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    Record automatically by name

    @Vasilich: thanks for your fast reply. The problem is that this requires an EPG entry to be present already to which I can hook up the recording timer. My issue is that I am waiting for broadcasts which don't yet appear on any EPG. Say I want to record "Pulp Fiction" once it surfaces anywhere...
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    Record automatically by name

    Hi all, I'm wondering if there is any plugin or built-in functionality to record broadcasts by name, no matter when or on what channel they are. In order to achieve that, the EPG would have to be scanned regularly for a user-defined set of names or fractions of names, and all matching...
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    1.14.0 Recordings import assigns wrong channels

    Hi everyone, I found a problem with MP 1.9.0 which apparently is still around with 1.13.0 and wanted to let you know about my findings. I have a DVB-S setup (Hauppauge Win-TV 5500 HVR) and the previous scan revealed a lot of TV and radio stations. The scanner appears to add the radio stations...
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