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    Calling all MP New Zealanders (Both of you!!)

    XMLTV I have this - whenever there is a problem retrieving the new TV guide. I use XMLTV NZ also. I use MP config and in the TVGuide sectionI hit delete tv guide (not sure of wording as I am at work now) Then in the XMLTV folder I delete the cache folder (in fact my batch file for getting...
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    other skins broke after installing Replicant

    try disabling my lyrics _ i had the same problem and that fixed it for me
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    ReVision / Replicant v1.1.8.

    awesome progress - have been fiddling with layout in TV home and OSds as it was a bit frustrating. Hope to now be able to go back to your versions. I really liked the original colours about v0.2.0 so hopefully we are back on track Thanks Psycho!!
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    Make a donation to MediaPortal

    Done $20 - keep up the great work guys
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    Green variant

    yAY!! Glenn been watching this thread for a few days now. Set this up tonight and -Wow it looks awesome. Thanks for all of your hard work.
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    Almost ready to build HTPC - Input anyone?

    If you get one with 60mm fans then be sure to swap them for Acoustic fans from or the noise will drive you nuts - easy and cheap to swap and then all is sweet
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    Calling all MP New Zealanders (Both of you!!)

    Snarlyboy I am in Auckland with SKY digital and MP - for about a year now. I use the Logitec Harmony 680 which is a learning remote (buy from ebay US as it works out MUCH cheaper) I also use the USBUIRT to change channel on my sky PACE decoder -works flawlessly after much work. Happy to...
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    Calling all MP New Zealanders (Both of you!!)

    All of the available settings are in a text file supplied with XMLTVNZ the file is called xmlTVNZ Tags and describes everything including how to set the # of days to fetch.
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    3DMP - Blue version Beta1

    this is easily the best MP skin yet. I have been using beta 1 since it was posted but we all want to know WHEN CAN WE PLAY WITH BETA2 we LOVE this skin SOOOO MUCH thanks for the hard work we really need talented people like you!! you ROCK Vanessa!!!
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    MP 2.0 MyTV No Signal - picture freeze

    For me removing the option Use Exclusive DirectX solved a similar problem - worth a try . I also used NVIDIA codec and swapped to the Descaler as they helped reduce crashes. Now MP only crashes very occasionally. I run an SVN just prior to 0.2 but would suggest you try these test for yourself.
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    Donate to Mediaportal team

    Thanks Guys Just made my donation - I intend to add more over time also. The last few weeks have made such a change in terms of stability and I could not live without MP now that is isn't crashing ;) Thanks again for all your hard work - I knew you would get there eventually and it was worth...
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    Calling all MP New Zealanders (Both of you!!)

    Is it just me but the wheather for Auckland isn't working anymore?
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    3DMP - Blue version Beta1

    This skin rocks! When do you think we can get the next Beta version? Keen to see all of your hard work :) Thanks so much for this Vanessa
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    Who's gonna win the World Cup?

    EN - GER - LAND
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    MP themed DVD menus

    awesome great work can't wait to play :)
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    RC3 - choppy livetv / no signal / on dvb - thread restart

    so far so good too early to say as I don't get no signal everyday. When I got home tonight I saw the SVN update and went into overdrive. Installed before doing anything else. Watched TV all evening - no problems so far. Everything else seems to still be working so if you have this...
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    RC3 - choppy livetv / no signal / on dvb - thread restart

    If only I could get this sorted my HTPC would be finished So my contribution 1. Card Name: Hauppage PVR350 2. Card Type: 3. Country: New Zealand 4. If you restart MP does the signal come back? (Y/N) Y 5. If you change channel does the signal come back? (Y/N) No 6. Do you require a...
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    No signal detection system

    Me too I record all programs and get no signal also. I don't think it is blank screen as all my channels have a DOG (digital onscreen graphic) I use pvr-350 fx5200 winxp/sp2 0.2 rc4 I can also add that If I do ctrl+alt+del then go to task manager, usually the sound comes back on and if...
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    My Music - need your thoughts on how to improve and enhance

    me too - thanks SteveV once again you rock. Solved all my problems with USBUIRT now myMusic, any chance you might start work on myTV and help get that straightened out? Just kiddin, but thanks again!
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    Reasons why i don't use Mp anymore

    esperado Post Removed
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    MediaPortal Community Frappr Map

    First Kiwi Yay I got there before anyone else in NZ - wahoo!!
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    Fix for no signal (cable:False)

    Mr Hipp What type of video card do you have? This has been driving me nuts and nearly caused divorce once or twice ;) It was all working so well for so long...that'll teach me to do daily updates ;)
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    Remove deleted items from tv database option

    I find that I record many programs and after a while MP slows down and struggles. At the moment I am having problems with no signal and this appears to be that MP is working too hard to keep up. Anyway, I have recordings that I have watched but want to keep so I can use cleanup - delete...
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    My Music - need your thoughts on how to improve and enhance

    Tester over her Hi Steve Good to see you still committed to developing MP and glad USBUIRT didn't put you off ;) I', off to the UK for a few weeks over Christmas but happy to test for you when I'm back. Cheers and thanks for the effort Geezer
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    Using only LCD/VFD to control MP?

    I have the Silverstone LC10M case which has the CFD built in it uses the soundgraph imon VFD and remote solution but I use a different remote and USBUIRT to control MP because the iMon remote was very weak. WAF factor is a bit err well she'll use it for music but not radio as I said you...
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    Using only LCD/VFD to control MP?

    VFD nav if you also run the mykeys plugin you can jump directly to myMusic which makes nav vi aVFD really easy I use it for music a fair amount although radio is a bit more tricky as you cannot set a default view which would be useful otherwise I definately recommend it
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    0.2RC2 ?

    rc2 with cvs 13-11-2005 :) Wow guys what can I say. After moving to .net 2 I was struggling with CVS downloads to get a stable app for a few days, but I carried on and today I got the last CVS for 13 nov Now everthing is super smooth. The great work By SteveV on USBUIRT have allowed me...
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    .net 2 cvs 7-11-2005 myTV

    Just some feedback and one problem I noticed today plus one I keep forgetting to mention. New problem in cvs 7-11-2005 Changing channels is not working as before. Ch + and Ch – work but choosing a channel from the TV guide changes my sat box (via USBUIRT)but the tv freezes and I have to...
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    0.2RC2 ?

    If you're really keen try the CVS I am running one from 11-02-2005 and it is awesome -but make sure you have a backup as it may just be good on my config Otherwise the progress looks stunning to me.
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    has timeshifting stopped in latest build 10-29-2005-23-32?

    mediaportal-cvs-10-29-2005--23-32.rar anyone else got this problem or just me?
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    Would Like to Start Working on USBUIRT Fix: Where Do I Start

    Happy to help test Well it doesn't matter now about using old version as I have the latest working :) Sorry I copy and pasted ref to wrong cvs I am using mediaportal-cvs-10-29-2005--19-22.rar I notice that the UIRT setup screen has good control for additional functions maybe you...
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    Would Like to Start Working on USBUIRT Fix: Where Do I Start

    update Ok so actually a quick reboot and tv plays find so I can stay on that CVS and carry on testing - must have been related to girder. However, I kind of miss a few things so maybe you can help hard to live without ch up and ch down vol up down and mute zoom / aspect number keys for...
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    Would Like to Start Working on USBUIRT Fix: Where Do I Start

    Hi steve tried this with the latest CVS mediaportal-cvs-06-10-2005--01-17.rar and it didn't work :( but unzipped config and it works a treat :lol: Unfortunately MP is now not working at all well for me - tv is now totally unwatchable and pixelated so i'll have to roll back which suck...
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    HTPC case: Silverstone LC10 or LC10M

    LC10M owner I have just got a LC10m and it rocks the remote is a little weak to be fair but the case is awsome. The VFD is greate and with the plugin works really well in MediaPortal. That said I have ha dmine for 3 weeks and I still have a burning desire to get the Logitech Harmony 680 remote...
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    Stability Release

    just my opinion no offence intended I was one of the many people who offered to help test and then didn't go through with it. Why? you ask Because I can't be bothered? NO Because I don't have time? NO Because it was too hard? NO Because you asked for testers to help make a stable rock...
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    A small beef...

    ahmen To that brother
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    Calling all MP New Zealanders (Both of you!!)

    another jafa for the group I have been using MP for a few months now and most of the time I love it. Other times I cry into my beer. I use XMLTVNZ also and it is fairly reliable. I keep asking the author for the code but no joy. Sometimes when it stops working I get the urge to write my own...
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    Visions of the future in 1950 - Home Computer in 2004

    we have this on the wall at work common opinion is that the wheel is for adjusting the monitor ;)
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    problem with wincvs / tortoise cvs

    thanks mpod never had a succesful download so I assumed I was in the wrong
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    problem with wincvs / tortoise cvs

    is it me - or am I doomed never to see the code :) Seems to be offline still - I waited 24 hours (well nearly) any one had any luck yet?
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