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    Hiding Recording and TV in general

    Thanks, that is what I needed. ERIC
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    Hiding Recording and TV in general

    Hiding Recording and TV in general, as I do not have a card to record TV this entire section seems un-needed, but I can not locate a place from which I can remove it (AKA Hide). Thanks, ERIC
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    Error causing Media Portal to crash, seems to point to My-TV plugin

    That fixed it thanks, :thx:
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    Error causing Media Portal to crash, seems to point to My-TV plugin

    MY-TV seems to be the cause of the crash, this occurs at start-up and I assume as a result of the scan, but I'm not sure about that. I do know that Media Portal does not crash if this plugin is disabled. Any idea? Windows error is a generic one. Error.log: 2012-01-21 17:21:56.414678...
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    My-TV error upon clicking start import wizard->Then Next

    Yep that resolved the issue.
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    My-TV error upon clicking start import wizard->Then Next

    Enclosed is the logs and screen shoots. Thanks, ERIC
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    My-TV error upon clicking start import wizard->Then Next Build, 11/12/2011 My-TV error upon clicking start import wizard->Then Next returns the following error and I'm unable to add any of the TV-Shows even if I click continue, any idea what is wrong? This looks like a great plugin, but have been unable to use it so far do to this...
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    Confused!!! How do you configure STB to PC

    I'm looking for similar information for setting up a 4250HD by Scientific Atlanta. Thanks, ERIC
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    Unable to run Configuration JITC error, tried and 4/25 update

    Tested both and the build listed as: Assembly creation time: 4/25/2008 8:34:52 PM (UTC) Running on Vista Ultimate SP1 and all updates, also I have the latest version of DX10 (march 2008 refresh) installed. Not much else to add the error occurs on loading the configuration...
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    Vista and EVR Support - Part 2

    Gave this a try with release build and it worked great, many thanks without this using Vista for TV was out of the question. ISSUE: I noticed a problem, When the I'm using the EVR instead of VMR9 the system does not disabled the monitor screen saver (IE when using monitor sleep). As...
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    Reclock and MP and DVD-> Error message

    Switching from D3D to directdraw is not suggested as then ReClock can not monitor actual frame rates, it does not work with MP as it using a special exclusive mode render. However the problem seems to be that reclock is not ignore MEDIAPORTAL even though its set to ignore it. ERIC
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    Mediaportal Reclock is being loaded, should not be with current config

    Every time I load Mediaportal 0.2.2 TV plugin, I get the following message: Your video board is not compatible with ReClock (insufficient or bad driver support) ... Now this is due to the exclusive nature of the video render used by Media Portal, but the real problem is that Reclock is set to...
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    HD Homerun mapping QAM to ATSC not working

    How do I setup an HD Homerun card, as it has a mapping of channels between QAM and ATSC, yet from what I can tell the version 30.3 TV Engine only want to tune in QAM for this tunner. The version 0.2 version using the mappings, what am I doing wrong? ERIC TV-Server Version: MediaPortal...
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    Scan says "total Tv channels new:40", listing shows 13

    I ran a full scan on my adapter and it shows 40 channels as found, yet the listing only has 13 listed? The 0.2 engine says 40 channels found and all 40 channels are listed? Is there something more I need to do to add th other 27 missing channels? Second the channels are add as: Unknown-X-XXX...
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    0.3 and HDHome Run, setuptv.exe crashes

    OK so the 0.3 engine from 7/26/07 detects my HDHome Run system, but can not tune any channels as I get the following errors before the setuptv.exe application dies, any ideas? ERIC ERROR.LOG: 8/2/2007 8:56:20 PM 5 Exception :System.BadImageFormatException: An attempt was made to load...
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    DriectSound error

    When attempting to start My TV plugin, I get the following messages in my logs, these are new as the exact same configuration use to work fine, until I went from an x1800xl to a 2600XT video card, but since the drivers and media codecs did not change I'm stuck as to what the problem may be. I...
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    Vista 32bit and HD HomeRun (can not create graph)

    Version with SVN patch 14949 I have this setup working in Windows X64, but when I try with Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit I get the following error upon attempting to connect to the Tuner. The tuner works from the HD Homerun panel so it is functional. Also the CLSID is registered...
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    0.2.3 REV 14949, HD HomeRun failing to display TV

    I was using a 4/20/07 build or so about, then updated to the 6/20/07 build rev. 14949. now I can tune the channels in the Configure.exe program without issue, but when I start MediaPortal up I get an error message: "Failed to start TV definitions do not contain Filters", I'm lost as to what is...
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    HD Homerun and REV 14950

    I have an HD HomeRun which using a BDA driver, the 0.2 version of the Tuner supports this config without issue, however the 0.3 version does not every time I attempt to tune in a channel I get the error: 6/23/2007 8:41:09 AM 9 Exception :Retrieving the COM class factory for component with...
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    Upgrade to support HDTV, HDDVD & Blu-Ray

    HD Homerun, is my personal choice. ERIC
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    Using Revision:14715, can not get a EPG listing

    Ok I reinstalled today (big mistake I know that now). I have the tuners setup they found the channels that I want to be able to see, I setup 3 groups (All, OTA, and Cable). I imported the XMLTV file (I get a message 30 channels, 6237 programs, programs sorted message, at which point I click...
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    Revision 14715, HD Home Run BDA tuner not working

    Ok guessing that it had to be one of the Media Portal TV Server filters that was missing I wrote a quick batch file to unregister and re-register all the filters: regsvr32 /s /u regsvr32 /s /u regsvr32 /s /u regsvr32 /s /u regsvr32 /s...
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    Revision 14715, HD Home Run BDA tuner not working

    HD HomeRun not supported, while the HD Home Run using the BDA drivers works fine the SVN builds of the 0.2 TV plugin, it does not seem to work in the 0.3 plugin at all, while the plugin finds the BDA drivers, and locates the cards (there are 2 tuners per HD Home Run), they do not seem to tun, as...
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    Passwords to MYSQL do not accept ' as a letter, but should

    Passwords on mysql databases with the letter ' do not work through your interface, but are accepted my mysql for instance welcome: works Welcome: works We'lcome: does not work in the TV server, but does in MYSQL I assume that you are not properly escaping the password and hence the ' is...
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    MySQL - issue with database layout (case sensitive)

    Ok wrong place in the mysql.ini file should be [mysqld] not [mysql], I would edit the last post, but IE and Firefox, both wait when I press save and do nothing but the second set of steps above will work. ERIC
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    MySQL - issue with database layout (case sensitive)

    Assuming you are on Windows (as lower_case_table_names is set properly on UNIX): run the following SQL commands: SHOW GLOBAL VARIABLES where Variable_name="lower_case_table_names"; will show lower_case_table_names=1 Since we need it set too the number 2, we run UPDATE VARIABLES set...
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    Sleep/Hibernate (on wake) Tuner does not work unless done through mediaportal

    I want a shutdown option on my remote as such I setup a shutdown (works), hibernate and sleep options. They all work in that the System is placed in the correct mode, however they do not work in that the tuner will not work in media portal (works in VLC), until I restart media portal. If I use...
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    Tuner does not work upon restore from hibernate

    My tuner an HD HomeRun will not tune channels upon waking from hibernate (in fact the tuner never receives any commands at all), unless I restart Media Portal then it works fine. I assume that this means that something is not getting set properly upon hibernation. I assume that this is a...
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    Shutdown dailog conatins 4 options I only want 2

    Looked like a General support thread to me. Anyways I removed the shutdown Button and used the Programs Plugin to add shutdown and Hibernate options. Since my system does not sleep nicely and rebooting caused the network adapter to be lost (an effect of the HD HomeRun drivers it appears)...
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    Completely lost modifying a skin, hat xml file does what?

    The screen is the Search TV Guide screen it contains the text "Search TV Guide", however none of the xml screen files contain this text, I'm completely lost as a result. I have the same problem with the record TV which contains the text "Record TV", but again I can not find any of the xml files...
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    Shutdown dailog conatins 4 options I only want 2

    The shutdown dialog contains 4 option: reboot shutdown sleep hibernate My system is not setup to sleep and I do not want to reboot from this menu, so All I want is hibernate and shutdown, but I can not find any way to setup which options show up. ERIC
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    Tuning in some channels leads to loss of tuner data

    Think I found th problem cable had re-tuned the channel in question, so that Media Portal, by why of the qammapping file tried to tune a none existent channel, the next question is why this should cause the tuner data to become lost? ERIC
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    Tuning in some channels leads to loss of tuner data

    I have an HD HomeRun (QAM), mapped and it works reasonable well, I also have an XMLTV guide which matches up and work. Now the problem is that if I tune in some of the channels (and I never know which ones), I lose all the channels from Media Portal, I mean that in configure there is no longer...
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    ReVision / Replicant v1.1.8.

    Love this skin, but with the 43007 SVN release I'm getting hangups often when I hit an extra ESC char in order to go back 1 screen. Any ideas? Thanks, ERIC
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    Different backgounds 1 per XML file

    Is it possible to have many backgrounds, with 1 used on each plugin, or better yet each xml file, I ask because I'd like 1 bg for home, 1 for TV, 1 for music ..., normally it appears the background is only in 1 place the home.xml, I tried copying over that code to another xml, but it did not...
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    Modifying a Theme issues

    Thanks thats what I was afraid of. ERIC
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    Auto starting Media Portal to My TV plugin

    I want Media Portal to auto start on the My TV Plugin as this is what I use primarily, any way to do this? Thanks, ERIC
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    Modifying a Theme issues

    I'm having a very hard time trying to modify a theme, I started with "BlueTwo wide" and recolors a number of objects that went well, then I wanted to resize some text and move the location of a few objects, so I tried the MediaPortalEditor. I can open the skin in it and modify some screens, but...
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    Can not get the background to change

    Thanks that did it. ERIC
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    Is there an improved Weather plugin

    I'm looking for Weather with actual text and more data (kind of like what xoapweather does for xlobby), but I have yet see any, while highs and lows are nice I would also like to see descriptions, visibility, sunrise, sunset ... on the weather display. ERIC
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