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    Is there a read ahead cache option ?

    Hi all Problem: My wireless network coverage is sometimes dropping beyond usable level and because of this i getting stuttering during video playback. Since this happens for only a few seconds, a caching mechanism mostly solves my problem. What i'm looking for is a read ahead cache option...
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    Media Portal as shell (safe way)

    well as for myself i'm using a shell replacement that's called emerge desktop Emerge is very simplistic and for my opinion the most stable shell available (i 'm using it for around 2 Years at home and at work) So if you than use a good file manager like 2Explorer or something like this you...
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    How to get a nice formated MP Movie list in Excel

    hmm this is maybe a bit a cheap one ... When you want to receive viedo information use VideoDatabaseV5.db3 instead of TVDatabaseV21.db3
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    How to get a nice formated MP Movie list in Excel

    Hello kaliatech I always see all tables in the connected database in access when adding a linked table->odbc source -> "MyVideosInMP" (tested in a german access 2003) and for VBA .. i am using odbc in vba in the script. Is your datasource for example "MyVideosInMP" correctly...
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    [TV + Radio Logos] CH - F - D [Updated : 26.06.2006]

    woot ... thanks a lot CHli since i am one of the cablecom users i am realy happy about your work who is now showing a much better quality than my own work (copied the logos from the cablecom list on their homepage heheh) Regard Stefan
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    Text to Front-panel Display

    I like to hopp on this topic because i 'm using the same case :-) Anyone knows how to get this thing working with MP since i dont have any idea on how this hardware is controlled. They don't even include proper documentation on what interface this display is connected So if anyone was...
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    Should I keep working on this skin?

    I like it ... it looks nice and dark :)
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    How to get a nice formated MP Movie list in Excel

    How to get a nice formated Movie list in Excel using your MP Movie Database 01: donload and install the SQLlite ODB driver from 02: add a new odbc system datasource in your system using the sqllite3 driver with settings like Name ...
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