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    Adding icons

    Are you using 5 as label? To fix alignment problems pay attention to to the position of the icons next to it. X position will match the icon above or below, y will match those side by side. Also pay attention to "align" left, right, center. Did you edit your ORIGINAL xml? It's alignments...
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    Adding icons

    Did you delete your cache? Mp needs to recreate to include new/changed graphics.
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    BasicHome Editing Chart

    Whatever, but I would be clueless without it. I think "the skin specific" part is the icon graphics but I thought, but I'm stupid, that the hyperlinks and label codes were cross platform.
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    BasicHome Editing Chart

    Agreed but I don't think I have such permissions. Maybe one of the Mods will. It certainly is an important clue. Another obscure piece of info is the Play DVD hyperlink is 3001.
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    BasicHome Editing Chart

    This chart, found in the Black & White 1080 thread, is a must for modifying basichome.xml . Thought I'd try to make it more discoverable. Edit: Another obscure piece of info is the Play DVD hyperlink is 3001.
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    ExtraMenu GameMenu SkinInfo WatchMenu

    I had trouble finding the Extra Menu plugin. Another member pointed out it and others were included in the Monochrome skin. They were. I've attached them here with a Title that I hope will be searchable.
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    CLOSED: [14/11] Black & White 1080 v0.9

    GameMenu , SkinInfo , WatchMenu Plugins These Plugins are also contained in the ZIP file in the post above. The purpose of this post, hopefully, is to make them searchable. Heck I'll just reattach. They are here along with ExtraMenu.
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    CLOSED: [14/11] Black & White 1080 v0.9

    ExtraMenu Plugin and others I went nuts trying to enable extra menu.xml until another poster pointed out I needed the plugin (DLL file). I kind of figured that but could not find the Plugin anywhere here. It was also pointed out that extra menu.dll, and some others, are included in the...
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    Adding icons

    A more detailed post
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    Adding icons

    Are you trying to add or change BasicHome or Home? For BasicHome you must edit hyperlink, icon, label, and hover image in basichome.xml. Home will simply read read whatever hover_my ??????.png you have in your skinname\media folder for your "enabled" plugins. For example, to change news, back...
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    CONFUSING Skin names

    If were just skin names that were confusing, I would be very happy.
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    How Do You Turn On ExtraMenu?

    Thank to all That did it. You're great!:thx:
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    How Do You Turn On ExtraMenu?

    Now that is helpful. I wondered if that might be the case but I've manually scanned all the posted plugins and searched extramenu, extra menu, and extramenu.xml, but can't find anything. Would you mind pointing me to the plugin download link, post it, or PM it to me. Again thanks. Richard
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    How Do You Turn On ExtraMenu?

    I love this skin because of its simplicity and everything I've tried seems to work. I am having one problem. I have tried to activate ExtraMenu. I thought it would just a matter of assigning a button "hyperlink" to "88884" in BasicHome.xml but nothing happens other than the selection...
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    How Do I Enable ExtraMenu.xml?

    I am trying to enable extramenu. I reassigned a button in basichome.xml pointing to hyperlink=88884 but extramenu will not open. Any clues as to what I am doing wrong? Using the hyperlink code works changing my other buttons.
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    LM Remote Keymap

    This a great product to enhance the capability of an MCE, Streamzap, and other remotes. Provides NavMode, MouseMode, allows key reassignments, program launch, macros, etc. Very user friendly UI. Here: LM Gestion : LM Remote KeyMap for Streamzap, Firefly, Firefly Mini, USB-UIRT...
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    Icon Questions

    Are JPGs supported? I've been converting all my graphics to PNG.
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    MediaPortal 1.0 RC4 released!

    I think in XP this is located in C:\Documents and Settings or should I say buried as you have to find the correct user sub-directory. A "Rebuild Cache" feature would be nice. I went nuts trying to install a "hover_mynews" PNG to replace the blank one. It would not take until I deleted the caches.
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    Netflix plugin issue

    Check the thread now. I fixed mine. Netflix changed the format of the CookieID.
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