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    Moving Pictures 1.4: Movie Manager Filtering

    In the mean time I tried 'trakt'. It looks very promising. Thanks for the tip!
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    Moving Pictures 1.4: Movie Manager Filtering

    Hi fforde, Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately it does not work. I have attached 2 files. The configuration of 'moving pictures' the way you suggested. The directory in which the files are on the server, including a view of the file 'movie.xml Thanks a lot in advance PS I am not sure...
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    Moving Pictures 1.4: Movie Manager Filtering

    Hi, all my movies are stored in separate subdirectories on my server. I use 'My Movies' software to manage backdrops and NFO files. As I had to install 'moving pictures' already several times and as I have a rather large libray I was hoping that I could use the 'watched' status in the NFO file...
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    Definitive DTS-MA/DTHD HD Audio in MP thread... Let's do it!

    BMan Thanks a lot for your guide! I really solved a long lasting problem ThePony
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    Twitter account?

    Great idea! would love that as well ThePony
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    Ffdshow & 5.1 (dts & dd) nok

    Thanks a lot! I'll test it ASAP ThePony:thx:
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    Ffdshow & 5.1 (dts & dd) nok

    Vasilich, Thx for your suggestions: The MediaInfo software is just what I need. For the ffdshow config: As soon as my kids stop watching their movie, I'll check :thx: thePony Vasilich, I did the tests: CPU is not going above 50%. Pass-through is selected --> I'm using FFDShow...
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    Ffdshow & 5.1 (dts & dd) nok

    MediaPortal Version: 1.1 RC6 MediaPortal Skin: Maya Windows Version: Vista Home Premium CPU Type: Intel Core2Duo 3Ghz HDD: 320 Gbyte Memory: 4 Gbyte Motherboard: Gigabyte Video Card: ASUS EAH5670 Video Card Driver: Sound Card: Sound Card AC3: HDMI Sound Card Driver: 1. TV Card: /...
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    Maya iFX (fanart concept)

    Re: Fanart concept Won't you have the same result when you would support the 'moving pictures' plug-in?
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    [confirm] upmix to 5.1/7.1 problem

    I have the same problem ThePony48
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    Navigation problem

    I have exactly the same problem: I need my mouse to 'start' using the skin. Idem when I want to shut it down: Without mouse no way to get there. Apart from that a very nice skin. Great job!
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    Black Glass Skin 2.0.1

    Hi, Probably a very stupid question, but is there somewhere a kind of 'help' on how to configure it? I'd love to start using it but I need a bit of support... Thx a lot in advance:thx:
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    video & tvshows don't work anymore/MPTesttool

    Hi, thanks for your feedback. I haven't done anything else as specified in my initial mail. However, In the mean time I've looked further into my problem: When I try to use the standard Windows Media Center, it is also blocking when I select a movie on my specific drive. When I select...
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    video & tvshows don't work anymore/MPTesttool

    Hi Everybody, First of all, the mediaportal is a very nice tool! Congratulations to all working on it! I have 2 problems (related to eachother): As I was unable to play .mkv movies I downloaded and installed the Haali media splitter and SAF 4.00RC1 However since then, I'm unable to...
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