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    MyTrailers 2.0.2 (beta)

    Indeed local mov files are played fine, whereas online urls produce an error. I have both ffdshow and haali splitter installed. I tried to set every option in the MP configuration to ffdsho but that didn't help. How can i set Haali splitter to the prefered one?
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    MyTrailers 2.0.2 (beta)

    Hi, I would love to use this Plugin. Gametrailers works fine, but AppleTrailers won't let me play the files. I think it is a codec problem. But mov files play fine in windows media player. for those where the plugin works, could you tell me which codecs you have installed?
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    Change Panel Size

    Hi, first of all thanks to this wonderful skin, it just looks awesome. I have one little complaint though. In the list views for my music, my videos etc. the left hand navigation panel is to narrow. the action commands are not fully shown. so i was wondering if i could manually change the...
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    User Fanart

    I have a question. When moving left or right of the series screen, the top rated or recent episodes are listed. but there is no fanart. how can i add a fanart to those screens?
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    TVSeries Logos

    I need black glass editions fpr Children.png FLAC.png HDTV.png MPEG.png Mystery.png Noir.png XVID.png Channel 4.png Documentary.png Mini-Series.png Could someone make these? plz.
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