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    MP2 channel not released

    Running Windows 10, using Homerun, AMD 6800 graphics, 8 gb memory, running wifi from router. MP2 works good but when you close it down it does not release the channel. Have reinstalled checked things I thought may affect it but no joy. Suggestion please.
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    MediaPortal 2 Alpha 4

    Would you believe it was on your web site and indicated it was an improved version, (that loaded all the necessary bits), over "Summer 15" hence why I tried it. I will definitely wait until the new release is available. Thanks
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    MediaPortal 2 Alpha 4

    Have been running MediaPortal2 1.12 with no problems, Decided to give MediaPortal 2 Alpha 4 a go. Even though I selected "client and Server" the server part did not seem to install. I uninstalled the previous version made sure all bits were gone and re-installed but no joy. When running...
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