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  1. VashStampede

    PureVisionHD 1080

    Might have found a bug in the latest version. I tried out this skin but did not really like it. When I switched back to my old skin (B&W1080) I suddenly had the weather and twitter added to the skin. I think the uninstall of your skin is not done properly. A second thing I noticed (may or may...
  2. VashStampede

    Adding MPC-HC decoder to MediaPortal H.264 Video decoder

    Thanks. Using the 32-bit version worked!
  3. VashStampede

    Adding MPC-HC decoder to MediaPortal H.264 Video decoder

    Hello there! I want to use the MPC-HC video decoder in MP for H.264 decoding. I already registered the file in the OS\SysWow64 folder (regsrv32.exe But I cannot choose it in MediaPortal? Is there something else I can do, as I have a better quality in MPC with...
  4. VashStampede

    Can't connect to Server

    Had the same issue here, using MySQL. I solved it by running the TV configuration and it asked for the database settings again. Having that set-up it worked again. Hope it helps you guys!
  5. VashStampede

    plugins ??

    If you are not seeing a radio streams folder, could it be that a server/client version is used? I am having the same problems here. A couple of months ago I did not install the TV-server and could set-up radio stream from the MP config. With the TV-server it is only possible in the TV-server...
  6. VashStampede

    Change and remove items from Basichome

    Nice change. It is much easier to modify your own Basic Home.
  7. VashStampede

    Black & White 1080 v1.1

    Awsome. Just updated my MP to 1.0 and did not customize my basic home yet, I just had to wait for a new B&W 1080 version ... and here it is! :thx:
  8. VashStampede

    Autoplay setting - Not working

    When inserting a readable DVD/CD (images/movie files/music) the autoplay still pops up, even when both settings in Music and Movies are set to "Don't autoplay, never ask". It still asks if I want to open the DVD/CD. Small info from the log: 2008-10-20 17:11:37.859375 [Info.][3]: volume...
  9. VashStampede & grabber problems?

    Both of the grabbers work, thanks for updating them!
  10. VashStampede

    [6/10] Black & White 1080 v0.8

    Nice update again! Been waiting to install it with a fresh install of RC3. It seems all is working well. :thx:
  11. VashStampede

    Change Aspect Ratio - My TV

    While in the Mediaportal Configuration I disabled the selection of Zoom 14:9, Pan and Scan and some others. I can still select those options when playing TV. This was the same with RC2. Complete RC3 reinstall, but kept my MySQL database. TV-Server Version: 1.0 RC2 MediaPortal Version: 1.0...
  12. VashStampede

    Weather setup - Sattelite preview

    Got an error when clicking on the Sattelite preview button. See the attached image for the button I mean. It the Preview button. If needed I can reproduce it easily and get you a clean log file (started over with RC3, so a lot of configuring and filling of databases to do). The complete...
  13. VashStampede

    TVGemist plugin

    A bit more info would be nice. Uitzending gemist works great here. Make sure you have downloaded the latest version and tested it in BlueTwo. Just to be sure it's not a skin problem.
  14. VashStampede

    Closed: [8/9] Black & White 1080 v0.7

    Ah yes, i mean the topbar plugin.
  15. VashStampede

    Closed: [8/9] Black & White 1080 v0.7

    You can shutdown/hibernate/etc. from the basic home screen in the top bar.
  16. VashStampede

    Bug: TV Gemist - uitzendinggemist

    Moiristo posted a fix for this issue, it was missing a control in the xml file. For your convenience I added a working xml version.
  17. VashStampede

    TVGemist plugin

    Ah cool, that does it! :thx:
  18. VashStampede

    TVGemist plugin

    Moiristo, there is a weird bug occuring when using the TVGemist plugin in the Black & White 1080P skin. ( In short: using BlueTwo, this plugin works. Using B&W 1080, the emissions do not show up...
  19. VashStampede

    Bug: TV Gemist - uitzendinggemist

    I am also getting the same error as bloasfist (the one I mentioned before). Also if I change my skin (from within MP) to BlueTwoWide, TVGemist does work. Switching back to B&W 1080 makes it work aswell. (all tested with emissions) I also posted this in the TVGemist thread...
  20. VashStampede

    Closed: [8/9] Black & White 1080 v0.7

    Compress is not working in BlueTwo either, did some searching through the forum and it seems to be an MP bug itself. I will wait for the next version to test out the rest. Tnx for your work on this great skin :D
  21. VashStampede

    TVGemist plugin

    Have you checked the plugins sections in your MP? Depending on the skin you are using it will probably not pop-up on your home-screen.
  22. VashStampede

    Closed: [8/9] Black & White 1080 v0.7

    Got a few minor bugs / problems with the newest version. - In the TV Shows screen, when i somehow end up (using the remote) in the page down/page up icons in the left bottom I cannot go back to selecting the shows. I am using a remote BTW. - When watching a recorded TV show, I cannot use/see...
  23. VashStampede

    Bug: TV Gemist - uitzendinggemist

    The part that is not working is the list of episodes. I have attached a screenshot from B2 which shows the list of episodes from some program. Also attached the skin files from B2. They are also included in the TVGemist plugin download itself (which I think also include mayhem, indigo and...
  24. VashStampede

    Bug: TV Gemist - uitzendinggemist

    I am using the latest version (redownloaded, just in case). And it works using the BT skin. When I switch to this skin, RTLgemist and SBSgemist both work. But the 1st one, uitzendinggemist does not. There are also some other messages in the log: 2008-09-09 19:33:45.953125 [ERROR][MPMain]: No...
  25. VashStampede

    Bug: TV Gemist - uitzendinggemist

    Concerning the TvGemist plugin. A part of it is not working (anymore). I get this error message. Tested OK using the BlueTwo skin. 2008-09-09 19:34:34.984375 [Debug][MPMain]: Window: MediaPortal.GUI.TVGemist.NLGemistEmissionInfo init 2008-09-09 19:34:35.468750 [Info.][MPMain]: OnMessage...
  26. VashStampede

    Closed: [8/9] Black & White 1080 v0.7

    I really love this skin, and now it's even better :D. The TV guide is much better with the extra lines, got all my favorite channels in 1 view now. The myTV is also very nice with the little icon (even if the text does not fit on my 1680*1050 resolution, which is not your problem as it is...
  27. VashStampede

    Closed: [29/8] Black & White 1080 v0.6 R2

    If you look at the sticky threads you can replace whatever item in the menu with your own. I have added the myNews so far and might add some more plugins i frequently use.
  28. VashStampede

    Closed: What plugins do you want to see supported next?

    Great job! It's all working perfectly. :thx: A LOT :D
  29. VashStampede

    Suggestion: Central Fan Art / Background Location

    Maybe it's an idea to make the use of shortcuts available? Within the backdrop folder of the skin you use, you could make a shortcut to the folder where you own backdrops are located. MP then also scans that folder for more image files to use as backdrops. No clue what is possible, but it's...
  30. VashStampede

    tv-server does not detect tv-server

    Can you give the exact error message you get? Maybe you can also look in the eventviewer why the service won't start up.
  31. VashStampede

    Difference between Window and Process plugins

    Hey there, i've been using / testing MP for a couple of weeks now and I have to say I am very impressed. The only thing what I do not understand yet is the difference between Window plugins and Process plugins, and it is not explained on the Wiki aswell. This definativly goes for both the My...
  32. VashStampede

    Closed: [29/8] Black & White 1080 v0.6 R2

    I am in favor of this aswell.:D
  33. VashStampede

    Add your own backdrops/fanart

    I have not tried it yet, but any idea if it is possible to use shortcuts to link to a different folder where backdrops are located?
  34. VashStampede

    Change and remove items from Basichome

    Thanks! It's a good and clear tutorial (so far only removed some items, but adding must be just as easy :))
  35. VashStampede

    Closed: What plugins do you want to see supported next?

    It would be great if you could support TVGemist for your Dutch fans. See MEDIAPORTAL - free MediaCenter HTPC Software - TVGemist
  36. VashStampede

    TV Server Config - TV Channels problems

    Did a second try to reinstall the TV-server and this time I have no problems at all. The only thing different this time is that I use MySQL as a database instead of SQL Express. I guess it was some weird bug or maybe a damaged file in the old installation (twice :wtf:)
  37. VashStampede

    Dutch TV Guide with WebEPG

    If you want RLT8 data, you will have to select the entry.
  38. VashStampede

    cannot make volume control use "wave" instead of "master"

    Maybe a bit of a big bump to this thread. But it seems to me this bug is still in the latest version RC2. It will not save Wave if I enabled the upmix in the Music settings. When disabling the upmix I suddenly can save the Wave setting.
  39. VashStampede

    SQL Server Express Setup

    The only check done by the installer is that the password cannot be blank. So you may have some local policy in place preventing "admin" as password. Are you part of a domain ? Simone It could have been a local policy, but I am just using a home computer (XP SP3). I cannot remember the...
  40. VashStampede

    SQL Server Express Setup

    Another addition to the MS SQL setup. If you change the password to a simple password (i.e. admin) the SQL setup will not like it and will not install SQL. So maybe a warning can be put into place.