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    Media Portal: Front-end to

    Maybe one day Media Portal will be able to tap into shows like indexed here: There's an RSS feed to boot.
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    My IP TV Plugin

    Personally I CAN'T WAIT for a IPTV plugin like you are working on! Here in New Zealand (yes, way over here...!) one of the broadcasters makes all their video available online, for free: And (!!) pushes out an RSS update of new...
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    Calling all MP New Zealanders (Both of you!!)

    Hi there, Some settings that might help: MyWeather Wellington satellite = temperature = UV Index =...
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    MyTrailers plugin

    Hi there, I think that with the .Net framework, MPortal will pick up settings from the Windows environment. Like your Internet Explorer settings (eg Tools > Options > Connections Tab > Lan Settings button > Configuration Or MS Media Player settings (eg Tools > Options > Performance ...
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    Calling all MP New Zealanders (Both of you!!)

    Interested in settings Kiwis @ New Zealand Hi there, Just wondered about New Zealand settings for Media Portal - the Wiki covers EPG - but stuff like NZ RSS news URLS, My Weather URLs for Met service images, or RSS news URLs, or other cool useful NZ stuff. And has anyone got MP to plau...
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    Bittorrent TV: Joost P2P IPTV on demand

    Hello yall, Joost is an interactive IP-based TV software system from the people who brought you Kazaa and Skype. It's like what Bittorrent was to P2P filesharing. Would anyone want to give Joost a go and see if it's something Media Portal would want to interface...
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    Hundreds of movies, stored on dozens of DVD data discs, how to index for MP?

    Hi there, I have about 50 DVD data discs, each with about 7 movies on them, or music videos, or animated tv series etc. It's like this because, long term, I don't keep this downloaded stuff on a hard drive, and each DVD data disc holds 4Gb+ so good for storage. I've looked at a few...
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    Plugin Installation - Consistant Instructions - Wiki

    Awesome, thanks for the feedback! Love this forum. As the MP Homepage pushes heavily plugins/extensions as a "core feature", a wiki/guide on how to get them up and running would be a great thing! Maybe in the "Developer wiki" area you advise Developers that to make a plugin available to...
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    Plugin Installation - Consistant Instructions - Wiki

    Hi there, There seems to be no instructions on how to install a MP plugin - if I've missed it please direct me to where this info is. If it doesn't exist, can we be given support on plugin installation? I'm fairly IT savvy, but installing some plugins has me totally stumped! Am I an idiot...
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    My IP TV Plugin

    Hi there, So I've installed MP successfully Now I've downloaded the WorldWideMediaProject (IPTV) Plugin ZIP Can anyone tell me how to install this plugin into MP? > Do I drag & drop all the DLLs into the "Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal" directory (overwriting several filenames...
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