but how to close this programm??
    MP goes to "background", opened programm in front, runs well. I have tryed with app. exit on my remote, nothing. Only way is to connect via teamviewer and close the programm(no keyboard/mouse on htpc). What is the trick, please open my eys *g*

  9. powermarcel10
    • Team MediaPortal


    System Specs
    the plugin doesn't work here with Mediaportal 1.2.0 Beta and 1.2.0 RC. Can someone fix that?
  10. hy Migue,
    i'm testing your plugin to read .pdf files.
    it works but i have a problem to quit reader and return to MP.
    have you got a solution for that ?

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