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    mouse scrolling

    There seems to have been an issue with mouse scrolling in the past 0001194: Main menu is hard to use with mouse - MediaPortal Bugtracker I've just installed V1.01 as a newbie and I'm finding the menus in MP are *very* difficult to use with mouse wheel scrolling. I use the mouse scroll...
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    A forum hiccup?

    Just trying to start a new thread in one of the support forums and I hit the 'enter' button by mistake, sending a load of garbage to the forum. Can individual members not delete their own posts? I can understand not allowing all and sundry to delete posts, but it's common practice to allow...
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    Auto-re-ordering of EPG

    Thanks, I had cleared all groups, but when I recreated a group 'lcn' they showed up fine. The manual has very little to say about LCN, might be a good idea to include something. At the moment it's a bit of an initiative test!:) I'm using V1.01.
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    Auto-re-ordering of EPG

    Hi, I'm using DVB-T tuners. Is there any easy way to re-order the channel sequence so it matches how they come up on a normal TV. My channel sequence is all over the place. I appreciate it can be done manually, but it's worth asking if there's an easier way. :)
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