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    Using Folder Name over Data Name?

    I use a program called TVRenamer. It will automatically rename all your tv episodes to the correct name. (Most times). It has a learning curve and you have to make sure that your numbered episodes are correct. For example make sure that episodes 14 is really 14. On episodes that are multi...
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    Expressions/Rules requests

    Sorry I thought the problem was in the info I supplied. Here is a screen shots. Got it working.... I changed my title to have a - example \Series\Season 01\01 - title.avi...
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    Expressions/Rules requests

    Here is my path to TV Series shows F:\Movies\TV Series\Gunsmoke\Season 01\01 - Matt Gets It.avi F:\Movies\TV Series\J.A.G.\Season 01\01 - A New Life.avi I use to use this in an older version of TV Series...
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    Click Mania plugin

    What is required to play this in PureVisionHD4.1? Thanks,
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    Web Browser - Just Grey Screen

    Same here. I just did a fresh instal on 1.1.0 final, I guess it doesnt work unless you download some dlls that are mentioned elsewhere. I never could get mine working. Gave up for now.:sorry:
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    PureVisionHD 1080

    Re: AW: PureVisionHD (16:9) Is this fixed yet. My city, still isnt right. 72450:thx:
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    Expressions/Rules requests

    Well I tried this and it worked (?<series>[^\\$]+)\\Season\s(?<season>\d+)\\(?<episode>\d+)\s(?<title>.*)\.(?<ext>.*) just removed the \\ Thanks,
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    Expressions/Rules requests

    RoChess, is this still valid, or does something need to change a bit?:D
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    Expressions/Rules requests

    Well this did work, but it doesnt now. Has something changed? My paths and filenames are the same. Thanks
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    New: Cideko Air Keyboard - Great for HTPC's ?

    Ok I tested it out just now. No matter what angle you have it at, it takes about 10 degrees to go from top of screen to bottom and about 15 to go from left to right of screen. I tried holding the remote flat, and then vertical and then a few different angles. All about the same. It works...
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    Mediaportal Popularity

    I was just looking at a couple of download site looking for R2 download and I noticed the amount of downloads from previous editions. I knew Mediaportal was popular, but this surprised me. over 52,600 downloads over 53,000 downloads cnet downloads over 27,000...
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    [News] Upcoming 1.1.0 RC2 Release

    100% no open issues. Well done team!!!!
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    How to access your MP while it's being used by the wife - Remote desktop

    I have used TightVNC for years. Free and works. Its good for those versions of Windows that dont support Remote Desktop.
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    [Usability] EPG and Channels list

    +1 Some of the options I like are like the Coolsat receivers. You can push a button and additional info comes on screen. EPG at bottom while a smaller version of the movie is playing on the screen. Movie Info, etc.... I like MP as is, but their is always room for talking about future...
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    New: Cideko Air Keyboard - Great for HTPC's ?

    The keyboard automatically shutdown quickly. I have not changed my batteries yet. So far so good.
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    can't hear mp3 sound on MP using SPDIF

    I'm thinking in the blind here since I am not using SPDIF, but I have seen an option in your Windows to have non digital use this port too. Is that checked marked? Just a thought.
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    What kind of videocard

    I have the ATI Radeon HD 4350 1Mb PCI card. It plays wonderful. It is passive cooled, has VGA Svideo, and DVI output. I use a DVI to HDMI cable. The box says it has "Built in HDMI with 7.1 surround sound and will play and plays bluerays. With Low profile bracket. Be careful, there are many...
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    New: Cideko Air Keyboard - Great for HTPC's ?

    I have had this keyboard for about 3 weeks now. Its bluetooth works find. One feature is if you dont use it for a few minutes, then it automatically shuts off. Just hit the top mouse button to reactivate it. If your good at texting on a cell phone then this will work great. Moving a...
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    PureVisionHD 1080

    Thanks, that worked perfect. There is so many post to read and search, I just couldnt find it. :thx:
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    PureVisionHD 1080

    By far my favorite skin. One question. On the infoservice config, when i uncheck "feed ticker enabled" it still has the blank box on home page. How do I get that box off of the screen? Thanks,
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    MP - ISOs won't mount

    True Ronilse, when I installed MP R1, either the default .exe name of Daemon changed or when I installed a new version of Daemon the .exe name changed.
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    PureVisionHD 1080

    Re: AW: PureVisionHD (16:9) When has that been fixed. I have the latest versions of everything. zipcode 72450 I would like to fix mine. Its a pain to be one day off.
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    MP is reading my card as a haupuage 418 when it is a 1600 please help me

    Old post,but I have same issue. Did you ever get this fixed
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    PureVisionHD 1080

    Interesting... I deleted the backup folder and tried to install again. Then it stopped because it couldn't copy thumbs.db , so then I deleted all thumbs.db and reinstalled. No errors and it works good. On installing new version skin, can the installer first delete backup folder, and...
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    PureVisionHD 1080

    I was previously running 3.7 I downloaded a few days ago, when I tried to install this new 3.7 i get this .net framework error See the end of this message for details on invoking just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog box. ************** Exception Text **************...
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    Expressions/Rules exchange

    Type: Parsing - Regex Description: Here is the path for my TV Episodes where the '01' is episode #: D:\Movies\TV Series\J.A.G\Season 10\01 A New Life.avi D:\Movies\TV Series\Man vs. Wild\Season 5\01 Baja Desert.avi D:\Movies\TV Series\Sea Patrol\Season 3\01 Catch and Release.avi Use the code...
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    Expressions/Rules requests

    Got a request. I saw some similar to this but not exactly. Any help would be appreciated. Here are a few examples of my path. D:\Movies\TV Series\J.A.G\Season 10\01 A New Life.avi the 01 is episode # D:\Movies\TV Series\Man vs. Wild\Season 5\01 Baja Desert.avi...
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    which codec or splitter do I need for TS files?

    I have read several questions about getting .ts videos to play in Mediaportal, but have not found any clear cut solutions. Sorry if I missed them Here is what I have done. Fresh XP Pro install, all windows updates. installed all requirements for mediaportal 1.1, i first tried 1.0.2 .ts...
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    which codec or splitter do I need for TS files?

    I need the same help. I can play ISO, AVI etc, but cannot play TS. I have the extension set, but cannot figure out what codecs and player setting I need. Step by step would be helpful. Thanks,
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