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    MPCast - ChromeCast emulation for MediaPortal

    Actually the development has stopped a while ago because Google decided to change the whole communication process with a new SDK version. Currently, the only working app is YouTube which is still working with the old SDK version and hence this implementation. Can't say how long this will...
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    MPCast - ChromeCast emulation for MediaPortal

    Just to be sure: did you start the YouTube app on your mobile? Other connection issues might arise if both devices (mobile and HTPC) are connected with wireless adapters. For my FritzBox router I had to allow communication between wireless devices explicitly. You could also download a little...
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    MPCast - ChromeCast emulation for MediaPortal

    Thanks for testing :) Indeed I'm aware of this error. I can reproduce this behavior, though, could not fix it... Before starting a new video, please let the first one finish or stop it manually using your remote or the keyboard (key "b").
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    MPCast - ChromeCast emulation for MediaPortal

    Call for development help Since I'm not a .NET developer and my experience with network programming is not the best, too, the progress I made during programming MPCast was quite slow. My code is heavily based on CheapCast, LeapCast and NodeCasts (other projects to emulate the ChromeCast stick in...
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    MPCast - ChromeCast emulation for MediaPortal

    Disclaimer: Consider this plugin as proof of concept. It offers just very basic functions and is far from being completed and ready for production use. Any help with the development is appreciated! Hey guys, since Google released their ChromeCast stick last year, I liked the idea to easily...
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    ocz vertex 2E failed

    Sounds familiar ;-) I also had a OCZ Vertex 2 in use which died almost exactly one year after buying (same as above, completely dead, all data los). Got a replacement form OCZ (Vertex 2E this time) which exactly worked another year after the replacement. Again all data lost and the SSD was no...
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    Native Blu-ray support

    First of all, thank for your great work with this. Blu-Ray-Support is a killer feature and I'm really enjoying alle the progress you guys do here almost daily :thx: I finally had some time to do tests with the discs I own. These are the result of the first 4 discs, 10 more will follow: 300...
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    Windows 7 kompatible alternative zur Medion X10 gesucht

    Ich hatte am Anfang auch arge Probleme mit dem Standby und der X10. Mittlerweile habe ich aber einen Treiber, der auf mehreren Rechnern super funktioniert. Wenn du mir per PM deine E-Mail-Adresse mitteilst kann ich dir den Treiber gerne schicken. Grüße Maschine
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    Configuration.exe .NET crash

    Thanks for the explanation! I should read the dev process docs more carefully ;)
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    Configuration.exe .NET crash

    I can't explain this. The fix was commited in rev. 26578 and MP 1.1.2 was built from rev. 26886, therefor it should be in 1.1.2 and 1.1.3 as well. All exceptions should be catched with the patched version and so I'm pretty much out of ideas what goes wrong here :( Sorry.
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    Configuration.exe .NET crash

    Yes, the patched file (as included in the above binary) was committed to SVN and the fix is still in with the latest version. I didn't have this issue anymore. Maybe if you post logs I can look at it again.
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    [Suche] original WinTV CD

    Ach ja, meine Freunde von Hauppauge mal wieder... Wie auch immer, früher habe ich Treiber und Anwendungen immer hier gefunden: SHS Unofficial WinTV-PVR & MediaMVP Ich weiß nicht, ob die Sachen da noch vorhanden sind bzw. funktionieren, aber da kannst du mal schauen. Viel Erfolg ;)
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    RF Channel control mit Medion X10 Fernbedienung funktioniert einfach nicht

    Hi Buzii, die Kanalkontrolle der X10-Fernbedienungen ist in der Tat etwas kompliziert: bei einigen (allen?) Modellen ist die Kanalnummer, die der Treiber haben will, nicht gleich der Kanalnummer, die du einstellst. Also wenn du "5" auf der Fernbedienung gewählt hast, musst du trotzdem bei MP...
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    Updated DVB-C Tuning details - Sweden.Comhem Göteborg

    Added to SVN. Thanks!
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    DVB-T UPDATE: Norway.Rogaland - Lifjell

    Added to SVN. Thanks!
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    [Switzerland] DVB-C tunning parameters Sasag

    Added to SVN. Thanks!
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    Sweden - New tuning details

    Added to SVN.
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    DVB-T tuning details for Croatia - Vinkovci

    Added to SVN.
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    DVB-IP details for Finland - SSPNET

    Added to SVN.
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    Updated DVB-C Tuning Parameters- Germany KabelDeutschland + (Berlin)

    I'm usually collecting all tuning details changes for some time and then commit all on one evening. So your changes are definately looked at and of course will be commited before the next release :) Maschine
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    [Approved] Fix for stuttering/corrupted streaming of live tv

    2 weeks after my first tests I still didn't notice a single issue on daily usage (single seat). Unfortunately the fix didn't solve my stuttering problems completely, but I think there is at least a slight improvement. I'd vote for adding this as I could not see negative side effects...
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    ca. alle 5 min Ruckler/Freezer bei HD/SD

    4TR nutze ich nicht - keine Ahnung, was die da treiben und was geht und was nicht ;) Die Einstellung ist ja für den TSReader, ist halt nur die Frage, ob 4TR die dann auch setzten kann... Donwymeer: das hört sich doch schon mal ganz gut an. Es ist wenigstens nicht schlechter geworden ;) Viel...
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    ca. alle 5 min Ruckler/Freezer bei HD/SD

    Ich hatte die gleichen Symptome: in regelmäßigen Abständen (5-10 Minuten) immer ein heftiger Ruckler. Andere Codecs haben nie etwas bewirkt. Seit ein paar Tagen habe ich die Option "Don't drop discontinued packets..." (TV Client - MediaPortal Wiki) beim Client-Setup angewählt und die Ruckler...
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    Transponderlist DVB-C The Netherlands, Ziggo, Cogas, 9004

    Added to SVN. Thanks :)
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    Transponderlist DVB-C The Netherlands, Ziggo, Cogas, 9004

    No, the new file has one additional entry/frequency. So I'd rather add this entry to the existing file than adding another one. Why's that funny?
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    New frequencies Belgium

    Added to SVN. Thanks for your submission!
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    Transponderlist DVB-C The Netherlands, Ziggo, Cogas, 9004

    Is this file a replacement/update for "The Netherlands.Ziggo NID 9004.xml"? This file contains basically the same information, just one entry is missing.
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    DVB-T Tuning details for Huntshaw Cross - UK

    Added to SVN. Thanks for your submission!
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    Updated DVB-C Tuning details - Finland.Oulu-DNA

    Added to SVN. Thanks for your submission!
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    Updated DVB-C Tuning details - Finland.Welho

    Added to SVN. Thanks for your submission!
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    [Approved] Fix for stuttering/corrupted streaming of live tv

    Hi, I just did some short tests with your 1.1.2 binaries on my singleseat setup. Results are quite good and I didn't experience negative side results. I watched for dropped frames until the counter reached 25000 drawn frames (well, not really professional testing, but ok for first results ;))...
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    MySQL Tabelle program defekt

    Schau mal hier:
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    DVB-T UPDATE: Norway.Nord-Trøndelag - Mosvik

    Added to SVN. Thanks!
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    New UK Tuning Option

    Added to SVN. Thanks!
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    KabelBW DVB-C Tuning Parameters

    Added to SVN. Thanks!
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    TVPlugin and MP dont have the same version

    The team is aware of this issue and we'll try to find a solution for the next release. In the meantime you could try the following steps if updating TV Plugin failed: 1) Extract all files from the MP installation archive (use 7-Zip for example). 2) Search the extracted files for the MP TV...
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    Updated DVB-C Tuning Parameters- Germany KabelDeutschland (Berlin)

    Added to SVN. I also update the frequencies for the common KDG file. Thanks!
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    New DVB-T Frequencies Germany Rhein-Main

    Added to SVN.
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    Hong Kong DVB/T Tuning parameters

    Added to SVN.
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