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    MediaPortalIptvFilterAndUrlSourceSplitter.xml not found

    My dedicated tv-server (1.10) complains about an xml that can not be found. Currently I don't know how to fix this error. (I don't like errors). TV Server randomly crashes but this seems to be the only error I get (when restarting) [2015-03-04 23:41:24,238] [Log ] [SetupTv ] [ERROR] - Error...
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    Ziggo PMT not found op enkele kanalen

    I can check. Lost everything after 27-02/ Ok, so new scan using these settings will work. I can check the logfile afterwards. tnx.
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    [Plugin] MyPlexMedia - A PlexMediaServer Browser (1.2.x Compatibility Release & New Stuff)

    If I connect to my plex over the internet (green button, press X to close the screen) save the MP configuration I'm able to watch something. As it will buffer over the internet not that ideal. No 720p or 1080p Additionally as you said, the interface (TITAN) is not working that well with Plex...
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    [Plugin] MyPlexMedia - A PlexMediaServer Browser (1.2.x Compatibility Release & New Stuff)

    Thanks for suggestion. I tried Bonjour. Did not find my local plex server. Although I now was able to get a green logo for signing in to my 'remote' plex. However I'm unable to save this. Further testing was now impossible as I received the 'Unhandled Exception' warning again. This can only be...
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    [Plugin] MyPlexMedia - A PlexMediaServer Browser (1.2.x Compatibility Release & New Stuff)

    Yes, finaly some activity ;-) Will start testing! Unfortunately manually adding the server doesn't enable me to save it. I was able to login once through e-mail/username screen. After that only 'unhandled exceptions'
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    [solved] Ziggo transponder weer eens veranderd

    jippie toevoegen: <Frequency>498000</Frequency> <Frequency>698000</Frequency> output: is mijn oude HD zenders. Bedankt voor de tips.
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    Service using excessive CPU

    How often does this happen to you? It happened to me twice in a year . solution was restarting the service. I am sorry I am unable to reproduce the situation.
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    Service using excessive CPU

    Seen this only twice in a year. Had to use taskmgr on my win 7 x64 machine and kill the mpextended service. I have a client / server setup so this one happens on the client only. Instantly drop in CPU usage and fan slows down finally.
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    I think I have read all the posting regarding this issue: My setup is Multiseat. From version 1.5.0 to 1.6.0 if my MP client machine wakes up it freezes for several minutes. I can see it doesn't wake up the tvserver. (no ping reply from the tvserver time-out). If i send a WOL manually to the...
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    [Plugin] MyPlexMedia - A PlexMediaServer Browser (1.2.x Compatibility Release & New Stuff)

    I do see a new 1.5.4 version that seems to be compatible with MP 1.5.0. At least MP 1.5.0 doens't say it is not compatible. However I am able to check the connections (it is able to connect) however it doesn't store it's values so when you leave the configuration of the plugin. it is all gone...
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    Possible Problem with TVserver Database in 1.4.0 final

    You are totally right. Next time I should first investigate and post the log files so people like you can investigate. As you can imagine the wife didn't accept this MP service interruption so I had te revert back to 1.3.0. I still have a backup of my tvserver. Are you still interested in...
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    New versions, new problems... (1.4.0 Plugins)

    I didn't find it also the youtube plugin was causing troubles. When I removed the .dll restarted MP it just came back. Ended up by using windows restore, complete remove of everything and re install 1.4.0 FRESH. ;-) Wan't happy with 1.4.0 performance so same 'restore' trick and back to 1.3.0
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    Possible Problem with TVserver Database in 1.4.0 final

    Well this is interesting. I updated my 1.3.0 to 1.4.0 and all hell broke. I have a multi seat environment ( all machines run SSD with Windows 7 x64.) I did a channelscan with the tv server. Only 3 out of 4 of my tvtuner cards are able to find channels. The third one says 100% signal but no...
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    Weird problem where TV Server "half-crashes"

    Well.... my solution to this strange issue was to delay the startups of the DVB cards a few seconds. TV Server -> General -> Delay in Seconds before TV Server Detects cards = 10 Did help me with this issue. Also ->TV Servers -> slect TV Card -> Edit -> check: allow this card to be preloaded...
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    Problems while streaming DVD's or Video files from NAS

    Yes after applying the patch my DVD playback is restored. Did you find the patch?? (link is in other post on this website. Search for DVD PLAYBACK)
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