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    [New] MyFilms v4.4.1.4

    Can anyone help me with this problem. In the movie selection screen, on the bottom where the synopsis is, the name of the movie is in the same area. How do I fix that? I am using the latest Spinsafe Revolve skin.
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    Using MyMovies database

    How do you use Mymovies XML in myfilms? The Wiki is so confusing, and written from someone from a different primary language so difficult to understand. I cannot get myfilms to even work, for the life of me with the confusing wiki page.
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    How do you customize series screens?

    Hello, I am fairly new to this and was wondering how everyone is able to customize the look of the series screens. I am currently able to add the fanart in the background, but have seen people with customize network logos, different placements of images and banners from the show and arranged...
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