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    See DVB-T in H264

    Also I have the same problem. DVB-S2 card + Cyberlink H.264 + AnyDVD-HD. AstraHD_Promo MPEG2 is OK but AstraHD_Promo H.264 don't play (black screen). DVBViewer3.6 play H.264 channel. Also with BlurayDisk it doesn't work. It show error "Insert Disk". (PowerDVD7.3ultra play BD correctly)...
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    Help me. Hauppauge HVR-1100

    I have an Hauppauge HVR-1100 TV Tuner Hybrid (DVB-T and analog). With MP 1.3, Wizard found DVB-T and autotune search and found the channels but after, when I lounch MP, all achannels are black. With MP 2.0 RC1, Wizard found DVB-T but autotune generate an Error (no graph) and don't search...
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    Problem with Hauppauge HVR-1100

    MP 0.2 RC1, ONLY with Hauppauge Win-TV HVR-1100 (chip Conexant CX23882-19) installed. MP SETUP WIZARD ... TV-DVB-T, Scan... ERROR Exception! Detail - Continue - Exit. ************* System.NullReferenceException: Riferimento a un oggetto non impostato su un'istanza di oggetto. at...
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    MP 1.3 - All TV channel BLACK

    My HW: Pentium 4D, XP MCE 2005, SkyStar 2, Hauppauge HVR1100, MPEG2 Codec... MP Setup tune and found DVB-S channel, DVB-T channel and Analogue channel, but in MediaPortal TV all is black. (???) Can you help me?
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