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    Community Mod - NexusMenuEditor FINAL 1.0 ** Update 08-10-2010 **

    Black glass is awesome with your mod is much better!!!But I have problem with your mod!When browsing throe menus items:TV,movies,tv shows ...etc, first time is very slow it is slow til I cross all menu items then it works as it should no slow downs.But if enter in menu for example movies and get...
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    CoolReciver remote plugin for Leadtek TV tuners

    Some questions Hi Seba.Your plug in working great for me.But I was wondering if there is a way to turn off/on monitor with him in MediaPortal, that function means a lot to me. And one more question, how to know code for settings option key pressed, for example I need code for Enter key. :thx:
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    Can't manually add tv channel?????

    TV-Server Version: 1.0 final MediaPortal Version: 1.0 final MediaPortal Skin: B&W 1080p 1.1 Windows Version: Vista 32 bit CPU Type: Amd x4 9950 HDD: WD 320 Memory:4 GB HyperX @ 1066MHz cl.5 Motherboard: 780g Video Card: ATI HD 3200 1. TV Card: WinFast PVR2000 1. TV Card Type: Analog When TV...
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    TV series Filmstrip problem

    :thx: for info If some one have real life mod please share
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    TV series Filmstrip problem

    Skin is great, but i have problem with TV series filmstrip view.Well problem is in season and episode layout were banner should be, there is poster image of series in banner dimensions.Is there any solution to fix that problem,how to make to show banners instead series poster? :thx: And one...
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    Media Portal on Windows 7 is it possible???

    I was trying to install Media Portal 1.0 Final on Windows 7 x64 public beta - build 7000 , but it wont install, it show error message: Not supported OS! Is there a way to make Media Portal working in this OS :thx: :sorry: for bed Eng
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