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    High Def Input Card

    This would be indeed very interesting! One thing is the ability to view hd tv from set-top box, but I am even more interested in gaming (PS3, Xbox360...) at HD res. thru MP. I am tired of changing channels on my scaler and want to use MP as scaler (mostly for Wii) with the ability to get MP...
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    Hi This plugin is superb for my setup :D I use the plugin to start dscaler. The reason i start dscaler is to play wii and xbox and other consoles. When I use dscaler and a BT software card I get no picture delay :D But, since dshow don't accept any kind of system commands or commandline...
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    Some queries about applying "stable patches"......

    I still can't install stable 4. Installation complaining about svn. But I have not installed any svn's only stable 2 Heia Viking!
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    Some queries about applying "stable patches"......

    How do I get my hands on stable 3?
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    Some queries about applying "stable patches"......

    How do I upgrade from stable 2 to 4 without loosing my settings?? I have tryed, but the upgrader tells me that I have a svn patch installed :(
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    Live TV image studders

    I have the same problem :( The problem is also visible when I am watching movies (also xvid/divx). This problen did not show up in RC3. Regards
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    Clean install in 10 seconds

    I payed about €150, and trust me, it is worth it :D
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    Clean install in 10 seconds

    Not exactly. It restores the whole HD to a previous state
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    MP does not exit to tray sometimes.

    Will do tomorrow :) I'm not at home at the moment...
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    Clean install in 10 seconds

    I have a little tip for those of you that are testing everything, and needs to go back to a clean windows installation or presaved windows configurations fast. I ordered a RADIX PCI MLP card for one of my PC's, and it's great!! This card saves me a lot of work! No matter what goes wrong I can...
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    MP does not exit to tray sometimes.

    Hi, I can confirm this problem, and it's pretty annoying. On my HTPC this always happends after some time. I don't know how much time, but I think it's more than 15 minutes. Regards
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    Black border on left side

    I can confirm this problem on my PVR-500 system. No matter what I do the black border wont go away. Im running MP 0.2 RC4 latest SVN Regards
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    What's your top 3 requests after 0.2 Final.

    My number one request is TVoIP! I love MP!
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    Timeshifting on causes stuttering when zapping

    I have the same problem on my system using a Radeon 9550 card, PCI Latency set to 64. And when I'm running in no-timeshift mode, after some time the A/V gets out of sync. Have tried lots of different codecs but it didn't help for any of the problems. Regards
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    IP TV Support

    Corve, I like the virtual capture card idea :D
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