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    [Question] How to view my Movies/TV show in WebMediaPortal

    Ok that's what I thought. I'm already using XBMC, all my movies/tv shows/music are on a NAS and i'm using a mysql database to keep track of all this. I don't want to add another client. I would have to update everything twice basically IE: movies, tv shows.. etc... But thanks for the reply!
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    [Question] How to view my Movies/TV show in WebMediaPortal

    I think it won't work because I'm only using MediaPortal tv-server. I'm not using the MediaPortal client, it's not installed on my HTPC, and i think you can't install MP-TV series or moving pictures without the client from what i understand. Is there a way to install these plugins without the...
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    [Question] How to view my Movies/TV show in WebMediaPortal

    Hello everyone, my question might seem stupid, but I wasn't able to find any information about this. My Setup : I'm using XBMC as my client on my HTPC. Only using MediaPortal server + WebMediaPortal for view live tv and recordings from the web. I can say that my setup works perfectly. I can...
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    Solved SingleSeat environment - Problems with windows mp extended services - after rebooting machine

    Are you using XMBC as the client on the same box by any chance? The thing is that WebPortal is using port 8080, and if you want to control XBMC with a remote app (like constellation), the xbmc webserver is also using port 8080 by default. In xbmc in system : settings > services > webserver ...
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