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    SAF v6 (based on LAVF)

    Thanks for replying. ATI Radeon 4300 - it has worked fine until updating...I have now installed ffdshow seperately, and h.264 now seems to be working in mediaportal with dxva enabled, but not in graphstudio and mpc-hc where the video is just green. Regarding audio: yes passthrough. when...
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    SAF v6 (based on LAVF)

    I recently updated SAF to 6.19 and experienced black/green (black in MP, green in mpc-hc) screen when playing h.264 media. This happened in mediaportal, wmp and mpc-hc. Mediaportal codec settings were not changed after updating, they were still like suggested in the first post. I have no idea...
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    Duplicates in movies and series

    Hi, I.m using the newest versions of aMPdroid, GMAwebservice and wifiremote with MP 1.2.1 I have duplicates of movies and tv-series when browsing on the phone, that are not present in moving pictures or mytvseries. What could cause this, and any suggestions for a fix? - John
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    Autoupdate media info after subtitle download

    Wow - instant reply.. Thanks, I searched the forum but forgot to go "the source" - my bad.
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    Autoupdate media info after subtitle download

    I recently updated mytvseries to the latest version.. Before this, as far as I remember, the mediainfo was automatically updated after downloading a subtitle, and therefore immediately showed the "subtitles" logo. This is not the case for me after the version update.., I have to manually...
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    [Videos] Long pause before playing videos

    That makes sense - I wasn't quite sure if mtn.exe used mediainfo somehow. :thx:
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    [Videos] Click at timeline to directly skip time in video

    Would it be possible to make the video timeline "clickable", so that you could simply click on it to go to that part of the video, exactly as the timeline in other mediaplayers like MPC or WMP?
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    [Videos] Skipping using mouse scroll wheel also activates top-bar

    I use a mouse with mp, and since upgrading to 1.1.0 beta (or maybe it was actually one of the later svns before the beta), whenever I use the scroll wheel to skip ahead in the video, the top-bar is activated (actually the < (back) button of the top-bar), and to either skip forward again or just...
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    [Videos] Long pause before playing videos

    As Manfred replied, the delay (in this case) is caused by "Mediainfo". Go to Download MediaInfo from and extract 'mediainfo.dll' to your Mediaportal program folder (eg C:\Program Files\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\)- replacing the old dll (you might want to backup the original...
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