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    MultiShortcut plugin

    Is there anyway o get multishortcut to open a shortcut file or does it have to be exe?
  2. J

    NEW! Moving Pictures 0.7.5 Available

    Is a My Trailers and Moving Pictures integration still planned? I remember it being mentioned in the earlier stages, just wondering if that idea died out. I would love to watch a few trailers before the movie starts.
  3. J

    Can someone please help?

    I can't configure this plugin. Most of my stuff is greyed out. Something is happening where whenever I try to configure this plugin it wipes all the info out of OnlineVideoSites.xml The actual file is there but all that's within the xml is <?xml version="1.0"?> <OnlineVideoSites...
  4. J

    OnlineVideos 0.33 (19.09.2011)

    Umm, can anyone help?
  5. J

    OnlineVideos 0.33 (19.09.2011)

    Why is my "save site" greyed out in config? I can't get this plugin to work.
  6. J

    MTV Music Videos Plugin

    Is there a skin for those of us using Aeon? It could really use some help.
  7. J

    Problem with hardware acceleration + VMR9 + Cyberlink PDVD8 codecs

    This issue still isn't fixed. Can any devs help get this resolved?
  8. J

    Looking for two plugins

    Don't know about the streaming tv but the trailer plugin is called "My Trailers".
  9. J

    New Plugin : Yahoo Music Videos

    Having same problem. Black screen for 5 seconds then it returns to the list. edit: Nevermind. I had to disable pureaudio plugin to get it to work. Anyway to get both of these plugins to play nice with each other?
  10. J

    Moving Pictures Public Beta 0.5.5c

    Ok, thanks. Just wanted to set a movie up and have some trailers play before it. :)
  11. J


    That's great! Can't wait to see that implemented. Thanks.
  12. J

    Moving Pictures Public Beta 0.5.5c

    Is there a way to add movies to a playlist?
  13. J


    This plugin is great. Is there anyway to add trailers to a playlist?
  14. J

    Moving Pictures Public Beta 0.5.5c

    I only use firefox.
  15. J

    Moving Pictures Public Beta 0.5.5c

    I can never upload to meligrove. Is it just me?
  16. J

    Offline DVD Collection?

    Is there anything to get offline mp3 albums into the database?
  17. J

    Apple trailers downloader(v0.065) *bugfix release*

    yeah.... any news?
  18. J

    Moving Picture Public Beta: 0.5.4

    No update? I was rushing to get home from work. :)
  19. J

    Aeon Wide (1366x768)

    I don't know if this makes a difference or not but I have mine set to "Don't Autoplay, Never Ask"
  20. J

    Aeon Wide (1366x768)

    I also changed the dvd hyperlinks to 3001 in my basichome.xml and it works.
  21. J

    Question about the music database?

    Is there anyway to add albums to the music database from a removable drive? I can play the albums from MP by browsing to my cd drive but that isn't what I want to do.
  22. J

    CVBS AV Delay

    I would like to know as well. Any solution?
  23. J

    mVids - Music Video Database

    Was it not possible to have an option to use allmusic and/or
  24. J

    Music database type plugin?

    I would like to add albums on a removable drive to my music db in MP. The way moving pictures, mp-tvseries, and I think my films do it is perfect. I want to be able to have the albums and cover art in the db... but not necessarily on my hdd. Does anything like this exists?
  25. J

    FanArt now avalible for My Videos and My Music !

    Does anyone have this working in the AEON skin? Specifically the music fanart?
  26. J

    Moving Picture Public Beta: 0.5.4

    Is there an ETA for next update?
  27. J

    Expressions/Rules requests

    Same problem
  28. J

    Moving Picture Public Beta: 0.5.4

    Thanks. That's great. Two questions though. Is there an easy way to scan for new movies? It seems like I always have to start from scratch. Also, are you going to add a feature to let us backup our db?
  29. J

    Moving Picture Public Beta: 0.5.4

    Umm... are we not able to put our own backdrop images in the backdrop folder and get them to show? Or is that in a future release? We definitely need that. Especially since is down and won't accept my uploads. I have no options right now. :(
  30. J

    Moving Picture Public Beta: 0.5.4

    I would def grab at a high resolution. Promo material would be better of course.... but I have too many old movies where that is damn near impossible to find. :) So I might as well share if I'm going to making them for myself.
  31. J

    Moving Picture Public Beta: 0.5.4

    I would like to contribute backdrops. Would screen grabs make good quality backdrops or am I just wasting my time?
  32. J


    Nope... I always seem to have tvserver problems periodically.
  33. J

    Moving Picture Public Beta: 0.5.4

    Ok, I know the backdrops providers have been having problems. My question is about actually scanning for backdrops. When I scan.... are the backdrops downloaded automatically like the cover art?
  34. J

    mVids - Music Video Database

    Thanks... that does help. I'm gonna play with the MCE replacement plugin some more and see if I can get it to function.
  35. J

    mVids - Music Video Database

    Ok, another issue. I used the random feature. I pressed the skip button on my MCE remote to go to the next video. It didn't do anything. Pause, Play, Stop, RW, and FF all work fine. Is this a mvids issue or a remote issue?
  36. J

    mVids - Music Video Database

    Thanks, sounds good. This is a great plugin. I'm looking forward to the future updates.
  37. J

    mVids - Music Video Database

    Thanks. If all the errors were with tv server, then i think that part is fixed. I reinstalled tv server and mp hasn't crashed since. As far as the music vids go... I'm going to go troubleshoot some more. Might just be user error. lol edit: Ok, I just went and listened. The best way I can...
  38. J

    mVids - Music Video Database

    I uninstalled and reinstalled the tvserver... it seems to have stopped the crashing. I uploaded the full log just in case I'm just getting lucky. :) Also, the music vids aren't sounding right. My music and my movies through mediaportal sound fine. I don't know if it's the plugin or something else.
  39. J

    mVids - Music Video Database

    Umm... I'm getting some crashing. Can you look at my logs please?
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