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    IMON support

    Irss imon mp xp sos Hello Community, I'm completely unable to get IRSS to react to either my IMON remote or my MCE Remote. I'm Running: MP V 1.1 B IRSS V 1.4.2 Test Build 3197 Win XP pro Silverstone GD01 HTPC case with integrated remote and LCD iMON manager v 7.78.1125...
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    PureVision 4:3

    The Skin looks great, thank you for all of your hard work! I am experiencing the same problem as Helios with the music menu. also, I remember earlier versions of purevision having much larger fonts, i have a small monitor on my PC and it can be difficult to read the font from across...
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    Blue3 Retro

    Font Size? I love the dark theme, Thanks for all of your hard work. now, a question: Is there a simple way to change the font sizes? What about colors? Thanks, D
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    codec guide

    1.0.2 setup help needed - no audio Thanks for creating this great resource. I have just installed MP and upgraded to version 1.0.2. I followed your codec guide as closely as possible but there apear to be a few changes to MP since the guide was written. Now that the process is finished i am...
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    Using winamp Plugin for multiple audio output?

    Multiple audio output at last! I answered my own question, but i thought i would post the solution for those who are interested: Turns out i didn't need to use winamp at all, instead I used an ASIO driver which gives you full control of all audio sources and input/outputs on your machine...
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    Using winamp Plugin for multiple audio output?

    The manual says i can use plugins from winampin MP, how is this accomplished? More specifically, i would like to use both my sound card, and USB headphones at the same time. This is possible using winamp with the multiple output plugin that is available. Is it possible to utilize this in...
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