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    MUSIC section will not open

    Is there any definite fix to this? MP stops responding if opening the music section directly in album view, but it works set to share view in config and then switching to album view :s My music is tagged correctly using MP3Tag and I've tried a rescan of the database. Any ideas? My music...
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    Hang On Initialising Directx

    Let me know if you need full logs, but this is the line with the error. Had a play with the startup settings and in alternative splash screen mode, this line from the log pops up in an error window. D3D: Exception: This sample cannot run in a desktop window with the current display settings...
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    Hang On Initialising Directx

    Having a little trouble with a fresh MP install. Hangs at initialising directX on startup. XP Pro Mediaportal 1.2.3 ATI Catalyst 12.4 Intel Atom Motherboard (POV MB-D510) ATI 5450 1gb PC6400 I've updated direct X and got the latest catalyst suite. Any ideas?
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    Emulators 2 - BETA - 19/08/12

    Just installed this and tried adding a few games/emulators. Looks really good so far :) Games are updated via DB, but the console information isn't; would it be possible to scrape this info from somewhere? Logos, year, manufacturer, history etc? If a game is renamed to scrape more accurately...
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    HD Audio Bitstreaming Help

    Make sure you have the correct drivers Uninstall all codecs and install the SAFcodecs Configure FFDShow as above and set it as the codec in MP config I had DTS-MA working in MPCHC via FFDShow but couldn't get it working in MP until I started from scratch with the SAF installer :)
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    Duplicate Album Titles & Album Artists

    Hi Jameson, thanks, is this confirmed by you too then? :)
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    Duplicate Album Titles & Album Artists

    Thanks for the reply. The albums ARE displayed seperately, but once selected, they merge :S That is what I was getting at with the second question.
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    Duplicate Album Titles & Album Artists

    2 quick queries really; -Firstly, I have several albums with the same name - is there a better way to view these independently than adding an albumartist line between album and track (with skip ticked if not applicable)? Currently I can either select Greatest Hits and have tracks from every...
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    MediaPortal and Imon

    I'm currently struggling to get my Imon receiver to control MP. I can move up, down, left, right and enter (ok), but that's it. Since installing IRSS (in application mode and selected imon usb), back now takes me to the first entry in the list/screen. I've installed the imon manager...
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    Why mediaportal on Win 7?

    I've used Vista and now 7 MC for a while, and though it's acceptable, I'm waiting for the new MP RC to give it another go. I used to use MP, but a lack of Imon support and the clunky TV interface niggled me. 7MC is very reliable and a massive plus for me was that it has a FAR better TV side...
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    HTPC for bedroom?

    Acer Revo ?
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    TV Series DVD Problem

    Use DVDDecryptor or DVDShrink to rip the DVD to a large single vob file - theres a setting in there to do this, rather than using a 1gb split required by DVD standards. Rename this .vob to .mpg if it makes it easier to handle, then just rename the episode file to S01E01 etc. This will be a...
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    [News] MediaPortal 1.1.0 RC1 - delayed

    Long time away from mediaportal, but I'm not happy with some parts of MS MC, so I'd like to give MP another go. If I install the 1.1 Alpha and SVN, will I be able to "upgrade" to the RC, or will I have to uninstall and start afresh - ie will I keep the settings and so on ?
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    Minidisplay + Imon

    Got it sorted :) Imon 6.2 with MP added as a program and keystrokes setup. - Try this as a possible suitable .imo Thats about all really.:wtf:
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    Ongoing Mini-ITX HTPC - D945GCLF2

    Try here for some free 1080 videos
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