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    My Movies and DVD Menu shortcuts

    I need help with the shortcuts for movies and dvds. They are working, space=pause, etc. Are there no onscreen menu buttons with the defualt player? I would like to go to the dvd menu but the d button is working under my movies playing an .iso file. any idea what i'm doing wrong.
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    Video card and TV Tuner

    Thanks, I'll start checking on them.
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    Video card and TV Tuner

    I am going to build an HTPC and am a noob at all of this. I was wondering what are some decently cheap tv and video cards out there right now that are supported by mediaportal? I am fairly confident that i will be able to build my own HTPC but it will take me some time...
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    Brand New User

    I am going to try and get an HTPC for my new house. I've never worked with any of this stuff before. I built a touchscreen juke using xlobby but that's about as far as my knowledge goes. I've tried downloading mediaportal on my regular computer p4 1gig ram amd it gets stuck on loading plugins...
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