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  1. wortelsoft

    MediaPortal SVN-Snapshot: 03-23-2008 05-06h - Revision:18207

    funkychicken These are development testversions where things get broken from time to time. If you dont want the least of trouble stick to the release version.
  2. wortelsoft

    PowerScheduler client and mouse inactivity

    As that's why dont' have the TV3-engine. I couldn't get the code snipped to run. I tried to add the code to a forms application and the to run it trough a button click, but got all kind of errors. I also used express editon 2008 maybe should use 2005 edition.
  3. wortelsoft

    PowerScheduler client and mouse inactivity

    Where can I find the code snipped in the mp code. Just installed c# and downloaded svn code but I'm not able to find the code.
  4. wortelsoft

    My Power Control Plug-in

    Nice plugin, I don't have a use for it at the moment but I always liked these kind of things. Please let the programmer of the mpi system now the limitations to install unistall so that it can maybe integrated in a next version.
  5. wortelsoft

    Slow 720p playback on new HTPC

    Something which also improves things sometimes is installing the latest DirectX release from MS.
  6. wortelsoft

    Slow 720p playback on new HTPC

    You could go for a AMD ati HD 2400 they have HD acceleration, only drivers and software still gives some trouble. You can get them in passively cooled low profile solutions. Think that will do.
  7. wortelsoft

    New Music Database

    WoW! J Just tried it and the speed improvement is huge! Loading my playlist now took seconds instead of hanging MP for a minute.
  8. wortelsoft

    volume button speed

    Check your keyboard repeat speed. That slows down or speeds up the volume control in a normal situation. Don't know if it works, but it's worth a try.
  9. wortelsoft

    Test application: For "lightning fast thumbnail creation"

    Tried you test app and it works brilliant, Things like this will definitly make the whole mp experience a lot smoother. (and it's such a great app allready!)
  10. wortelsoft

    WebEPG Designer tool

    James is the author of wepepg: Don't know if he also made the designer tool.
  11. wortelsoft

    Bluetooth Remotes?

    There are two pda programs mpblue nd a new one, just do a search.
  12. wortelsoft

    Single seat without networking

    I'm glad it works, next time I will make my post a bit more informative. Sometimes I forget not everybody works in the IT business :)
  13. wortelsoft

    Single seat without networking

    You can install the microsoft loopback adapter. Assign it an ip adress to get rid of the anoying limited connection message.
  14. wortelsoft

    Calling all users: Do you use MyTV in MediaPortal?

    I use the normal engine as the new tv server uses to much memory on my system. I only have 512MB and with server it uses more than that.
  15. wortelsoft

    How To: MCE Remote Keyboard in XP Home

    C:\windows\system32\dllcache Make sure that you have Windows explorer setup to show hidden and system files. It's a hidden folder, because you shouldn't normally mess with it.
  16. wortelsoft

    How To: MCE Remote Keyboard in XP Home

    Ok I see maybe you should do it in safe mode and then search for all copies of the file there will be another set in dll cache these are the ones which are copied back. Also replace those.
  17. wortelsoft

    MCE remote Vista problems

    I can confirm this behavior, if I press Live TV MCE starts.
  18. wortelsoft

    How to run WebEPG.exe from MP

    There is a wiki page: Scroll down to: Example: PC-Applications as background application
  19. wortelsoft

    How To: MCE Remote Keyboard in XP Home

    When using XP pro, you should just download the complete MS update file. It normally shouldn't mater that you have a swedish version, as it's just a driver.
  20. wortelsoft

    Mediaportal and Win XP MCE 2005

    MP runs on mce and disables it at startup. Scrambled DVB-C works with supported cards and cam. I also run MP on MCE 2005, I have disabled the MCE services to prevent them from taking up memory
  21. wortelsoft

    How to run WebEPG.exe from MP

    You could use the my programs or the new easy apps plugin:
  22. wortelsoft

    Problem with MP, MCE Remote, and Vista

    There is a problem with the remote that it crashes if the battery runs out. You need to get the batteries out for at least half an hour before replacing them.
  23. wortelsoft

    How do I get this thing working?

    I just read in another post that the with newest svn uac can be left on. So there is progress in the Vista area. Maybe I make my sytem dual boot with vista I have received the upgrade, but my htpc is a litle low on memory.
  24. wortelsoft

    How do I get this thing working?

    Well I don't think that many people are running MP on Vista yet, so support for you will be a bit limited. I'm also not sure if the developers have vista on their machines yet. I know there have been some changes to be able to support Vista. Don't know if you can make your machine dual boot...
  25. wortelsoft

    no uninstall?

    I've uninstalled various versions through "add or remove software"
  26. wortelsoft

    Simon Say

    Have to check ik out, don't know the game. Before the release I would leave out the brand logo.
  27. wortelsoft

    Calling all Hauppauge card owners

    Program crashes on my system Windows XP MCE 2005 dutch PVR 150 MCE driver: Also have a NVTV in my system
  28. wortelsoft

    New feature : CD/DVD speed control. How ?

    Great feature, very welcome not to have to use extra software for this.
  29. wortelsoft

    Use WebService between Server and Client

    XP home doesn't have IIS as an instalable option. Better sollution would be apache as the mp webinterface is already ussing that.
  30. wortelsoft

    Network Attached Storage

    I used a asus wl-hdd for my MP3's but that didn't work verry well. I think MP checks each file when it tries to display the mp3 collection with 6000+ files this was to slow on this verry slow nas device. Never used video's on this device.
  31. wortelsoft

    From FX5200 to 7600GT or GS

    The GT uses more power and therefore runs hotter. Most (all?) of the GS cards have passive cooling a few more expensive GT cards come with passive cooling.
  32. wortelsoft

    (original thread) MCE Replacement Plugin v1.0.0

    Doesn't the 64 bit versions always require driver signing?
  33. wortelsoft

    Windows Activation

    I've read just reasently that the activation fades over time. What means that the chances that you have to reactivate windows lowers over time. It's a system with points like the demerit points for the drivers license in some country's if you loose your license and you get it back you will be...
  34. wortelsoft

    My new HTPC Hardware (any suggestions?)

    A lot of Nvidia 7600GS cards have a heat pipe sollution and have enough power for a htpc. There are also passive 7600GT cards with a passive heatpipe sollution but they run much hotter. I would sugest a samsung DVD burner with sata connection for better airflow. You can use a drive speed...
  35. wortelsoft

    Disk format & Fragmentation

    As posted somewere else sometime ago:
  36. wortelsoft

    miniPC's for the Client-Side?

    THe pundit PH1 would be fine to run MP. But that system still has fans.
  37. wortelsoft

    miniPC's for the Client-Side?

    You still have the problem of the DX9 interface. Most of these pc's have very low power vga "cards". But I think many people would like to have something like this.
  38. wortelsoft

    Doubling the main workstation as HTPC

    If that's is possible then there is no problem at all
  39. wortelsoft

    Control my settop box via serial interface?

    Here's a plugin for serial control:
  40. wortelsoft

    Doubling the main workstation as HTPC

    Problem with that is that your start menu is only displayed on the primary monitor.
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