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    *OLD* InfoService v1.74 - Feed reader/Twitter reader [24-12-2015]

    No weather info available from InfoService anymore?
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    Drive Free Space Plugin

    MP 1.2.3 just tells me this is an incompatible plugin :(
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    Operating System Windows 7 & half fullscreen

    Very interesting! I might try this. How did you determine which wires were associated to which pins though?
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    IMDb+ Scraper (Force English title, Auto-Rename titles to group, and more) v3.1.7

    Re: IMDb+ Scraper (short/long summary, imdb/RT score, US/UK rating, and more) Would love to try this scraper but the note above really throws me off. I have to re-scan all of my existing imported movies? That means I'll lose any custom changes, which would really suck. Is there a better...
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    No weather on home screen

    Just upgraded from MP 1.0.2 and an old version of Xfactor to MP 1.1.2 and XFactor r683. On MP 1.0.2 my home screen used to have weather info laid out across the bottom like this: Now on MP 1.1.2 and XFactor r683 there is no weather info at the bottom of the home screen: I have...
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    MediaPortal resizes when screen turned off

    Same issue here. Although something similar happens with W7MC on my system as well. ATI Radeon HD 3470 here.
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    Missing Media Portal configuration icon :-(

    Thanks! Same problem here on Windows 7 x64 and found this thread with your solution which worked like a charm!
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    Changing hard drive

    I replaced my drive from a 1TB to a 2TB, kept the same drive letter (E:) and now when I run MovingPictures it's attempting to re-load all the movie info :( Is there an easy way to just update the MovingPictures SQLite DB3 file. Do I simply update the volume_serial field in the local_media table?
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    How to access your MP while it's being used by the wife - Remote desktop

    Here is a Universal Terminal Services patcher that I have used on Vista and Windows7 (32 & 64 bits). Works great: TCP-Z, Best TCP/IP Patch: Universal Termsrv.dll Patch V1.0b Build 20090425 Release
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    Operating System WXP or Vista or Windows 7 (x86 or x64)

    True, and understandable. However, 32-bit applications run great on 7 x64. I have 7 x64 on my other machines and all my 32-bit applications run great. In fact, I'm writing this reply in a 32-bit version of Firefox on 7 x64. My question was: does MP run better on a 32-bit OS or does it run...
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    Operating System WXP or Vista or Windows 7 (x86 or x64)

    Curious why all the devs are saying to go with Win7 x86. Why not x64 if my hardware is 64-bit and I have more than 3GB or RAM? Are there performance issues with running MP on 7 x64? Is it possible for me to build MP as a 64-bit application (of course that would mean building all the plugins...
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    Operating System Windows 7: 32bit or 64bit?

    Thinking of upgrading my HTPC which is currently running Vista x86 to Windows 7. Can't decide whether I should go with x86 or x64 version of Windows 7. MP is a 32-bit application, so will it run better on a 32-bit OS? Why can't I compile MP as a 64-bit application myself using VS2008?
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    Playing problems in RC1: TV, radio, AVI, DXVA

    I'm having some problems playing some MKVs on an Acer Aspire netbook using MP 1.1.0 RC1. I'm running Windows7 x64, latest Haali Media Splitter, latest SVN MPCVideoDecoder, and AC3Filter. This file plays fine on MPC-HC using external filters but all I get is a black screen in MP. The graph...
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    IMDb Scraper with RottenTomatoes rating (check end of thread for final versions)

    Re: IMDb Scraper with RottenTomatoes rating v1.4.4 I really like the idea of putting both the RT and IMDB scores in the summary! That would be great, thanks!
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    IMDb Scraper with RottenTomatoes rating (check end of thread for final versions)

    Re: IMDb Scraper with RottenTomatoes rating v1.4.4 So does this show both the IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes score on the UI? Or does one have to choose which score to use from MovingPictures configuration?
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    Screenshots of upcomming Moving Picture 1.0 support

    Hi cul8er, I'm very curious to see how the MovingPictures fanart list view is coming along for the 1.0 release. I only use the list view and have my MovingPictures plugin configured to play the movie when I click it, instead of displaying movie details. I'm referring to this view. Do you...
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    About the X-Factor Skin (R479)

    Cool, I would love to see the screenshots, but the link doesn't work :)
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    Pop-up error message generated for certain MKV files with UTF-8 subtitles

    You have to choose the MPC-HC subtitle engine under Videos -> Subtitle tab. The error should then disappear on 1.1, I'm certain. This is why I will not make a patch for 1.0.2 or older versions. Everyone should update to 1.1, especially since the RC1 release is coming up soon.
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    Pop-up error message generated for certain MKV files with UTF-8 subtitles

    Nope, 1.1 fixes this issue. Please update to 1.1
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    Working Free US EPG

    It's not created, you have to download it from here:*checkout*/xmltv/xmltv/xmltv.dtd Everyone should read the MediaPortal how-to on the mc2xml FAQ: mc2xml
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    About the X-Factor Skin (R479)

    Just installed R396 and I gotta say the improvements are phenomenal (coming from R240). I love this skin and it gets better with every release! Thanks cul8er and keep up the awesome work!
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    My proposals for improval the Skin

    Pressing ESC does exactly the same thing as pressing the MCE or Start button on the Windows remote. We're all talking about the same issue here.
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    Duplicate movies

    So there's no immediate work-around for this issue? I just moved my movies from one drive to another and kept the same drive letter and now all of my movies are being duplicated and re-scanned :(
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    Feature Requests & Bug Reports

    +1 I use the large thumbs view in X-factor because I don't like the list view, but I used to love the list view of StreamedMP.
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    A decoder for the new track could not be found. track type: SRT/UTF8

    This patch is no longer necessary. If you upgrade to 1.1.0 then you will get completely different subtitle code that eliminates this error.
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    About the X-Factor Skin (R479)

    I am also running at 1920x1080 to my plasma and I don't have any text/font overlapping issues. ysmp, it must be something related to your graphics processor/driver chain. Which graphics card and driver are you using? Just for reference I have an ATI Radeon HD 3470 running Catalyst 9.5...
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    About the X-Factor Skin (R479)

    There are 3 different styles of menus incorporated in this release and is selectable at runtime from within MediaPortal itself. So you can opt for the older style menu. Go to Plugins -> XfactorMenuSelector and change the menu style to your liking. See this YouTube video that demonstrates this...
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    About the X-Factor Skin (R479)

    Hi cul8er, You should really update your first post to say that this R240 release must be used with 1.1.0. There are several issues with using this skin with 1.0.2. In addition to the ones reported previously, see the attachment for another issue with R240 and 1.0.2 (PLAY.CURRENT.YEAR not...
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    SysInfo (MP dashboard)

    I recently installed SysInfo and after that if I leave MP running for a long period of time I'm unable to play movies anymore and see the following error in logs: 2009-08-09 13:37:41.763013 [ERROR][MPMain]: VideoPlayer9:exception while creating DShow graph Creating an instance of the COM...
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    Exception when trying to watch a movie after a while..log included

    Same problem here ever since I installed the MP Dashboard plugin (SysInfo)! It seems like it is leaking memory (handles).
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    About the X-Factor Skin (R479)

    I re-used the logo support section from XFactor R225 and put that in videoOSD.xml. I am using 1.0.2 as it says to do in your first post :D I guess you should change that to say MP 1.1.0:
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    About the X-Factor Skin (R479)

    UPDATE: Attached is a fix for the logo issue on the OSD during video playback. Just replace file videoOSD.xml in your MediaPortal\skin\XFactor with the one attached here.
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    About the X-Factor Skin (R479)

    Yup, I resolved it by putting entries in menu 6. The error message is mis-leading. I have the same issue, in fact even while playing videos (e.g. through MovingPictures).
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    About the X-Factor Skin (R479)

    I get the error attached when I try to save my menu configuration. This is with the version from the RAR file as I did not install using the MPI, not sure if that makes a difference. Any ideas?
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    About the X-Factor Skin (R479)

    Awesome, thanks! I guess the mistake I made is that I never hit Save in the configuration tool. I would suggest you add the above to the release notes in your first post so people don't ask again and so people understand how to Save their changes. It seems like MovingPictures 0.8.0 is...
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    About the X-Factor Skin (R479)

    Good job, just a couple of questions about the new skin: - Does the menu configuration tool load the current basichome.xml file and allow updates to it, rather than having to rebuild basichome every time if I just decide to add a single sub-menu item? - Does this new skin support all of the...
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    ORIGINAL THREAD (OLD): About the X-Factor Skin

    Just watched the YouTube video and I must say that is simply AMAZING!!! The ability to change the menu layout from within MP is absolutely brilliant! Thank you, thank you, thank you! X-Factor is coming along to be the absolute best skin for MP. I went from XFace to StreamedMP and now to...
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    ORIGINAL THREAD (OLD): About the X-Factor Skin

    I really much preferred the old basic home screen look, the one where the current menu item picture would get replaced with a vertical list of sub-choices. I don't like this new look over horizontal sub-choices :( How hard would it be for me to change it to the old style myself every time...
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    MCE remote button 1 weird behavior

    TV-Server Version: 1.0.2 MediaPortal Version: 1.0.2 MediaPortal Skin: StreamedMP Windows Version: Windows Vista CPU Type: AMD X2 6400+ HDD: WD SE16 500GB, Samsung SpinPoint 1TB Memory: 2GB DDR2 800 Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-MA69GM-S2H Video Card: ATI Radeon HD 3470 Video Card Driver: Catalyst 9.5...
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    Error in Weather

    Which SVN was this fixed in? Any chance a patch file can be posted for users who want to build their own DLL? Thanks Never mind: I figured out what needs to change in the URL request.
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