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    Does this plugin Exist?

    Hi, Trying to find a plugin that has something like "I'm feeling Lucky" for my TV series. It would simply start playing a random show and I would like to be able to specify if it is a random unwatched or watched eppisode that I would like playing. Maybe even the ability able to narrow down by...
  2. T (YouTube music videos) (Updated 11-09-2012)

    Re: (YouTube music videos) (Updated 04-10-2011) Hi sorry I might not have been clear. I am after video streaming. Doesn't this plugin link with your last FM music play lists and then steam the video from youtube? I was after something exactly the same (pretty much just a music...
  3. T (YouTube music videos) (Updated 11-09-2012)

    Re: (YouTube music videos) (Updated 04-10-2011) Does anyone know if there is a similar plugin that works with grooveshark. Unfortunatly is not free in my country (Australia)
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    Rockstar - the ultimate online music plugin (Spotify&Grooveshark&Rdio)

    Re: Rockstar Beta 1.0.x - the ultimate online music plugin (Spotify&Grooveshark) Is it possible to have the popular (Grooveshark - Listen to Free Music Online - Internet Radio - Free MP3 Streaming) playlist loaded ? I would love to be able to just play random music and not have to setup...
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    [Plugin] Sense 0.2 Alpha (control MediaPortal using Kinect)

    Re: [Plugin] Sense 0.1.0 Alpha (control MediaPortal using Kinect) Is there a tool to calibrate the kinect with the PC? I'm finding it pretty flaky at the moment. Often it's not detecting the initial wave then when it does eventually it will get stuck scrolling up or down.
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    [Usability] Microsoft Kinect input

    Yeah but once kinect is connect I won't need to have to try figure out where my wife left the Remote!
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    [Usability] Microsoft Kinect input

    I will buy a kinect as soon as it's working with MP
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    [MOD] FusionMP (StreamedMP with Aeon elements)

    Quick question. In normal streamed MP when I have a been watching a full screen video and press back a few times the main menu will show the video in a small window and I can just press right to select the video and keep watching it in full screen. How can I do that with this mod, up...
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    PC Game lag when launched via MP

    Hey guys, i've been away for a long time, does anyone know if this is fixed yet? Would be great to be able to launch my pc games from MP
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    unable to open tuningparameters/dvbt.xml

    This has come back again. Really weird. I have tried what bartmanson suggested (even removed all countries other than Australia from the dvbt.xml file and it still cannot be opened, also tried the dvbt.xml from a friends working installation and it also didn't work.) This is becoming a real...
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    Multiple Monitor Problems

    Hey, I have the following setup Acer X243HQ (DVI) and Samsung 40" LCD TV (VGA) plugged into my HTPC (Nividia 8600GT) Both running at 1920x1080 The acer monitor is a new addition and I have set it up to clone the image (Cheap TV in the bedroom!) The problem is that on the TV now has an...
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    Standby mode Vizio 47" LCD HDTV 1080p

    Hi, Doubt this will help you but I have the same issue with my TV (samsung), however I switched from HDMI back to DVI when I changed video cards. When using DVI my TV does go to sleep.
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    Multiple Monitors

    Hi, My HTPC and TV and currently share a common wall with my bedroom. I've been thinking about running cables through the wall and putting a cheap 24" monitor in the bedroom.(+ Speakers and IR receiver) I'll set it up so that it just clones the current monitor. My question is will this work...
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    unable to open tuningparameters/dvbt.xml

    Hi Thanks, This was fixed when I updated to the latest version. (1.02)
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    Random Hanging on startup.

    Hi, Just yesterday after my HTPC froze when trying to wake, and is freezing now every second time i try to start it. I really don't know where to start troubleshooting, as it was all working very nice before. I don't know what logs to include so i'll link to all of them...
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    PC Game lag when launched via MP

    Hey, If I have MP and some of the newer PC games running I get a fair bit of FPS lag. Is it possible to have MP exit when a game is launched? I was thinking it might be possible to launch a batch file that stops MP then launches the game?
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    unable to open tuningparameters/dvbt.xml

    Did you ever find a fix for this? i'm also having this problem.
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    Hi, When browsing the games in list view if no fanart is available it would be good if the emulator image is shown. That way any holes in the fanart aren't as noticeable, also would help on the favorites screen.
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    Plugin Starts a DIR too low??

    I think you have the option enabled that views favorites first. Either add some games to your favorites or disable this option.
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    FanArt Not Displaying

    Thanks, Sorry I was using the wrong terms in the above post, it's not switch view i'm having trouble with it's Change Layout I have now deleted that file and It now rescaned all my saves, but it still not letting me change layout and still no fanart. When I do a scan is it meant to...
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    FanArt Not Displaying

    Hi Thanks for the reply, I have just deleted the database using SQL management studio Express , it hasn't fixed the problem, Weird thing is non of the data was lost, i.e. I didn't have to rescan any of my shares. I'm wondering are there other files that I would also have to delete?
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    FanArt Not Displaying

    Hi, I have two problems 1/ Ever since changing from blueWide to StreamedMP (v0.7.409) fanart has not worked. Fanart is enabled in the options but in the error logs it says cannot find fanart. I tried going back to blue3wide and it now doesn't display fanart in that either! Where would have...
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    Music Playlist

    Hi, Sorry if this is really obvious, but I want to be able to automatically load and play a particular playlist(playall) when MyMusic is selected. I couldn't see anything in the options, any help would be great. Thanks
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    Screensaver Using Pictures

    I use the windows screen saver. it kicks in when it's been idle on any of the menus
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    Does this addon / program exist?

    Hi, I'm wanting my HTPC to automatially play music, at a set volume (possibly even music videos) when idle. Pretty much work just like a screen saver, except with audio that may be able to play video files aswell. Does this exist?
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    Self Contained Web Server / Interface

    Hi, I've installed the Web Interface but the guide section isn't picking up any data. I don't use an xml file for my EPG (my EPG just worked when I installed MediaPortal) Do I need to do anything else to get the guide picking up my existing EPG data? Thanks so much for all your help.
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    Removing Menu Items

    Hi, Is there a way to remove menu items (i.e I will never use my pictures) and if possible to change the display order. Thanks!
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