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    mediaportal clients can't connect to the master tv server

    try ping rather than telnet :-) i'm not 100% sure, but port forwarding should be used to connect to things outside your network to things inside your network. the outside just sees your router's ip address when it sends stuff to you, and then the router passes the items to the correct...
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    solved issue clients not talking to server

    I had a major issue with 2 computers on my network not talking to the tv server. strangely, the recording icon (red spot) came up accurately, suggesting that the network was fine. i shut down all firewalls and the problem still remained. finally, i looked at the tcp/ip networking...
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    Client talking to TV-Server

    I had a similar problem until last night. i read this: Known Issues - MediaPortal Wiki and did this Solution: Go to: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc localhost ::1 localhost Open the host file with notepad (On Vista and Windows 7 you might have to take ownership of the...
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    minimize button in full screen mode

    this feature would allow mediaportal to operate much more effectively as a tv. every time i want to use another program, i close media portal so i can use it. on the odd occasion i have to do so much work on the tv that i use the keyboard, i use that instead of closing media portal.
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    text vanishing in Blue3 and Blue3 wide

    ooh, the scrolling thing is good news :-) i took the plunge and installed 1.1.2 on every computer on the network. it took about 5 hours to get everything back to looking good, but the disappearing text is no longer a problem :-) the export data function is a great new feature. i'd read...
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    text vanishing in Blue3 and Blue3 wide

    it seems to be directly related to the information in the description area. when i shrink the description to 10 points, the display is only occasionally blanked while moving the mouse pointer over various program names. it seems to change as the description begins to scroll, with varying...
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    text vanishing in Blue3 and Blue3 wide

    Hi. here in Australia, we are now up to 16 channels. scrolling down in the tv guide is confusing because, when you scroll to the bottom, it immediately jumps to the top of the list of channels, but when you scroll up, nothing happens. to allow this to be used by my parents on the tv...
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