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    Plugin Ideas

    Sorry, initially MSN (9.0) had internal addin architecture with API. Unfortunately (as I just quickly found out), they have removed support for addin API in official (non beta release), hence I pointed you to this lib, which is as I see actively supported. I guess you should have an option to...
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    Plugin Ideas

    Correct, Windows Live Messenger to be exact. In the mini version, I should be able to receive messages from my contact, and reply to those. If possible also to start conversation.. To have the complete orgasm, the video chat functionality would help :) I utlize msn everywhere I am, so the...
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    Plugin Ideas

    Working MSN plugin... Such a shame it doesn't exist..
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    Media Portal On Ebay

    Hahaha... Since when they can copyright a CD? :) And saying it's "copyrighted" is something different than actually claiming a copyright of it. You can always report the auction as license breach.
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    NFO Scanner explained + issues?

    You can add xml as the extension of the files to be scanned in the configuration, and it should work fine. Since the xml contains imdb link, mp should recognize it.
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    Server OS?

    I think you have misconception what a server is. It's not a workstation, hence no purpose of installing MP Client or games on it. Server software is designated in a different way expecting designated machine which is running only this, and no user interfering with processes. Generally speaking...
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    Moving Pictures vs. Read-Only HFS HDD

    It will help you if you attach your logs.
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    Rename files based on MP-TV series database

    +1 for, this tool is the best.
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    Adding TV Shows??

    Hi, welcome to the forums. Try this: mptvseries - Google Code Or this skin (which includes the best plugins in MP) streamedmp - Google Code
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    How do you organize files?

    For TV shows I use - Automatically rename and organise your TV shows, and more. which automatically renames and moves newly arrived episodes to their destination. For the movies.. Still searching for the perfect solution.
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    Closes without error while "Loading Plugins"

    You can provide logs as per MediaPortal Forum - Announcements in Forum : General Support It must be some plugin which forces MP to close. Try disabling extra plugins in configuration and you'll see which one gives you the problem.
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    Ability to run multiple instances of plugin?

    Why do you need multiple instances? Wouldn't open database option from GUI be sufficient? That way you can have independent databases per user, per series type etc..... I think this would be more efficient and easier to implement than multiple instances.
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    Finding Movies on IMDB

    If it cannot find the movie, but you can find it on imdb, do following: from the link: take the tt0091187 part and use it as a string to search in mp. That should then find the needed movie. I also suggest using MovingPictures plugin, which has built in much more...
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    Looking for better TV viewing experience

    You should/can have EPG mapped to a button on your remote. Alternatively you can use the OK button (it works on my MCE) to get miniepg.
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    Movie Database Scan option

    Or use MovingPictures plugin which will do everything you need +1
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