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    Broken Dell D610 Laptop

    I'm having issues with the GUI. Pausing and tracking in a video is annoying and nearly impossible without exiting to the main menu. Any recommendations? Should I use an external player?
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    New Release?

    Would this player help? Paul Yanez Labs - Hulu Media Player
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    Broken Dell D610 Laptop

    I've got MP installed and I've been messing with configurations on and off for a few days. I installed klite for video codecs and it's working nicely for now. I also configured the wireless mouse and it's working great! I would recommend the Logitech V220 for anyone looking for a cheap...
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    Broken Dell D610 Laptop

    So I got my hands on an old Dell D610 Laptop with a broken screen and damaged case. Originally I just had it sitting around as a Kubuntu playground, but that got old. So I'm in the process of turning it into a media center. Since the laptop has svideo out and a DVD drive is seemed like a...
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