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    Aww, they changed something again. Kaikki ohjelmat: Error loading sub-categories
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    Hi, Getting error "URL address missing" with all videos I tried
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    Now, as I look more closely at this, it could be related to number of episodes. It seems to be limited to 20. You actually fixed this "next page" problem in April 2017 (see post #64 in this thread), but maybe they changed something (or more duct-tape is needed) . Some examples (in kaikki...
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    Hi, does not list the newest videos. The latest episodes are a couple of weeks old.
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    Yes, you're right.. and that was fast, thank you!
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    Error loading sub-categories :unsure:
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    TBS: CI/CAM support and other improvements

    Hi, How I can get the most recent source code for my MP2 patch? I figured out so far that the SlimTV3 libraries TvLibrary.dll and TvLibrary.Interfaces.dll sources comes from MP1 repository. MP1 GIT master branch seems to miss some major classes (IntegrationProviderHelper at least). So do I need...
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    Thank you Paul for a quick fix! Our family use only "kaikki ohjelmat" a to z and it seems to work fine now :)
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    Aww.. damn. But you like challenges, right? :D Hope you find the time to check whether it still can be repaired
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    Hi, Ruutu worked perfectly for long time. Just few days ago "error loading subcategories" appeared and nothing can't be played or listed anymore. Maybe they changed ruutu site, because logs show "Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel" error? onlinevideos.log:
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    Netflix for OnlineVideos

    Finally I found some time to test netflix. Thank you Paul, it is working fine and loading speed seems to be as fast as it was before (at least)! Lähetetty minun SM-G900F laitteesta Tapatalkilla
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    Yleareena do have some non-geoblocked content. See -> Ohjelmat ja Kanavat -> Katsottavissa Ulkomailla. For example this is: Roope Eronen | Suomalaisia sarjakuvataiteilijoita And thanks a lot for fixing "kausi" problem!!!
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    One more to your todolist :D: Last episodes of some longer series are missing, because all seasons are in the same (and every) season folder. There seems to be some limitation of episodes in one folder
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    Sorry to tell, but there seems to be some broken videos right now For i.e log for: Kaikki Ohjelmat -> EFGH -> Hyvät ja huonot uutiset -> Kausi 10 -> 7 - Karin valmentaja: (second last item) [03-08 14:07:55,401] [OnlineVideos] [INFO ] Looking for dynamic categories for site '' [03-08...
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    So this is broken until someone will have time to check if the login feature can be implemented
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    Yle Areena

    Hi, There seems to be a problem: All subcategories are empty
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    Thanks! It seems to be working fine now
  18. M is broken: Ohjemat -> Error getting dynamic categories Kaikki ohjelmat/EFG/Gladiaattorit Kausi 1 -> Videos not found
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    TBS: CI/CAM support and other improvements

    Hi guys, It seems that patch is still needed for the latest MediaPortal 2.1.1 Release. Could you please provide the updated patch
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    The future of my onlinevideos sites and me...

    Thank you very very much!!! Good luck for the future :)
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    Yle Areena

    Thank you! Subtitle issues +1 Lähetetty minun SM-G900F laitteesta Tapatalkilla
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    Netflix for OnlineVideos

    This seems to be broken. Logs show "login failed" when trying to play any episode. If spinner is disabled login screen is shown until BrowserHostWaitTimeout runs out. Then it returns back to gui.
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    Yle Areena

    Hi, Thank you! It is working fine also here. Te3hpurp: Sorry I didn't have time earlier to confirm, but yes I also noticed that bootstrap error.
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    Tested at this morning and yes it is working now. Lapset and a lot of stuff in ruutu(+) are under DRM so they aren't playable. Thank you very very much (for that rainy day :D)! Also thanks for fixing a tall listing of episodes. All 56 episodes of Poliisit are listed and playable so...
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    There seems to be a problem :(. If I choose any show jumps to [series name]\Sinua saattaisi kiinnostaa. Episodes or seasons aren't shown. I tried to open one of those "you might be interested" shows, but only got exception. Log attached
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    Oh yes, now its working again and up to 30 episodes can be viewed :). Wife is already quite happy (and so am I and maybe others too). She is still wondering (aren't them ever completely satisfied?) can she see those missing 26 episodes of (for example) that "poliisit" series (i.e season 3)...
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    No I did not. Compiled OV and MP were downloaded from here. Yes, recent logs attached. For me all series failed to list videos, but in this log I tested "poliisit". "Ohjelmat"->"Kotimaiset"->"Poliisit".
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    Hmm... Now I can't see any episodes or seasons. Maybe some glue is needed too :) I'm using MP 1.16 and OV Lähetetty minun SM-G900F laitteesta Tapatalkilla
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    My wife is watching some series where one season could have 56 episodes so yes you could make her really happy (or angry) [emoji38] Lähetetty minun SM-G900F laitteesta Tapatalkilla
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    Hi, My wife noticed lately that lists only first 12 videos for every titles / seasons.
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    [solved] OnlineVideos 2.3.0 with Mediaportal 1.16 Pre is crashing

    I have net 4.6.2 installed, but this problem still exists.
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    Yle Areena

    Hi Ministerk, Did you get a chance to look into this?
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    Thanks for very fast repair! It is working fine now :)
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    Hi, there is problems with ruutu again: "Error getting dynamic categories" when trying to open any category.
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    Netflix for OnlineVideos

    And here in Finland
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    Yle Areena

    Sub-categories are not parsed anymore:
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    Netflix for OnlineVideos

    I have just the same issue here. My wife told that she watched Netflix last in wednesday and it worked fine then. I have double checked log in credentials, tried to disable the spinner, increased timeout and enabled debug logging. Onlinevideos debug log isn't created so just the general log file...
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    Wow, It was fast and accurate! Just watched two shows and it is working fine now.
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    Thanks!!! I don't mind :) Happy new year!
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