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    Best player

    Thank you. So what can you recommend to play MKV files with the internal player? What codec packs? I didn´t find any "DVXA + codec guide" in the forums. I need to load and configure external SRT subtitles as well (font and size). Thank you again!
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    Best player

    Didn´t know that. You know I searched and haven´t found how to enable it. Seems I searched wrong... Maybe you can tell me how to enable it in the internal player, please? Can load external subtitles by default, too? Thanks.
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    Best player

    I´m using the external player option with MediaPlayer Classic WITHOUT CODECS, just the internal ones of MediaPlayer Classic. That way I can use Hardware DXVA to play my MKV files without stressing the processor. I have an ATI 880G integrated motherboard and another DXVA advantage is I can use...
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    Hi guys, new here

    Hello, how it´s going? New in the forum. Been using MediaPortal with StreamedMP for about 4 months now and it is awesome. Looking forward to the next version. Just wanted to say "hello". I will be asking some questions here and there for sure.
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