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Nessus: No problem using my Black Glass media flags. Thanks for asking. Btw, really good work! Tgx April 22, 2012

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February 25, 2017
    1. Nessus
      Thanks men. I really appreciate it and If i can be a little bolder (!).... is it possible to send me or post a link of your source psd files of the flags. I want to make some more for my skin and if you need them also for your skin i can send them to you.

    2. Tgx
      Nessus: No problem using my Black Glass media flags. Thanks for asking. Btw, really good work! Tgx
    3. Nessus
    4. ryanbar1
    5. Tgx

      It's a great pleasure to know that somebody likes my skin!

      For me it's ok that you use the Black Glass Nova Basic Home graphics in your new project, as long as it's mentioned in the credits that your home screen has been inspired by my skin and it comes from Mediaportal.

      Why don't you try to port the entire skin?

      I wish you a successful and good work!

    6. joshbrown1984
      Hey there TGX first of all i wanted to say i love your skin black glass nova just amazing i especially love the home menu.
      i am a old mediaportal user who moved to xbmc about two years ago because i dont have a tv card for live tv also i wanted to see what they had to offer.

      i recently got into skinning in xbmc (about a year ago) and im now working on a full skin at the moment based around your home menu first off i dubbed it TGX nova but now calling it nova so i am just wondering if you would
    7. joshbrown1984
      1. mind me copying your home menu design
      2. using your graphics for the home menu (just for starters) eventually i want the user to be able to use custom pictures inside each button. (but im not very good at photoshop so that will have to wait)
      it is only about %30 complete at the moment and is not public also your home menu is not the default home menu the moment

      let me know what you think full credit for home menu will go to you

      I have a link to video of it in early stages here video is jumpy because i recorded it on crap laptop but skin runs very smooth
      Video link Here YouTube - XBMC nova Home
    8. joshbrown1984
    9. kyleh0000
      hey mate :)

      not sure if you have been watching but I have been creating a basic home editor/mod for your skin :)

      I was just wondering if you are able to provide me with the source code for your NovaMenu Editor? im want to implement the abilty to create the basic home buttons into my menu editor.

      i hope this is ok :)

      thanks very much for all your hard work with this fantasic skin:D
    10. Spinki
      Hello hello :) :)

      Nice work man !!!

      Best skin ever !!!

      I have been dreaming to leave the X-Face skin for a year, because it has no updates.

      This solved everything for me... Almost anyway :)

      1. With the editor you have to fill all plugins, is it possible to make it so it is only those you makes ?

      I like the ideer of having "one line" of Icons, and the rest in my plugins feks.

      2. Is it possible to make DR Show plugin availible?

      3. Can i download more logos anywhere, i have tryed searching this forum without luck

      Looking forward to hear from you..

      Have a nice day !
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