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    [News] MediaPortal 1.1.0 RC1 - delayed

    I really wish there was some kind of recent release that I could use right now with the current bug fixes in place. The two installer bugs that are left don't apply to me and using this crappy product called Windows 7 Media Center is driving me nuts. I can't wait to get back to MP with all its...
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    Finally Cable Cards in your HTPC

    I'm pretty sure there's a driver update that allows QAM channels to come in without DRM on them. You might want to check for a driver update Fanta. If you're using Vista, I might direct you to check out the Windows 7 RC1 which comes with the new MediaCenter, it's quite nice.
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    Finally Cable Cards in your HTPC

    Hmm... If you have issues with the generic PID, perhaps you could just pay a visit to the local electronics store and just read it off the side of an OEM computer >:-) Please let me know if you have any success. The main issue that I see with this is that there will be no way to incorporate...
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    Finally Cable Cards in your HTPC

    Anyone out there know if these drivers are BDA compliant?
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    USB IR Receiver

    I haven't used it in forever (8 years?), but I always used an IRman device as an infrared reciever. Probably not the best thing out there since I haven't looked for anything new in a long time but I noticed no one replied to you so maybe this will get you started :-) These days I use the...
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    Finally Cable Cards in your HTPC

    Well, I've been looking for a good HDTV solution for MediaPortal; especially for those of us that live in the USA. Garry is doing some excellent work with the Hauppage HD PVR, but this is not a true TV Tuner and it sits outside the computer. I'm still looking forward to see what comes of his...
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    Can MediaPortal work as a PVR for Satellite Boxes like DirecTV?

    I'm using my MP install with DirecTV just fine. You'll need the 1.72 version of dtvcontrol to change channels via command prompt using a serial cable if your set top box has that capability (DirecTV Serial Control Utility). If you can't find that version just use one of those website archive...
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    iPhone interface for MediaPortal (iPiMP) - original thread (now closed)

    Great Plug-in Hi Cheezey, I thought I would take the time to compliment you on this plugin. The direction you're taking it truly has some of the most useful features I can think of. It's just everything I would want a Media Portal interface to have, so great work. When I installed the...
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    initial support for Hauppuage HD-PVR

    Hi, I just picked up an HD-PVR to try and help test during the initial support phase. Since MediaPortal RC3 is right around the corner, will the existing HD-PVR support be included in that build or will I need to install the latest SVN build?
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    Hauppauge HD PVR

    I have several MediaPortal setups in my house and different flavors of USA set top boxes. I would be happy to purchase one of these and help test / QA during the development process. Let me know and we can work something out.
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    HDTV into mediaportal from set top box

    I've found this while looking to upgrade other parts of my HTPC. This external tuner is $200 has component in and can take feeds from XBOX360/PS3/STB with success. Has anyone tried this before? What are the chances of getting this to work with MediaPortal. It seems like it could work...
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    HDTV into mediaportal from set top box

    Hello everyone, I've been searching the forums and haven't found any real good information on this so I thought I would try posting a new thread. I'm trying to watch HD Satellite here in the USA using a set top box. I'm looking for a capture card that MediaPortal supports that can handle HD...
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    new plugin for changing channels (DirecTV w/serial port)

    Cashel, glad you like the plugin. The fact that the channels are changing incorrectly is odd, have you tried using the "old" command set option on the plugin config? If that does not work, use what ever command set does work and check off the "use extensive logging" option in the plugin...
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    new plugin for changing channels (DirecTV w/serial port)

    DirecTVTune has been posted Well, I posted on the Media Portal home page a few days ago, it's there and it looks like a couple hundred people already found it. In response to diehard2, what you probably need to do is go into the Media Portal configuration and choose TV -->...
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