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    Calling all MP New Zealanders (Both of you!!)

    This is just a post to say Hello to Kiwis using Mediaportal
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    MP Freezes at end of song when now playing is selected

    I had the same problem after upgrading from MP 1.3. After a couple of hours trying different things, I found disabling visualizations fixed it.
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    MCE remote XP home HIP buttons not working

    Theres a MP extension that allows you to map keys, I think its called MyKeys...
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    TVNZ On Demand (please help :))

    Hi Can anyone help me out? When I select a TVNZ online video "unable tp play zzz" appears. This also seems to happen with Other sites as well. Am I missing some thng in the config of the onlinevideos plugin? Thanks
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    Can't play live2-0.ts.tsbuffer

    OK I think I have solved it...I have incresed the TV-Server priority to High and changed the priority of my two TV cards (both nova-s) I think one card is generally being used..Maybe some one can elaborate if I am going down the right track with this. Thanks
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    Hauppauge MCE remote Windows XP Home SP3

    Thanks This is how I got it to work. 1. I installed the ehome drivers from the thread here on the forms; 2. I removed the registery keys suggested as part of the MCE replacement drivers -> ehome drivers fix; 3. I installed HIP and set the Media Portal keyboard controls to the various...
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    Can't play live2-0.ts.tsbuffer

    Hi When I change channel using the next channel, previous channel controls or the EPG, an error Can't play live2-0.ts.tsbuffer is dispalyed. I did change the location of the timeshiftbuffer however returning it to the default now makes no difference. I can only seem to change channels using...
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    Hauppauge MCE remote Windows XP Home SP3

    Hi I am New to Media Portal, I have Windows XP Home SP3 and a Hauppauge MCE remote. I was wondering if anyone could help me know what is the best way to make this remote work on Windows XP Home SP3. I have seen many posts on installing the IR Roll-up for Windows MCE however there seems to...
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