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    Win10 falls creators update problems watching videos

    I did same update, and sound to DTS + DTS HD is gone after this patch/update. Dolby Digital works
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    Updated Danish EPG GraBBer?

    HI, Anyone having info about updated grapper for Danish channels? Since is not working anymore, i need something else Rg Morten
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    Help - Doublets when importing!

    Hi, I have my series from DVD ripped, but when importing i get doublets, as the system finds both the "VTS_01_1.vob" and the Video_TS_IFO" file. So every episode is in my list two times? If i delete one of the files, they don´t play any more, so seems like they need to be in the folder both of...
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    [WiP] BasicHome / BasicHome Editor

    +1 From DK
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    WorldWeather plugin v1.10.0 for MediaPortal 1.3.0 and higher

    Hi, I have the exact problem. preview is shown just fine, but nothing happens inside MP. Anyone? Thanks Morten
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    MP freezing on resume

    HI, Had the same problem, after installing the Avalon skin. Had an idea that it was the infoservice causing the crash. After installing a new version of infoservice, instead of the one provided with Avalon, it seems that the problem is gone.:P
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    Blu-Ray inserted - Nothing happens!!!

    Hi, I have installed Moving Picture, and made the configuration for playing BR. Using PowerDVD 9 as external player. The first disc inserted worked perfectly, after a few seconds it came up in list, all info ect. there. But now, when inserting a new movie nothing happens, tried...
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