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  1. DieBagger

    aMPdroid 1.1

    Yes MpExtended needs a developer... I'm not able to do much work on MPExtended since I prefer spending my rare spare time on aMPdroid... I did prepare the beta release but only because it was needed for the iOS app.
  2. DieBagger

    aMPdroid 1.1

    Hi guys, I want to give you a quick update on what's going on... There's progress but it's slow due to me not having much time atm. Also a big problem is that noone is working on MpExtended either so I had to do some work on the backend side of things too. So if any devs are interested in...
  3. DieBagger

    [Question] WebMP 0.6 beta: No iOS playing possible

    What you can do is a) Make absolutely (triple-check) sure that it worked with WebMP 0.5.4! b) Compare the source code of the streaming page and the log files between 0.5.4 and 0.6 Post the log files and the page source here (most important are the log files). AFAIK (I haven't done any of the...
  4. DieBagger

    [Question] WebMP 0.6 beta: No iOS playing possible

    Did it work with the previous version?
  5. DieBagger

    [Info] WebMP 0.6 Beta Release

    WebMP 0.6.0 Beta See here for more information on the 0.6 Beta release. A full changelog of WebMP will come soon, for general information about WebMP see (there haven't been a huge number of...
  6. DieBagger

    [Info] MPExtended 0.6 Beta Release

    MPExtended Service 0.6.0 Beta MPExtended is a project that aims at providing access to MediaPortal from all over the world. The MPExtended Service is our core component, which provides the data retrieval and streaming functions for all clients. You will need this to use one of the clients, such...
  7. DieBagger

    WifiRemote - a tcp remote control server 0.8.3 [2014-07-20]

    There is a sample client in the WifiRemote project, you could use this to compare what is sent to the server...
  8. DieBagger

    [Feature Req] aMPdroid roadmap

    Sorry, check your pm...
  9. DieBagger

    AMPDROID & Onlinevideos?

    Noch nicht... Ist aber für eine spätere Version geplant...
  10. DieBagger

    Is there a need for a skin editor?

    Welll kinda... The thread was for a skin editor (create a skin with a wysiwyg ui), not a homescreen editor...
  11. DieBagger

    aMPdroid 1.1

    Did you try ?
  12. DieBagger

    aMPdroid 1.1

    With the next release...
  13. DieBagger

    aMPdroid 1.1

    Let's play the good news/bad news game Yes it's planned and being worked on, but there won't be a xmas release :( Here's two screenshots of the current development version: I'm still trying to figure out a way to create a nice looking navigation-drawer like the google+ app has, any design...
  14. DieBagger

    [Question] MPExtended WebMediaPortal and Chromecast

    Hm, I thought you wanted MPExtended to act as a DLNA streaming server... You're talking about dlna playback, imo that's better off in MP (since it is a frontend for playing video).
  15. DieBagger

    [Question] MPExtended WebMediaPortal and Chromecast

    That it would be awesome... ;) Unfortunately there's no good out-of-the-box solution for dlna afaik (did quite a bit of research a while back). And as with everything else: Someone has to actually implement it... ;)
  16. DieBagger

    crashes with mk809

    There is, just a bit slow atm... The issue should be fixed with the next version, I will let you you know when a testable version is ready...
  17. DieBagger

    aMPdroid 1.1

    Yes I hope that there will be... ;)
  18. DieBagger

    Newbie: jQuery Mobile Client

    Hm, I would extend MpExtended with a custom service (possible with MPExtended 0.6). This service could connect to WifiRemote and expose the commands via WCF. Then you could send these commands from your jquery website (maybe even integrate it into WebMP). The advantage is that you get all the...
  19. DieBagger

    [Feature Req] Sleep timer for ampdroid

    Sounds like a nice feature, to clarify you want to disconnect the permanent WifiRemote connection after a timeout? Or put the tablet/phone to sleep?
  20. DieBagger

    [confirm] Downloading entire season's episodes not working

    Sorry for the late reply, I didn't realize there was a new post in this forum... Sounds like a bug, I can't really help you though since I'm not planning to do any bugfix release for the current 1.1 branch... I will have a look at it and will double-check for the next version (which will have a...
  21. DieBagger

    [Question] MPExtended WebMediaPortal and Chromecast

    Yes we've discussed it already and we want to add it at some point. But right now a) none of us has a chromecast yet and b) chromecast is in the very early stages so you'll have to give it some time...
  22. DieBagger

    aMPdroid 1.1 - MediaPortal für Android

    In den erweiterten Client Einstellungen kannst du einen seperaten Tv Server einstellen ->
  23. DieBagger

    Chromecast -> cast emulator for android (written in java)
  24. DieBagger

    Login hotlink for WebMP?

    Which would be? Whats the use case for smth like this?
  25. DieBagger

    Automatic Scan of Movies without MP

    The branch is not ready for public usage yet, if you want to discuss it further please join the #mp-extended irc channel... There will be more information once we're getting closer to a release...
  26. DieBagger

    aMPdroid 1.1 - MediaPortal für Android

    Nur um sicher zu gehen: Eine Feste IP im Sinne einer fixen EXTERNEN IP Addresse... Wenn nur der PC im internen Lan eine feste IP hat hilft dir das nichts... Deinen externe ip kannst du über Services wie herausfinden. Ein weiteres häufig auftretendes Problem ist, dass...
  27. DieBagger

    [Feature Req] aMPdroid roadmap

    The next big step is to clean up the code and remove lots of legacy stuff (like the slideup menu and the quickactions)... Also instead of the homescreen there will be a NavigationDrawer (see screens). This will make it possible for users to change which plugins are shown (e.g. MovingPictures...
  28. DieBagger

    aMPdroid 1.1 - MediaPortal für Android

    Und du bist 100% sicher das die Benutzerdaten in WIFIREMOTE mit denen die du in aMPdroid eingegeben hast übereinstimmen? Sorry die Skepsis aber das war schon des öfteren der Fall dass dann auf einmal ein "ups, hatte doch das falsche Passwort eingegeben" kam...
  29. DieBagger

    aMPdroid 1.1 - MediaPortal für Android

    Der Grund ist, dass es ein enormer Aufwand ist verschiedene App Stores zu verwalten (Im Vergleich zum Nutzen/Reichweite)... Ev. wird der Amazon App Store in der Zukunft noch dazu kommen...
  30. DieBagger

    aMPdroid 1.1 - MediaPortal für Android

    Logs bitte (MediaPortal logs, dürfte ein Problem mit WifiRemote sein)...
  31. DieBagger

    WEBSERVICE not working

    See the last point here:
  32. DieBagger

    Which ports are used by aMPdroid

    8017 (wifiremote) and 4322 (mpextended)... Are you trying to access the links from inside the local network? Many home-routers aren't able to do that... Other than that, maybe the windows firewall is interfering?
  33. DieBagger

    [Feature Req] Third party API

    I don't quite see the point... Why not just connect to WifiRemote directly?
  34. DieBagger

    [Question] GetMovieCategories broken?

    Wouldn't it be quite pointless to have the categories if there is no way to then get the resulting movies?
  35. DieBagger

    Big problems setting up

    I assume that you have a dedicated tvserver? Did you install MPExtended on your tvserver? Try to deactivate the firewall on that machine... Fyi if you have your tvserver and media on different machines it's gonna be a bit more complicated to setup the port forwarding. You need different ports...
  36. DieBagger

    Minix Neo X5

    Very strange, can you post the android log files?
  37. DieBagger

    [Help Me!] Play Videos on PC

    Sounds like a bug... Does it work with tvseries or movingpictures? Can you post your mediaportal log files?
  38. DieBagger

    Unable to stream to HTC DNA

    Sorry for the late reply a) I would need your android logs to see what's going on b) Have you tried all available protocols (vlc, ffmpeg, http live streaming)? c) Have you tried an external player?
  39. DieBagger

    Big problems setting up

    Yes you should have a dropdown where you can select "Albums" or "Shares" view... Port 554 is used by the tvserver rtsp streaming protocol, not MPExtended (by default). Did you forward the necessary ports on your router?
  40. DieBagger

    [Help Us!] Actionscript developer needed

    IIrc the problem with flowplayer was the annoying overlay?
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