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    UPnP / DLNA Media Server for MediaPortal 2

    Anyone working on an update für MP2.1? Status would be nice :)
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    Ein paar Ausblicke auf MediaPortal Version 2.1

    Alles in Allem klingt das ja sehr vielversprechend; Kompliment an alle Beteiligten ;) Vor allem darauf bin ich sehr gespannt. Suche im Moment verzweifelt nach einem DLNA Server mit vernünftiger Bibliothek (für SmartTV, FireTV usw.), da wäre MP2.1 natürlich perfekt :)
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    MediaPortal 2 Weekly snapshot (2016-08-20)

    Anything you can share with us yet @Lehmden ? It has been a month, I'm curious :)
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    MediaPortal 2 Weekly snapshot (2016-08-20)

    All I see is "it is ready ... today" ;)
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    MP2 oder doch CI+ am TV?

    Glasfaser-Internet ist halt trotzdem unschlagbar ;) Ich denke, es wird eine Kombination aus Browser-Streaming, CI+, Chromecast und MediaPortal werden ;)
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    MP2 oder doch CI+ am TV?

    Sat ist in der neuen Wohnung nicht möglich. Der ORF stellt auf DVB-T2 um, und schlatet DVB-T ab. DVB-T2 ist beim ORF verschlüsselt und nur mit CI+ verfügbar, außer ORF1 und 2 in SD. Das Basis-Kabelpaket von UPC ist am Kabel unverschlüsselt, das würde natürlich gehen. Bei dem Internetangebot, das...
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    MP2 oder doch CI+ am TV?

    Ich sehe das mit CI+ eigentlich genau wie du. Mir würde das Streaming auch reichen, hab aber noch ein paar nicht so technikaffine Mitbewohner ;) Prinzipiell nehme ich das Angebot ja auch nur wegen der Internetverbindung. Mit TV werde ich sowieso zwangsbeglückt, da es im Haus nur DVB-C gibt, und...
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    MP2 oder doch CI+ am TV?

    Hallo zusammen, ich bin schon lange Nutzer von MP2, ziehe jetzt aber in eine neue Wohnung mit Kabel. Das Problem ist folgendes: Es gibt nur Kombiangebote mit Internet per Kabel und DVB-C. So weit, so gut. Basis-DVB-C ist auch unverschlüsselt empfangbar, also kein Problem für MP. Primär suche...
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    MediaPortal 2 Weekly snapshot (2016-06-12)

    +1, having the same issue. Restarting the client fixes it, so i guess it's a client thing... Using Titanium Extended btw. I had a AV sync problem when using RefreshRateChanger I think my TV didn't pick up the correct frequency). Try disabling RefreshRateChanger (Just delete/move the folder...
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    DVBSky T982 DUAl DVB-C Tuner only one Tuner works

    Hi, sorry to dig up this old thread. @Helios61 Does this mean that both tuners are working properly, or did you only test one? I'm about to buy this card and I have to know for sure ;)
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    MP2 picture and sound sync issues

    I also had sync issues with my new TV, i figured it was because of the RefreshRateChanger plugin. Apperantly the TV didn't always set the right refresh rate. Since I disabled it (removed RefreshRateChanger folder from Team MediaPortal\MP2-Client\Plugins (in program files by default)) there are...
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    Stream from DVB receiver (because of CI+)

    Hi folks! I'm moving and may not have Sat at my new appartment. There is Cable from UPC Austria though. There is a CI+ module for HDTV, but AFAIK there is no way to use that with PC tuners, right? Now I stumbled upon a DVB-C receiver with a UPnP server...
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    MediaPortal 2 Weekly snapshot (2016-05-29)

    agree to disagree ;) I guess it would be nice as setting, since it's obviously personal taste ;) And for the record, if a can change it, I don't really care, which one is default ;)
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    MediaPortal 2 Weekly snapshot (2016-05-29)

    I think it should at least work the same on keyboard and remote. Maybe there could be multiple implementations (setting)? I really like the "starts with" logic on the keyboard, but a nice addition would be to support more than just the first letter. E.g. for movies starting with "T" it's not...
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    "No Signal" for some SAT Transponders

    I switched to the branch correct branchand applied the patch. Seems to be pretty stable. Have been using it in a multiseat setup for about a week now, no issues with any other channels, so it seems the patch does not influence anything else. So far, so good. I had one issue where i had to...
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    "No Signal" for some SAT Transponders

    Update: Looking good, I'll test a little more
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    "No Signal" for some SAT Transponders

    I finally got some time to look into it. It seems to be the same problem as in the thread you posted. I just applied the patch from that thread. Just have to wait until it's half time in the Champions League match before I can test it ;) @morpheus_xx : Which branch of the TV server (MP1) did...
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    "No Signal" for some SAT Transponders

    Did you ever try this patch? Did it work? I seem to have a similar problem...
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    TVE3: No Signal on one single transponder (DVB-S)

    Hi everyone! I have a problem watching live TV from one single transponder. It's supposed to run via MDAPI, but the problem persists with all plugins DISABLED, so something about my TV configuration must be wrong. I get "No Signal" almost every time I try to tune this channel. The weird thing...
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    Volume control - Wave / System

    I don't think there's a setting for that yet. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, I'd like that option too ;)
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    TV series organizing / TV series player

    1) You can change that in the menu (left). Just select "Filter" and organize away ;) You cannot filter by year though, that is actually an interesting feature request. 2-4) I like the autofocus stuff, maybe a dev could give his two cents? Cheers
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    Bugs and improvements (incl. themes)

    It took me a while to get used to the new system too, don't worry ;)
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    Bugs and improvements (incl. themes)

    You just have to change the filter. In the view where you see all episodes you can just set the filter to "Seasons".
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    WoW - MP2 is really stable!

    Just set it via MP2 Client -> Settings -> Server Settings -> Network Credentials. I hope I got the location right. Doing this by memory ;) That should do the trick. Someone correct me, if I'm wrong.
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    Blue Vision

    Does this apply to the player controls only or to the complete view (e.g. the running MI)? I really like how the MI is displayed in the menus, so maybe someone finds a way to show it without blocking... edit: somehow screwed up the quote tags ;)
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    Blue Vision

    The "currently playing" view blocks title and description. Maybe moving it to the right corner would be smarter. That way only not so important informations like ratings are blocked.
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    UPnP / DLNA Media Server for MediaPortal 2

    ok. just take your time ;)
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    UPnP / DLNA Media Server for MediaPortal 2

    on what branch are you rebasing?
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    UPnP / DLNA Media Server for MediaPortal 2

    Do you have a working binary already? Would love to test without struggling with building myself ;) Thanks for you effort :)
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    UPnP / DLNA Media Server for MediaPortal 2

    Can someone rebase this plugin? If it's only git merging I guess it shouldn't be a problem, should it? Maybe there were some incompatible changes, I don't know...
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    MediaPortal 2 SR'15 Update 1 snapshot (2015-07-28)

    There has been a known bug in Windows for quite some time now, I don't know if they fixed it in Win 10. Maybe it affects you: Try turning on the AVR and then reboot windows (I don't know if fast reboot suffices, so maybe shutdown and power on again). Windows sometimes has trouble detecting HDMI...
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    [Finished] Support for Mouse-Only Use

    I like this idea. Volume buttons would be nice, as well as jumping forward/backward (which can currently only be done with arrow keys AFAIK).
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    My Emulators: MediaPortal2 version

    I would love to see that plugin in MP2. I've been a heavy user in MP1 ;) For now I'm using a different setup, which does work pretty well if you use XBOX 360 controllers. The XBOX button of these controllers can launch Steam's Big Picture mode (gaming console UI), so I just added my emulated...
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    [Finished] Integrated Video Game Emulation Via LibRetro

    Hi! Sorry I took so long to answer, I didn't see your post until now. I'm afraid there is no progress since my last post, I just couldn't find the time to really start work on this.+ I think for someone who knows more about the internals of MP2 it would be pretty straight forward to...
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    How will MP 2 work in this situation....

    I don't know exactly, so please someone correct me if I'm wrong. For me it looks like the content always is streamed directly from the source. So your setup shouldn't make a problem. In my setup I have a MP2 server (TV server) without other media and my office PC with all the HDDs (amongst...
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    Great work, so close to using this daily

    +1 This can get really annoying it times. Especially since jumping the timeline via the left/right keys doesn't work if the player buttons are shown.
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    Accessing SMB shares without a user logged in on Server

    Just saw the 2015-04-03 build. Is this fix in there? If not, can I help somehow? I tried finding out via the GitHub history, but there are so many commits, I don't really know what to look for ;)
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    Accessing SMB shares without a user logged in on Server

    Great, thank you!
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    Accessing SMB shares without a user logged in on Server

    Hi! I'm trying to get media import working for network shares without a user logged in on the server. I'm using a dedicated server and multiple clients. Version: Weekly snapshot (2015-02-22) When a user is logged in on the server, everthing works as expected. MP2-Server uses the credentials of...
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    MediaPortal 2 Weekly snapshot (2015-02-22)

    I did a fresh install with TVE3 only, the tuning details are coming from a preset that comes with TVE. That's what I meant by "bug" ;)
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