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    Creating my own theme

    Hello, I would like to create my own theme which will be based onto another color than the one available today. Could you please recommend the best way/tool to replace for to replace the base color (for instance the blue of the blue theme) with another color like ... pink ? Thanks for...
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    Black Glass Skin 2.0.1

    I've changed myself eveything "font12" to "font16" ... and (at least for me) it works as a charm like this
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    Black Glass Skin 2.0.1

    This is a fantastic skin ! Thank you About the MyLyrics , 2 suggestions 1) Increase the font size of the Lyrics 2) For non LRC, what about scrolling them automatically, this will not be of course as perfect as LRC but could be OK for most songs. The algorythm could be for instance...
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    Adding new movie manualy

    Hello, Is ti possible to add new movies to the DB without having the need of inserting physically the DVD into the drive ? I would like to add my huge DVD collection, simply by key in the movie tittle, w/o being obliged to insert all DVD's
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    Black Glass Skin 1.5.1

    I love this skin too ! I saw an intersting in amped skin v3, the Lyrics bouton is at top of the list, so very easy to select, just one "up" and "enter" ...rather then mutiple "down" really cool. Could this be changed as well on Black Glass Miniguide is now OK with the latest fix.
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    Intelligent Frame Correction - PlugIn

    Hello, I've had also the MP crash with 1.0.2, but with the new "" .. problem is now gone :)
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    FireDTV stops working when coming back from standby

    Hello, I have the same problem either. Any solution is welcome
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    aMPed 3.0 - revaMPed

    Fantastic job ! ... but without For the Record plugin support, this great skin is unfortunately not operable for fans of 4TR. Any plan to skin 4TR too ?
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    Black Glass Skin 1.5.1

    Hello TGX, thanks for the Shoutcast fixes, it looks very nice now and run well. Excellent Vuego, with your 4TR skinned file, and even if not yet 100% OK, I can now really make t "Black Glass" my permanent skin.
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    Black Glass Skin 1.5.1

    Hello, I just tested Shoutcast, but the Search & Favorites buttons are both greyed ! Also, it would be nice to have a Lyrics button added
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    Black Glass Skin 1.5.1

    For The Record Southcast
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    Black Glass Skin 1.5.1

    Hello, For Mylyrics, I would suggest to enlarge the windows (towards left) where the lyrics are displayed. (there is enough place left) then I would also suggest to have lyrics displayed with bigger font.
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    Black Glass Skin 1.5.1

    Hello , any plan for skinning "For the Record" plugin ? Great Skin :) Thanks alot
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    Black Glass Skin 1.5.1

    For the record is key for many users
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    Black Glass Skin 1.5.1

    Fantastic skin , great job ! :thx: +1 for support on ForTheRecord, because w/o 4TR I can't use the skin as access to TV module is key for me +1 for Online Video
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    Bleazle and 4theRecord

    Hello, I installaed For the Record 1.4 yesterday and I'm using Bleazle 7.1, ME 1.02 I have a problem with the EPG and Bleazle because I can't select any channel group, the vertical bar on the left side is simply not visible. (with Blue wide , it's OK) Only when I want to record...
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    ShowTimes Plugin Suite V2 (2009/12/30)

    Thanks Nephilim, Everything's ok now with 4.6.7 :) :thx:
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    ShowTimes Plugin Suite V2 (2009/12/30)

    Hi Nephilim See attachements.
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    ShowTimes Plugin Suite V2 (2009/12/30)

    MTSA is crashing .. Hello, MTSA is crashing with the following error messages Any help ? Thanks
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    Double Mappage Des Programmes Tv, Pourquoi ?

    Bonjour, Je comprends bien que WebEPGFr (option ZguideTv) 1) Télécharge au jours et à l'heure sélectionnées, soit le fichier TNT.ZIP soit le fichier COMPLET.ZIP du site de ZguideTv 2) Decompresse le fichier téléchargé dans le répertoire de XMLTV comme TVguide.XML de manière à le mettre à...
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    Shoutcast Directory Plugin

    Is there a Skin for Blue3Wide or Beazle available ?
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    Lyrics with Last.FM or Shoutcast

    Just an idea, I think that it would be great if the My Lyrics plugin would also be able to gather lyrics when music is coming for instance from Last.FM or ShoutCast, which both are sending the artist name as well a song title.
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    <div class='quotetop'>CITATION(framug @ 25 Oct 2008, 10:36 ) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div> Toujours pas d'annonce à faire concernant un module, style MyTrailers, donnant l'accès aux bandes annonces en français ?
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    Online Photos Plugin (Flickr & Picasa)

    Hello Tapin, many thanks for getting this issue solved with Online Photo. The new DLL is working great ! ...and welcome to the Media Portal community ... with this excellent start :-)
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    Mediaportal Ou Microsoft Media Center (vista)

    <div class='quotetop'>CITATION(beurrrk @ 11 Nov 2008, 16:02 ) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div> J'ai testé longuement toute une série de programmes HTPC, y compris MCE par lequel j'ai commencé. Résultat de mes nombreux tests, il n'y a pas photo, Mediaportal est de loin de meilleur et dans TOUS les...
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    [résolu]Qui Utilise Le Module Radio

    <div class='quotetop'>CITATION(olive27700 @ 8 Nov 2008, 18:29 ) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div> 3 solutions qui marchent du tonnerre (en fait 3 plugins) 1) Radio Time 2) Shouthcast (idem que Radio Time mais en plus evolué, exemple le titre/chanteur apparait sur l'écran pendant l'écoute) 3) Last.FM...
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    YAC Caller-ID

    How to make YAC popup window bigger ? Hello Does anyone know how to make to YAC popup window bigger ? I mean with a larger fonts. Thanks
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    Blank screen

    Hello, Hello I'm wondering how it is possible to balk screen (on/off) using a MCE remote control. Is it possible to map "Blank screen" to any of the MCE buttons ? Thanks
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    <div class='quotetop'>CITATION(-ltb- @ 5 Oct 2008, 19:43 ) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div> Nous le sommes ... mais toujours rien de nouveau sous le soleil ;)
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    Petit Bug Vista

    Le passage par EVR règle en général le problème, mais pour ceux qui peuvent pas le faire (l'EVR ne marche tjs pas très bien et est parfois instable), le truc est de décocher la case "Use Exclusive mode" dans le menu VMR
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    Can someone make a plugin for ?

    Indeed, it would be great if some one could create a plugin for Deezer From what I know another nice HTPC software named Domotix has already as such plugin Domotix - Accueil So, it should be possible to do the same with MP
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    Online Photos Plugin (Flickr & Picasa)

    What's strange is that, in thumbnail view, pictures are visible ... but as icons, ... but not visible in fullscreen (black screen)
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    Mesfilms 4.7.3 New

    <div class='quotetop'>CITATION(zebons @ 14 Oct 2008, 23:06 ) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div> Merci beaucoup , c'est nettement mieux ainsi. Et encore bravo pour ce superbe plugin !
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    Mesfilms 4.7.3 New

    Il semble y avoir un probleme avec XFACE, dans l'écran principal de Mes Films, l'image de fond de XFACE n'apparait pas. Le fond reste tout noir
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    Online Photos Plugin (Flickr & Picasa)

    I've also a blackscreen with RC3 , flash player is installed, so what could this be ?
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    Shoutcast Directory Plugin

    Any newest and updated XFACE skin ?
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    MyTrailers plugin

    Hello, since RC3 it no more possible to see the trailers in fullscreenmode. In windowed mode, everything's fine. Any idea ? Thanks
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    MCE numeric key well sent, but w/o action

    Thanks, now working fine with RC2 and XFACE
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    Yes it was where I was expecting to see these options, but I don't see these options I just tried to change MP language from French to English and now I can see these options ... and there working fine -) , should be a problem with the language.. somewhere !
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