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January 27, 2018
April 4, 2006
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January 27, 2018
    1. Spragleknas
    2. Spragleknas
    3. Andy Ford
      Andy Ford
      Hi, am newbie to MP but am blown away by. Congratulations to all involved. I'm keen personal user & my day job is CEDIA installer. Is it ok if client downloads MP on their high end HTPC & I charge for configuring/integrating MP? He hates WMC and I know MP can give him the functionality he wants. Thanks,Andy
    4. bendtsen
      i-loop told me you hade done quite some work with analog cards. i have a software based card with 7130 chipset from philips. log shows audio encoder is missing. i installed powerdvd7 which is supposed to include filters, but someone told me the free trial versions might not. do you think you can help? the sw based cards setup page on the wiki didnt really help me.

      heres the log:

      2010-07-01 14:51:08.359375 [10]: Exception :System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
      at TvLibrary.Implementations.Analog.Components.Tuner.UpdateSignalQuality()
      at TvLibrary.Implementations.Analog.TvCardAnalog.UpdateSignalQuality(Boolean force)
      at TvLibrary.Implementations.TvCardBase.get_IsTunerLocked()
      at TvService.TvCardHandler.get_TunerLocked()

      2010-07-01 14:51:08.375000 [10]: analog: unable to add TvAudioTuner to graph - even TvTuner as TvAudio fails
    5. morinhe1
      Hi misterd,
      was wondering wether there had been any progress on the implementation of a graphedit .grf -converter- to
      mediaportal configuration file and database setup ..
      if not i m ready to help.. if i can get any description on how this part of tvserver works.. or if there is documents on that ..

      thanks in advance
    6. ajp8164
    7. romuz
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