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    WebEPG-conf.exe: No import of channels possible

    Thanks for that fix.. Where is that fixed version?:thx:
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    Skipped Frames in 1080

    Good News!! Well, I have working the nvidia decoder on MP, the problem is on the directshow config for nvidia pure video, if I check use hardware acceleration, most videos on 1080 will skip frames using MP.. if I uncheck it, then works fine using less CPU.. The problem then is every time I...
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    MusicPlayer does not play next song

    Well, thanks, then we need to wait, no xmas playlist.....:( Thanks for taking time to check it. Thanks!:thx:
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    MusicPlayer does not play next song

    hwahrmann, did you tested something with the playlist?, Interesting thing is the same playlist I can loaded form music or from videos, in both cases does the same thing. Do not goes to the next video in the play list. On the yahoo video part, if I do search whatever it found, does not...
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    MusicPlayer does not play next song

    :oops: I'm sorry by the mistake but as I was looking for this issue....and thanks for the help.. Attached is my playlist. Thanks in advance! :thx:
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    MusicPlayer does not play next song

    I'm still have the same issue, the new thing is that I can stop now the videos at any moment, but when finish does not goes to the next in the play list. Logs attached.. Thanks!!
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    Skipped Frames in 1080

    Yes, you right, this are WMV, but I did ot expressed correctly, my intention was to say that 1080 problems are only when I use MP, having the same issue with MPEG or WMV only if I use MP to play it. I'm using MP as HTPC only with the remote commander, not keyboard or mouse. Checking for...
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    Skipped Frames in 1080

    Well, about the processing power of the box yes, it can handle pretty well 1080, including without Pure Video, with the latest versions of MediaPortal 0.2.x it was working fine, basically any standard decoder like includes in Media Portal, Pure Video and FFDshow. About the problem with the...
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    Skipped Frames in 1080

    In previous versions, before RC1, I was able to play videos using 1080 with no skipping frames, but on RC3 and now on RC4 I noticed that on 720 (i and p) all videos works great, but if I move to 1080 (i or p) will skip video frames on many videos, audio is perfect. Using other players will...
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    MusicPlayer does not play next song

    Same problem here since before RC3 Last time I used playlist was on 0.2.x using it with "My Music Videos", after some version where "My Music Videos" were not included, did not worked anymore. Now my wife wanted a playlist for chrismast songs, then I having still the same issue with this RC3...
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    EPG Service and utilities

    The given key was not present in the dictionary Hi, I have already working my MP tvserver and on other computer I have access to the tvserver using MP, but I having some issues so I want to give a try to your tvserver client and I already connected to the tvserver computer but I'm receiving...
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    How to set channel numbers

    I'm using media portal as my main device on my AV config is only HTPC , HD TV and receiver with far for dvds, music, videos, and dvds sotored on hard drive media portal does it very good and stable...for tv still we have some issues, but my question is: How I can...
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    No video, black screen

    I have similar Issue, a little different This is my first post here and I want to thanks to Mediaportal Team for the project, if now is not the best media center software, will be in the future!!!. I've been using MP for about a month now, with almost 0 problems..on my old HTPC intel celeron...
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    no videp capture card

    I Have the same issue I have the same Issue, I edited the file, etc. I think is reading the xml file in other location or so. I have no way to get it working..
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