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    No free radio for non-USA/UK/DE residents anymore

    Just to make sure everyone is aware: has decided that people who do not reside in the USA. UK or Germany can't have free access to radio streams. There 'll be a 30 track free trial, after which you'll have to pay EUR 3 per month for further listenning. Scrobbling etc. will remain...
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    Anyone got S-Video in working on the HVR-2200?

    You might want to try DScaler (4, not 5), at least to pinpoint the problem. If you get it working in Dscaler, it should be possible to get it to work in MP, so you'd have to focus on setup etc. On the other hand, if it won't work in Dcaler either, you'd better focus on drivers, input signal etc.
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    Looking for an USB dual analog tuner

    Hi all, I'm working on a fresh server, which I would like to use as TV server too. Rught now, I'm using a Hauppauge PVR500, which works fine. However, most server's I'm looking at come without PCI slots. (loking for a low energy, tiny ITX solution) Therefore, I'm looking for a USB dual analog...
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    Monochrome/Indigo 4x3 Released!!!

    Dark age inhabitant says Thanks a lot, dark ages just brightened up slightly. Lets call the phenomenon "Enlightenment". :thx:
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    TVGemist plugin

    Just to make sure: you're using the last version
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    TVGemist plugin

    As a "pre-warning": Uitzending gemist gaat over op Flash (Sorry, dutch, for those speaking English only: Dutch Parliament demands that Uitzending gemist, as part of Dutch public broadcasting ceases to use Windows Media DRM/Quicktime. Broadcasters consider Flash as an alternative.) (edit)...
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    TVGemist plugin

    :thx: Good news.
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    Hardware req for server only: Thin client

    Hi all, I'm considering to buy a second-hand thin client as a small home server. Thinking about a HP t5700. Specs: Windows Version: XPEmbedded, probably upgradable to SP2. CPU Type: Transmeta Crusoe TM5800 1-GHz HDD: 512 Mb Flash Memory: 256 Mb Video Card: ATI Rage XC 8MB TV Card: Hauppauge...
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    TVGemist plugin

    Maybe, they can be persuaded to writing a closed library (+API), which can be used with mediaportal and equivalent programs? Perhaps some unobvious references to the Dutch open source policy and the state-funded character of public broadcasting might do (a start of) the trick. [/overly optimistic]
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    Repository section suggestion

    The audio/viodeo section in the repository contains two kinds of postings: Plugins and (collections of) streams/pls files etc. Might be useful te seperate the streams and such to a seperate "web streams", since it looks slightly chaotic by now.
  11. O plugin

    The new tread for this plugin can be found here
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    Miro - Open Source GPL Joost alternative - Something for MP?

    This was known as the "Democracy player" open source project before. It has been proposed before. (though never implemented afaik) Basically it's (if not changed) an RSS-feeds based system. Great idea BTW.
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    Is Mediaportal what I'm looking for?

    @your hardware: Mediaportal is somewhat resource-intensive, but it shouldn't clog up a system like this in a irritating way. If it does, the weakest link might be your video card. MP is a DirectX 9 program, just like a lot of games. Laptops do -for a lot of valid reasons- in generally not...
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    Xface Skin Version 1.6 ready for download 09.06.2008

    Thought you'd like to know: Stumbled over a bunch of awe for xface out there, in bloggerworld: Missing Remote.
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    Fabchannel: An evergrowing list of live recordings from Paradiso and Melkweg, Amsterdam.
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    TVGemist plugin

    I noticed that, when streaming from Uitzending Gemist, To forward, backward and pauze buttons do work, albeit with some hampering. To let it be a fully fledged TV equivalent :D , all I'm missing is an OSD of sorts. Do you know whether such is very difficult to implement or mainly consists of...
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    Collection of good HTPC-sites

    PVR Wire Not the very best, but quite useful at times. Used to be a separate site, is a category in the TV squad site for a while now. [Eng]
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    Mediaportal and Meedios merger

    @wishywashy (;) ) Would it be certain that news will once exist, the correct English would obviously be: ergo: infinityloop could consider a career in politics, he surely knows how to phrase.:D
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    Is Media Portal Free? Seems Not!

    That's MP allright. And yes, it's legal (unfortunately). You can sell open source programs, you just have to hope that not every client will find that it's available free as well.
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    MP, network shares & Kerboros

    On 1 and 2:If you start woking with advanced sharing instead of simple sharing, you could create a new user on your server with credentials equal to the standard user on your HTPC and with only read rights. A simple google search will prolly help you out, but don't hesitate to ask. (Do consider...
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    record FM radio

    Look for the "my NEW radio" topic, it's a plugin in development (though stalled for a while, I understood.) For now, it's useless to upgrade, since recording FM isa not possible right now.
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    shortcuts to plugins

    Within certain boundaries, this is what the "My Keys" plugin is doing. Search repository and forums for more info.
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    Joost invites - NEW: Invite yourself!

    Sorry, I ran out of invites. I understood Spragleknas (topic start) kept a spare invite for any dev who'd like to (try to) tackle the rather nasty bug called "Joost plugin isn't working". :D You could try to PM him.
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    Joost invites - NEW: Invite yourself!

    Just send a mail to drullens, NickName and dipumn to ask if they still needed an invite . If not, I'll aproach the next ones (by date of posting). (Don't call me, we'll call you :)) As a general suggestion: maybe everyone who recieved an invite (in any way) can edit his/her post accordingly...
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    Ongoing My first HTPC, response is welkom!!!

    @ Harddisks: Yes, it's true, a Raptor is faster indeed. However, it's also very noisy and very expensive on a GB/EUR basis. Therefore, in general, only gaming fanatics (and low-end servers) love it. Consider buying two WD SE16 500 disks, then you won't have to worry about diskspace for quite a...
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    TVGemist plugin

    You can put MP itself in a non-full screen window. Might help you out?
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    Can MediaPortalread a Web Cam Stream

    You can add streams (as .pls files) to the streams folder of my Radio (see settings). The feature is meant for webradio, but video works like a charm.
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    Anyone knows an online large repository of maps?

    Understood that google earth (not google maps) had a project to overlay ancient maps over their normal layers. Played a little with it and it was very nice, great for "interactive"school projects possibly. You can find more info here
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    Offline File Addition

    You might want to look at the MyFilms plugin. It collaborates with Ant's movie collector, which can handle this.
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    Mediaportal alternative

    If you're not afraid of Linux and will use it as jukebox only, you might want to try GeeXBoX. It's a Live-CD, so just boot from CD and it should work.
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    Where 'my music' gone?

    and try disabling it, saving and then enabling it again.
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    HomeTheatreSolutions in wiki

    Maybe we could include a link section to decent sites, like Silentpcreview, tomshardware and some others, as good pointers. (Yes, I know the wiki-concept, but I post it here to await reaction, esp. of infinityloop)
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    TVGemist plugin

    Great. By the way, to let you know, on another forum (you might know it) I stumbled upon a discussion by some users of XBMC about their Uitzendinggemist scripts and refered them here.
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    TVGemist plugin

    Use the full screen button. I believe "X" on your keyboard, is in general mapped to the red button on your remote (if available) Moiristo, in response to Hardstyle, I understood the scraping of is somewhat different now. Does that mean that the feature request "not only...
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    For example, .rar as movie extension. Once clicked, on-the-fly unrar to a temp folder, play movie and clean up movie when stopped/any other suitable moment. Could be a process plugin, invisible in the GUI. (this is just "my usercase", as a suggestion how users approach this, don't know if it...
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    TVGemist plugin

    This is rather scary. Suddenly I find the plugin not working. So, looking on the forums for some advice and already finding the new version fresh and awaiting my download. Thanks moiristo. :)
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    "MediaPortal and MeediOS merger talks - take 2"

    LOL@Infinityloop. You're quite right, no use for speculation. It's just rather difficult to be quiet in (possibly) exiting times. But, I'll try & shut up now. :P
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    Movies from all locations in one Network Share

    You can have a lot of "shares" or folders, stuffed with video's in MP. Just add them in setup-my video-folders. If you tick one of them, that will be the standard place where MP will start. Then you can go up and view all shares. Alternatively, you can create a small database with all the...
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    Movies from all locations in one Network Share

    Such products will probably not exist, because they are inherently logically flawed: How about double file names?, what to do when you save a file to the shared junction? etc. Have you considered the movie database (or one of the ant movie collector driven plugins) and use another view than the...
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    My NEW Radio

    I'd suppose that is related to installing Real Alternative, not to the radio plugin.
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