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    Support for a site request thread

    Hi, Is it possible to add support for: Ole
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    1.15.0 Skin: defaultwideHD - myhome.xml error

    MediaPortal Version: 1.14.0 Description Hi, When I return to the main page I get an error written across the page. See image. There is an error in the mediaportal log with "The method or operation is not implemented." PS: You cannot choose version 1.15.0 here in the bug tracker :-) Steps...
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    [New Plugin] MPRemote S - iPhone Remote Control Plugin

    Hi, I have been using your app for a couple of years with great success, but now I am facing a problem. The app will not start-up on my iphone. I get the splash screen for approx. 30 sec. and then it disappears and shows the normal background screen (with my apps on). The app is still running...
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    WorldWeather Lite

    Is it possible to rename the plugin name on the home screen from the English "Weather" to local language? Like it is in World weather.
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    Does work?

    Great, Works again. Thanks a lot Pilehave.
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    Does work? is not working. See attached logs for error. OV ver 2.00 IPTV filter ver. 2.1.10 OleDK
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    Danish epg ripper

    Der er ikke nogen channels-tv.xml i zip-filen.
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    Does work?

    More Info on the API here: I hope somebody will be able to find a solution.
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    I can confirm that it fixes the problem with MP 1.6 and Eventghost. Thanks.
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    I have encounted the same problem after upgrading to 1.6. EventGhost is not working with the message plugin, and I cannot get it to Work with EvenGoshtplus either. Sebastiii I tried you mod above, but it seems not to make any difference.
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    MP 1.5 freezes after hibernation

    That one is empty.
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    MP 1.5 freezes after hibernation

    I am in doubt where to look for this. In the PS set-up in TV-server config I do not have any commands on the advanced tab "run command on system power change".
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    MP 1.5 freezes after hibernation

    Hi, Ever since I upgraded to WIN 8.1 my MP system freezes (not responding) when waking-up from hibernation. My system is client and server on the same PC. Any ideas what causes the freeze?
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    Cannot select network drive in win8

    I found a solution in an other threat. It had to do with mixed rights between user and adminstrator. Fix was a regedit.
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    Cannot select network drive in win8

    I have recently upgraded from xp to win8, and after this upgrade I cannot select the drives I have on my Network storage drives. I have attached a screendump, with the result from file Explorer to the right where you see drive letters for the Network drives, and the Moving Picture dialog to the...
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    [MOD] Worldweather skinfiles for Titan! (24/06/2013)

    It is not available in Default Wide either. The skin files are in the right folders. Which file controls what is in the classic menu scroll bar?
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    [MOD] Worldweather skinfiles for Titan! (24/06/2013)

    How do I get world weather to work (it is not showing in the scroll home menu) with Titan in classic view? WW is enabled, it is shown in plugin\home\configuration\menu setup I am running 1.3.0RC Logs attached.
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    Danish epg ripper

    I am also a frequent user.
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    Cannot play DVD

    Both Videos and Play disc are enabled.
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    Cannot play DVD

    MediaPortal Version: 1.2.3 Description Hi, I am not able to play DVDs. Neither from play disc, nor from the video menu. I can see that there is an error in the error.log file. It is in Danish. This translates to "Object reference not set to an instance of an object)". Video...
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    [Approved] DVB-C tuning details: Denmark: Stofa Sønderborg

    Here is my tuning file for Stofa (formerly Antennen) in Sønderborg, Denmark.
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    only 30 movies shows up

    Hi, I had a similar issue lately, and found out that there was a checkbox in the MovingPicture configuration that told it to only show new or recently added or something like that. Removing this check-mark got all movies back. It could also be that you have some filter setting to show only...
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    Avalon Bug Reports & Issues

    Re: Play disc not taking focus Hi, I have a problem with the menu item "play disc" in Avalon 1.0. If I select play disc from the home screen or insert a dvd and it automatically brings up the play dialog, the menu is not in focus and moving up and down changes the menu on the home screen...
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    MediaPortal hangs

    Hi, I had a similar problem after I upgraded to 1.2.2, and it helped to repair the TVserver database as shown in below link: I went back to 1.2.1 and have not had the problem since. OleDK
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    WorldWeather plugin v1.10.0 for MediaPortal 1.3.0 and higher

    Re: WorldWeather plugin v0.2.5 for MediaPortal v1.2.0 or higher Great that we so fast got an alternative weather solution. I have noticed a few items that do not get translated (into Danish): - Fog - String id="389" - Moonphase - String id=not found - Day abbreviations, like Wed, Thu...
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    No signal when tunning to HDHomerun

    My mistake. I had the frequency scaled wrong with a factor of 1000. With the right frequencies in the tunning file it works like a charm.
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    No signal when tunning to HDHomerun

    Thank you for the feedback. It did unfortunately not solve the problem. I will try to ask in HDHomeruns forums to see if they have a solution.
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    No signal when tunning to HDHomerun

    Hi, I just bought a HDHomerun tuner, and working on setting it up with MP. I can tune channels with the HDHomerun SW, and also watch the channels with their QuickTV. I get access to 42 channels, and have used the HDHomerun SW to give me the frequencies, QAM, and Symbolrate for the DVB-C...
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    Importer Stuck

    I have been using the plug-in for 1-2 months. I removed the Danish character from the file paths (not the filenames), but this did not have an effect. I then removed the database, and started all over again, and it now seems to work. Now I just have to redo a lot of work to get it back to...
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    Importer Stuck

    Hi, I have a problem with the moving pictures plug-in. Everytime I try to start the plug-in configuration and it runs a scan it gets stuck in the import section. There are some sql errors in the log-file. Do not know what they mean. I have attached a screen dump, and a log-file from...
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    CLR Skin (Version 1.3 Released) - 1.4 for MP1.2 Beta is available!!!

    Re: CLR Skin (Version 1.1 Released) Hi, I cannot get to the topline menu when I am in the radio section. I assume this is where I can set if I like small or large icons etc. for each station. One of the menus in the topline (that I cannot reach) is called music setting. What is this...
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    No TVguide with mc2xml (after update MP1.1.1)

    Re: No TVguide after update MP1.1.1 Hi, I am experincing the same today. Upgraded maybe 1 week ago to If I try to force an import in XmlTv it hang with the text "tvguide.xml already importing ..." (have tried to leave it for at least 30min without progress, I can move to other...
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    [no Bug] MP crashes when playing web radio

    I believe I found the root-cause to the problem. It is a visualization used in music (PictureViz_II from MicroSoft), so do not use this.
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    [no Bug] MP crashes when playing web radio

    MP crashes almost everytime (9 out of 10 or more) I try to play a web radio station after 5-10 sec of music. Here is an example of a radio station that makes MP crash: DR Hit I have tried with several channels from with the same result. Logs are attached.
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    MyVolume Plugin

    Hi, Sounds like an interesting plug-in. I have one problem: I cannot install the plug-in. When I try, using mpiinstaller it reports: This is an old format file. Trying to install myvolume 1.0.4. MP is 1.1.0 RC2. What can I do?
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    [fixed] Cannot play live2-0.ts.tsbuffer

    The problem was that MP has a frequency offset for Danish DVB-T channels of 125, and this should be 0.
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    [fixed] Cannot play live2-0.ts.tsbuffer

    MediaPortal Version: 1.1.0 RC1 MediaPortal Skin: Blue3 Wide Windows Version: XP with SP3 CPU Type: Intel Celeron 2.66GHz HDD: Samsung 250GB Memory: 1GB Motherboard: ASUS Video Card: ATI HD 4600 Video Card Driver: 8.62-090520m1-082154E-ATI Sound Card: Creative SB Audigy 4 Sound Card...
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    Danes ... Help

    See also this thread: Click here
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    Living in Denmark, going digital

    My experience Hi mfalk, I assume the three channels you are satisfied with are DR1, DR2, and TV2. They are also transmitted digitally via air (for free). So you should be able to use your existing antenna to recieve also the digital channels (see Digi TV for further details). I am using a...
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    Cannot launch TV server config

    I reinstalled TVserver and the problem went away ??
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